Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services
WB   Professional Standard - Material
LY   Professional Standard - Forestry
Contract   Model Contract & Agreement
WS   Professional Standard - Hygiene
CJ   Professional Standard - Urban Construction
GY   Professional Standard - Radio, Film and TV
QC   Professional Standard - Automobile
XB   Professional Standard - Rare Earth
LB   Professional Standard - Tourism
HB   Professional Standard - Aviation
LS   Professional Standard - Cereal
NB   Professional Standard - Energy
JB   Professional Standard - Machinery
GA   Professional Standard - Security
Atlas   Atlas
CH   Professional Standard - Mapping
SB   Professional Standard - Commercial
JJ   Metering
YZ   Professional Standard - Post
HS   Professional Standard - Customs
YD   Professional Standard - Telecommunication
CY   Professional Standard - Publication
SD   Professional Standard - Hydropower
NY   Professional Standard - Agriculture
DB   Provincial Standard
TSG   Special Equipment Safety Specification
DL   Professional Standard - Electricity
WJ   Professional Standard - Military Engingeering Civil Product
JT   Professional Standard - Transport
TB   Professional Standard - Railway Transport
DZ   Professional Standard - Geology&Mineralogy
SH   Professional Standard - Petrochemical
MT   Professional Standard - Coal
MH   Professional Standard - Civil Aviation
TY   Professional Standard - Sports
GJB   Professional Standard - Military
EJ   Professional Standard - Nuclear Industry
JG   Professional Standard - Building
QB   Professional Standard - Light Industry
QX   Professional Standard - Meteorology
HJB   Professional Standard - Navy
JY   Professional Standard - Education
Law   Law & Regulation
FZ   Professional Standard - Textile
QJ   Professional Standard - Aerospace
LD   Professional Standard - Labor and Safety
YS   Professional Standard - Non-ferrous Metal
DA   Professional Standard - Archives
HG   Professional Standard - Chemistry
SJ   Professional Standard - Electronics
SY   Professional Standard - Oil & Gas
HAD   Professional Standard - Nuclear Power
GB   National Standard
CECS   Engineering Construction Standard
WH   Professional Standard - Culture
SC   Professional Standard - Aquaculture
TD   Professional Standard - Land Management
WM   Professional Standard - Foreign Trade
YY   Professional Standard - Pharmaceutics
CB   Professional Standard - Watercraft
HY   Professional Standard - Marine
YC   Professional Standard - Tobacco
YB   Professional Standard - Metallurgy
HJ   Professional Standard - Environment
MZ   Professional Standard - Civil Affairs
DB   Provincial Standard
SL   Professional Standard - Water Resources
SN   Professional Standard - Import&Export Inspection
JR   Professional Standard - Finance
AA   Professional Standard - Safety
BB   Professional Standard - Packaging
JC   Professional Standard - Building Material
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