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Codeofchina Inc., a part of TransForyou (Beijing) Translation Co., Ltd., is a Chinese code translator in China. Now, Codeofchina is running a professional Chinese code website, Through this website, Codeofchina provides English-translated Chinese codes to clients worldwide.

"Sincerity" is involved in every growth step of Codeofchina. We offer you reliable, just-in-time translation services, which you can experience deeply when you start to contact with us. Translation is a work of conscience rather than any other thing. Whether the translation is qualified or not can be pre-determined in the selection of draft translators. In Codeofchina, the error-free translation quality is guaranteed through its experienced full-time translators and ISO-certified quality management processes.

Codeofchina’s management team is consisted of masters of translation and interpretation (MTIs) graduated from the Peking University, a domestically-leading university in China. In addition, Codeofchina has been equipped with state-of-the-art CAT software, which enables translators to improve their accuracy and efficiency via sharing term and sentence database in WAN and LAN.

Codeofchina is accomplished in the following translation fields: architecture, construction, metallurgy, machinery, energy, power, chemical, medicine, finance and business. Herein, Codeofchina has the unmatchable expertise and experience, and accordingly provides clients cost-effective translation services.

As a licensed member of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization (CECS), Codeofchina’s parent company, TransForyou, has been specialized in the Chinese code translation since 2006. In these years, TransForyou has translated more than 5,000 Chinese codes, and officially published the English versions for more than 100 codes already. All the English-translated Chinese codes are licensed to Codeofchina for expanding its overseas business via the platform of is a mature Chinese code translation platform for clients home and abroad. Everyday, tens of clients contact to seek for the English versions of Chinese codes. Since a single translated code can be sold to one or more clients, Codeofchina can provide the English versions to clients at an extremely low price. Our key account list covers Rolls-Royce, Man, Disney, Hatch, GE and Siemens.

If you are hunting for qualified English-translated Chinese codes, please contact Codeofchina for further assistance!

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