Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Implementation Guidelines for the Management and Control System of Risk Classification for Production Safety of Textile industryDB37/T 3283-20182018-7-12
Implementation Guidelines for the system of screening for and elimination of Textile industry hidden risks of work safety accidentsDB37/T 3284-20182018-7-12
Cycling clothesFZ/T 74006-20172018-4-1
Restricted substances list for textile productsT/CNTAC 8-20182018-1-2
Outdoor sportswear―Water resistant garmentGB/T 32614-20162016-11-1
General safety technical requirements for recycled fiberGB/T 32479-20162016-9-1
Safety Technical Code for Infants and Children Textile ProductsGB 31701-20152016-6-1
Home textiles - The limited of water extraction material within towel GB/T 27754-20112012-8-1
National general safety technical code for textile productsGB 18401-20102011-8-1
Technical specifications of ecological textilesGB/T 18885-20092010-1-1
Technical specifications for safety inspection of electrical apparatusDB33/T 775-20092009-12-29
Terms for inspection on import and export textiles-l safety specificationSN/T 1929-20072007-12-1
Requirement of safety in production for cotton textile enterpriseAQ 7003-20072007-4-1
Safety Management Criterion for Textile Industrial EnterpriseAQ 7002-20072007-4-1
National General Safety Technical Code for Textile ProductsGB 18401-20032005-1-1
Woven flame retardant fabricsGB 17591-19981999-5-1
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