Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical criterions for building window film CAS 142-2007
Technical criterions for glass safety protective film CAS 140-2007
Automobile seat terminology QC/T 47-1992
Types and dimensions for electric wipers for windshield of automobileQC/T 46-1992
The protection of the occupants of the cab of commercial vehiclesGB 26512-20212022-1-1
Terms for motor vehicle bodyGB/T 4780-20202021-2-1
Performance req uirements of side airbag and curtain airbag module GB/T 38795-20202020-12-1
External projections for all terrain vehiclesGB/T 38445-20202020-10-1
Strength requirement and test method of automobile seats,their anchorages and any head restraintsGB 15083-20192020-7-1
Requirements and test methods of speed limitation system for motor vehiclesGB 24545-20192020-7-1
Electric heater for electric vehicleQC/T 1101-20192020-1-1
Power sliding door system for automobileQC/T 1102-20192020-1-1
Methods and requirements of airbag system abuse test for automobileGB/T 37474-20192019-12-1
Frontal airbag—Technical requirements of protection for out of position occupantGB/T 37437-20192019-12-1
Restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles, includes Amendment 1GB 27887-2011/XG1-20192019-10-14
Production label for child restraint system of power-driven vehiclesGB/T 36120-20182018-12-1
Passenger detection device for vehicle seat belt reminderGB/T 35369-20172018-7-1
Motor vehicles and trailers-lateral and rear underrun protection requirementsGB 11567-20172018-1-1
Requirements and test methods relating to the spray-suppression systems of motor vehicles and their trailers GB 34659-20172018-1-1
Automobiles―Cabin air filter―Part 2:Test for gas filtrationGB/T 32085.2-20152016-3-1
Door trim panel assembly for passenger carsQC/T 1016-20152016-3-1
Automobiles―Cabin air filter―Part 1:Test for particulate filtrationGB/T 32085.1-20152016-3-1
Step Plate for AutomotiveQC/T 1018-20152016-3-1
Headlamp cleaning nozzle assemblyQC/T 1017-20152016-3-1
Atomizing spray pump for vehicle air-conditioning systemQC/T 986-20142015-4-1
Performance requirements and test methods for safety belts retractor of motor vehiclesQC/T 987-20142015-4-1
Vehicle door outside handleQC/T 988-20142015-4-1
Steering lock with ignition switch for vehicleQC/T 628-20142015-4-1
Instrument panel assembly and Console assembly for passenger carsQC/T 804-20142015-4-1
Motor vehicles door locks and retention components performance requirements and test methodsGB 15086-20132015-1-1
Motor vehicles-windscreen wiper and washer systems—Performance requirements and test methodsGB 15085-20132015-1-1
Electric Window Regulator Specification For VehiclesQC/T 636-20142014-10-1
The strength of the plastic seats and their anchorages for city busesQC/T 964-20142014-10-1
Driver of Electric rear-view mirrors for Motor vehicleQC/T 965-20142014-10-1
The Assembly of Electrical Operation Sunroof about Motor VehicleGB/T 30037-20132014-7-1
Motor vehicles—Devices for indirect vision—Requirements of performance and installationGB 15084-20132014-7-1
Technology Standards of Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror for Motor VehicleQC/T 947-20132014-3-1
Passenger Vehicle Air-Conditioning UnitQC/T 945-20132014-3-1
Strength requirement and test of automobile safe belt strapQC/T 946-20132014-3-1
Electronic Locks System for Motor VehiclesQC/T 627-20132014-3-1
Performance requirement and test of Heating car cushionQC/T 950-20132014-3-1
Drawings for motor vehicle bodyQC/T 490-20132014-3-1
Safety-belt anchorages,ISOFIX anchorages systems and ISOFIX top tether anchorages for vehiclesGB 14167-20132014-1-1
Safety-belts,restraint systems,child restraint systems and ISOFIX child restraint systems for occupants of power-driven vehiclesGB 14166-20132014-1-1
Automotive solar control window filmsGA/T 744-20132013-12-1
Hot stamping films for license plates of motor vehiclesGA/T 1083-20132013-12-1
Technical requirements of safety and energy saving properties of window films for vehiclesDB31/T 715-20132013-10-1
Front underrun protective requirements for commercial vehicleGB 26511-20112013-1-1
The strength of the seats and their anchorages of passenger vehiclesGB 13057-2003/XG1-20122012-12-1
Restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles GB 27887-20112012-7-1
The wheel guards of motor vehiclesGB 7063-20112012-1-1
Motor vehicles-hood latch systemGB 11568-20112012-1-1
The interior fittings of passenger carGB 11552-20092012-1-1
Roof crush resistance of passenger carsGB 26134-20102012-1-1
The stipulation protecting drivers from being injured by motor vehicle steering mechanism GB 11557-20112012-1-1
The protection of the occupants of the cab of a commercial vehicleGB 26512-20112012-1-1
Polyurethane foam for seating of passenger carQC/T 850-20112011-8-1
Mechanical jacks of passenger carsQC/T 585-20112011-8-1
Technical specification of recliner for passenger car seatsQC/T 844-20112011-8-1
Passenger car—Technique specification of lock for seatQC/T 845-20112011-8-1
Protective of devices against unauthorized use of motor vehiclesGB/T 25985-20102011-5-1
Requirements of seats their anchorages and head restraints for all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 24932-20102011-1-1
Requirements of seats their anchorages and head restraints for all-terrain vehiclesGB 24932-20102011-1-1
Safety-belt and safety-belt anchorages for all-terrain vehicleGB 24927-20102011-1-1
Motor vehicles-windshield demisting and defrosting systems-Performance requirements and test methodsGB 11555-20092011-1-1
Strength requirement and test of automobile seats head restraintsGB 11550-20092011-1-1
External projections for passenger carGB 11566-20092011-1-1
Safety-belt and safety-belt anchorages for all-terrain vehicleGB/T 24927-20102011-1-1
Auto air-condiction (HFC-134) seal parts Part 1:rubber O-ringsQC/T 666.1-20102010-12-1
Vehical exhaust gas-operated water heating radiatorQC/T 832-20102010-12-1
Technical Specification of Power Slide for Passenger Car SeatQC/T 831-20102010-12-1
Requirement of speed limitation system for motor vehiclesGB/T 24545-20092010-7-1
Electric vehicles—Windshield demisters and defrosters system—Performance requirements and test methodsGB/T 24552-20092010-7-1
Air-conditioning refrigeration system performances road test method for motor vehiclesQC/T 658-20092010-4-1
Vehicle-windshield window wiper of motorQC/T 44-20092010-4-1
Passenger car - Technique specification of slide for seatQC/T 805-20082008-12-1
Instrument Panel for Passenger carsQC/T 804-20082008-12-1
Motor vehicles-window regulatorsQC/T 626-20082008-12-1
Vehicle water - Heating air heater mechanismQC/T 634-20072008-5-1
Technical Crierions for Automotive Window FilmCAS 141-20072007-8-22
The cab of commercial vehicles-External projectionsGB 20182-20062007-4-1
Strength requirement and test of automobile seats their anchorages and any head restraintsGB 15083-20062007-2-1
- Belt anchorages for vehiclesGB 14167-20062007-2-1
Specifications for automobile window regulatorQC/T 29027-19912006-7-1
Motor vehicles—Rear view mirrors—Requirements of performance and installationGB 15084-20062006-7-1
Test method for automobile window regulator QC/T 29026-19912006-7-1
Motor vehicles - Door locks and door retention components - Performance requirements and test methodsGB 15086-20062006-7-1
Automobile sun shieldQC/T 629-20052006-6-1
Seat assembly of passenger carQC/T 740-20052006-6-1
Road vehicle—Airbag components—Part1:VocabularyGB/T 19949.1-20052006-4-1
Road vehicle—Airbag components—Part2:Testing of airbag modulesGB/T 19949.2-20052006-4-1
Road vehicle—Airbag components —Part3:Testing of inflator assembliesGB/T 19949.3-20052006-4-1
General geometrical tolerances for cover panel of vehicle bodyQC/T 714-20042005-4-1
Auto air condition vocabularyQC/T 720-20042005-4-1
Blade length series and its connection dimensions of wiper for passenger carsGB/T 19463-20042004-9-1
The strength of the seats and their anchorages of passenger vehiclesGB 13057-20032003-9-1
Motor vehicles and trailers-Lateral protection requirementsGB 11567.1-20012002-5-1
Pump for bus doorQC/T 678-20012002-5-1
Motor vehicles and trailers-Rear underrun protection requirementsGB 11567.2-20012002-5-1
Terms for motor vehicle bodyGB/T 4780-20002001-1-1
Passenger car--Internal protrusionsGB 11552-19992000-8-1
Provisions of strength for the superstructure of busGB/T 17578-19981999-9-1
Aluminium extruded profiles for side window of busesCJ/T 86-19991999-6-4
Passenger Car-External ProtrusionsGB 11566-19951997-1-1
Motor vehicles--Seats head restraints--Performance requirements and test methodsGB 11550-19951997-1-1
Passenger car-Strength of side doorsGB 15743-19951997-1-1
Motor vehicles and trailers-Lateral and underrun protections-RequirementsGB 11567-19941995-1-1
Pessenger cars-Windshield defrosters-Performance requirementsGB 11556-19941995-1-1
Motor vehicles-Rear view mirrors-Requirements of performance and installationGB 15084-19941995-1-1
The wheel guards of motor vehiclesGB 7063-19941995-1-1
Motor vehicles-Windshield wipers and washer systems-Performance requirements and test methodsGB 15085-19941995-1-1
Motor vehicles-Forward visibility for drivers-Requirements and measurement methodsGB 11562-19941995-1-1
Test method for automobile air-conditioning and refrigeration device QC/T 72.2-19931994-1-1
Performance requirements for automobile air conditioning and refrigeration equipment QC/T 72.1-19931994-1-1
Motor vehicles -Safety belt assemblies -Performance requirements and test methodsGB 14166-19931993-7-1
Motor vehicles-Safety belt anchoragesGB 14167-19931993-7-1
Specifications for automobile water-heating heater QC/T 29107-19931993-6-1
Dynamic Comfort car seat test methodsQC/T 55-19931993-6-1
Performance test method for liner material of automotive seatsQC/T 56-19931993-6-1
Specifications for pneumatic wipers for windshield of automobileQC/T 43-19921993-1-1
Quality grading of automobile window regulatorsQC/T 29071-19921993-1-1
Quality grading of automobile wiper motorsQC/T 29091-19921993-1-1
Types and dimensions for pneumatic wipers for windshield of automobileQC/T 45-19921993-1-1
Quality grading of automobile locksQC/T 29068-19921993-1-1
Quality grading of automobile water-heating heatersQC/T 29066-19921993-1-1
Quality grading of electric windshield wipers for automobileQC/T 29067-19921993-1-1
Bus driver compartment dimension termsGB/T 13054-19911992-3-1
Motor vehicles-Basic dimensions-Measuring methodGB/T 12673-19901991-9-1
Buses--Plastic sealing strips of doors and windowsGB/T 12423-19901991-5-1
Buses--Flocking sealing strips of doors and windowsQC/T 640-20001991-5-1
Plastic sealing strip for passenger car doors and windows QC/T 641-20001991-5-1
Motor vehicles―Safety belt assemblies―Performance requirements and test methodsGB/T 11549-19891990-3-1
Passenger cars - Windshield wipers - Wiped areasGB 11565-19891990-3-1
Outside dimension limits of motor vehiclesGB 1589-19891989-10-1
Performance requirements and test methods for automobile seat belts QC 49-19921989-4-1
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