Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services
P89   Textile industry engineering
W61   Knitting yarns and threads
H81   Semimetal
M82   Postal machinery
M15   Communication network performance index and testing
Z17   Analysis methods for substances in ocean
P74   Building material industry engineering
Q11   Cement
A01   Technical Management
K70   Electric lighting in general
X38   Salt products
G81   Photosensitive material
Z60   Pollutants discharge in general
Z10   Environmental pollutant monitoring methods
A87   Transport and storage
S94   Plant and mine transport
K93   Electrical appliance production equipment
A66   Non-metal Chemical Component Standard Substance
D08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
A21   Environmental Condition and General Test Method
A18   Education, Degree and Title
L95   Electronic industry production equipment in general
G16   Basic organic chemicals
P97   Architectural engineering construction machinery
Q07   Computer application
V82   Ground measurement and control equipment
N95   Meteorological instrument
R14   Cargo handling
C65   Labor safety technology in general
C52   Labor sanitation
N05   Material and component for instrument and meter
Q17   Roof and pavement waterproof and barrier material
E94   Offshore petroleum operation equipment
R13   Highway container transport and unitized transport
J46   Mould
K20   Electric rotating machinery in general
G11   Inorganic acid and alkali
P27   Composite structure engineering
G23   Basic standards and general methods for pesticides
M17   Arrangement of transmission system group and frequency spectrum
V91   Cutters
R81   Traffic accident management
C77   Safety and health skill assessment
M04   Basic standards and general methods
M09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
G71   Chemical additive
B72   Forestry chemical raw material
V50   Air transport and ground equipment in general
L91   Conductor and cable for electronic equipment
H76   Gas separation and liquefaction equipment
H63   Rare refractory metals and their compounds
C45   Extracorporeal circulation, artificial organ and prosthesis device
Q80   Public and municipal construction equipment in general
R11   Passenger traffic
T46   Dump truck
H50   Machine tool in general
F70   Radiation protection and monitoring in general
X99   Other food processing machinery
F87   Medical nuclear instrument
T57   Container car
X61   Distilled liquors
M07   Computer application
S63   Blocking systems and axle counters
Q73   Metal components and accessories
L39   Other electron tube
T33   Lubricating parts, seals and connecting pieces
F69   Nuclear reactor and nuclear island equipment of nuclear power plant
D22   Coal for vehicle, vessel and coal gas
C44   Medical laboratory equipment
J16   Valve
J93   Air intake/exhaust system
E41   Vacuum grease and anti-rust grease
N42   Projection equipment and its accessory
T42   Bus
W94   Knitting machinery and apparatus
C20   Vitamins, nutrition, amino acid, enzymes and other biochemicals
H13   Heavy metals and their alloys analysis method
U05   Vessel materials and their inspection methods
N75   Technology and packaging testing machine
B38   Medicinal herb and product
Z62   Pollutants discharge standards for mechanical and electrical industries
J73   Refrigeration equipment
T13   Intake, exhaust and fuel supply systems
N60   Laboratory instrument and vacuum instrument in general
N91   Earth science instrument
J10   Universal parts in general
S71   Railway communication network
L07   Computer application
B40   Animal husbandry in general
Q13   Concrete, aggregate, plaster and mortar
T39   Instruments and test devices for vehicle
C78   Safety and health management
C12   Antibiotics
W73   Printed and dyed linen and linen-blended fabric articles
N21   Electrical logging simulation indicating instrument
Y61   Household air conditioning and cooling appliances
C63   Maternity and child hygiene, family planning technology
J92   Engine body and moving parts
Y41   Fragrances and flavors
R84   Traffic order management
L89   Power supply and power supply unit
A50   Measurement in general
U61   Power generation, transformation and distribution equipment for vessel
E20   Petroleum and natural gas in general
G45   Medical and foodstuff rubber products
C55   Nutrition sanitation
W50   Chemical fibre in general
C30   Medical apparatus and devices in general
J42   Measuring tool and instrument
H04   Basic standards and general methods
R87   Traffic control system
P01   Technical management
P28   Bridge and culvert engineering
J96   Cooling system and heating equipment
C42   Physiotherapy and TCM instrument and equipment
X96   Salt producing machinery
W07   Computer application
V55   Aircraft maintenance and management
G00   Standardization and quality management
V86   Ground power source equipment
C69   Safety requirements on protection equipment
A80   Marking, packaging, transport and storage in general
A76   Geotectonic Mapping and Marine Mapping
T36   Electronic and electrical equipment
G65   Indicator and specific reagent
J56   Gear and thread cutting machine
N63   Soil and crop test instrument
N27   Recording instrument and light oscillograph
B60   Basic standard and general method on forestry
V39   Fuel system and its accessories
H41   Pig iron
H99   Other power equipment
A45   Oceanology
L66   Computer controlled tool
B10   Soil and fertilizer in general
P53   Landscaping and city appearance sanitation
P32   Building construction and decoration engineering
N50   Material composition analysis instrument and environment detection instrument in general
P93   Mechanical equipment installation engineering
P07   Computer application
S65   Humping equipment
L47   Others
U84   Vessel instrument manufacturing process device
Y48   Fur, leather and artificial leather products
F84   Radiation protection instrument
L45   Microwave and millimeter wave diode and triode
S43   Steam locomotives
P62   Power transmission and transformation engineering
R20   Waterway transportation
H12   Light metals and their alloys analysis method
S82   Fittings for overhead contact system
Y78   Footgear
Y70   Hardware in general
T45   Towing vehicle
L73   Information processing system design and documentation
V05   Reliability
Q83   Heat supply instrument and equipment
L37   Microwave tube
G54   Pigment
F09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
H87   Printing machinery
D01   Technical management
X55   Tea products
D24   Coal for coking, chemical and building materials
V23   Elastic elements
W95   Dyeing and finishing machinery and apparatus
U22   Deck machinery
M63   Program transmission
J38   Cold processing technology
J62   Metal forming machinery
E13   Petroleum drilling
D82   Geophysical search equipment
H10   Metallochemistry analysis method in general
R51   Rescue and salvage
Y40   Daily use chemicals in general
B11   Water and soil conservation
G98   Special chemical instrument and meter
D58   Special non-metal ore
B36   Aromatics, seasoner crop and product
K02   Economic management
J95   Lubricating system
F77   Nuclear radiation accident emergency and treatment
W76   Printing and dyeing of textile articles
C46   Surgery devices
N30   Optical instrument in general
Z50   Environmental Quality Standard for atmosphere, water and soil
G47   Other rubber products
Z22   Determination methods for quality of other environmental elements
N20   Electrical instrument and meter in general
Y71   Building hardware
P30   Industrial and civil construction engineering in general
R33   Dedicated ship maintenance and service equipment
B21   Seed and seeding
K91   Electrical material production equipment
L31   Electroacoustic device
R22   Ship navigation safety and transmission safety standards
G63   General organic reagent and solvent
W43   Silk and silk textile products
H14   Rare metals and their alloys analysis method
M33   Optical communication equipment
D90   Mining machinery equipment in general
K97   Other electrical production equipment
F73   Environmental radiation protection and nuclear medicine protection
J48   Pneumatic tool
R12   Freight traffic
W01   Technical management
B43   Domestic animal and poultry
Y50   Culture, education and drawing instruments, notebooks and cards
B02   Economic management
M93   Broadcasting and television equipment manufacturing machine and tool
Q81   Water supply and draining instrument and equipment
J20   Hydraulic and pneumatic device
U00   Standardization and quality management
A17   Printing Technology
F13   Biomass energy
A51   Quantity and Unit
A90   Social and public safety in general
U48   Shafting equipment
E14   Petroleum extraction
G08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
J60   Universal processing machinery and equipment in general
Q71   Wood components and accessories
S42   Diesel locomotives
S01   Technical management
K04   Basic standards and general methods
P34   Industrial construction engineering
U90   Special technological equipment for shipbuilding in general
Q04   Basic standards and general methods
C14   Drugs for antipyretic, anodyne, anesthesia and central nervous system
N07   Computer application
G77   Water treatment agent
Z23   Analysis methods for industrial wastewater and pollutants
Y04   Basic standards and general methods
R41   Port job scheduling
M72   Sound and electronic sound equipment
Z76   Standards for discharge in special areas
Q23   Fibre reinforced composites
K65   Other electric appliances
Q02   Economic management
D10   Geological mineral survey and development in general
G21   Chemical fertilizer and chemical soil conditioner
B62   Ornamental plant
B25   Forage crop
A26   Color
U83   Electrical equipment manufacturing process device
D16   Mineral processing
U50   Vessel pipeline fittings in general
S00   Standardization and quality management
F61   Research and test reactor
C60   Diagnostic standard for occupational diseases
B35   Tobacco, beverage crop and product
L86   Universal electronic measuring instrument, equipment and system
Q34   Industrial technical glass
K44   Complete equipment for high voltage device
B54   Fishery feed
V29   Aerospace hydraulic elements and accessories
T00   Standardization and quality management
H88   Environmental protection equipment
D53   Building material raw material ore
W97   Chemical fiber machinery and instrument
K36   Low-voltage distribution tool
A91   Guard and alarm system
Q99   Other building material equipment
Z53   Special area and cross-area environmental standards
F65   Nuclear island of nuclear power plant
J87   Printing machinery
M74   Broadcasting and television transmission and receiving equipment
H70   Powder metallurgy in general
E12   Petroleum development
D45   Radioactive metal ore
S13   Bridge, culvert and tunnel components
H90   Metallurgical machinery in general
N54   Mass spectrometer, liquid spectrometer, energy spectrometer and combined devices of them
J41   Cutting tools
N78   X ray, magnetic powder, fluorescent light and other defectoscope
Y46   Furs and leathers
L80   Data encryption
M71   Recording equipment
M19   Telecommunication technical requirements and interface
M83   Postal packaging
B97   Saw timber, artificial board machinery and tools
G30   Synthetic materials in general
W51   Half finished chemical fibre products
E11   Petroleum geology exploration
W33   Linen cloth
N96   Time measurement instrument
B18   Agricultural meteorology
H94   Rolling equipment
W60   Knitted fabric in general
S84   Traction power supply repair technology and equipment
J26   Spring
R43   Port handling operation
E24   Natural gas
N94   Astronomical instrument
W91   Textile machinery spare parts
V95   Tools
N72   Nonmetal material testing machine
U24   Marine installations
N44   Test equipment and test plate instrument
Y76   Clothing and clothing accessories
Y90   Light industry machinery in general
V02   Economic management
G02   Economic management
Z54   Environmental quality standards for upper atmosphere
S14   Station and section equipment
S70   Railway communication in general
K81   AC/DC supply units
W96   Machinery and apparatus for knit and textile articles
X35   Salt production in general
R27   Hover marine transportation
Q47   Refractory fibre
L26   Wave guide coaxial component and accessory
L41   Semiconductor diode
Y97   Hardware and household appliance machinery
H69   Secondary nonferrous metals and their alloys
A11   Finance and Insurance
A12   Supply and Use Relation
T38   Lighting and signaling equipment
R44   Port warehouse and storage yard operation and management
B00   Standardization, quality management
Z52   Environmental quality standards for areas
J09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
W42   Silk yarns and threads
B34   Sugar-yielding crop and product
C72   Production environment safety and health facilities
X01   Technical management
H20   Metal physical and chemical property test method in general
X74   Canned fruit
J78   Vacuum technique and equipment
L15   Sensitive component and sensor
U43   Marine turbo machine and gas turbine
G18   Coal tar processed products
L43   Semiconductor rectifier devices
Z66   Permissible standards for discharging into treatment structures
J66   Heat treatment equipment
M90   Communication and broadcasting equipment manufacturing machine in general
U65   Navigation equipment
C56   School sanitation
X86   Tobacco processing
T65   Steering system
J36   Heat treatment
P96   Operating equipment, instrument and meter
F92   Accelerator for agriculture and industry
J94   Fuel oil heating system
Z68   Urban domestic pollution source control standards
Z12   Sampling methods for liquid mediums and plant, animal and human organism
A77   Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
M31   Carrier communication equipment
F07   Computer application
Y77   Headwear, gloves and hosiery
K09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
J74   Pressure vessel
J47   Hand tool
F51   Radioactive sources
H25   Metal chemical property test method
V42   Takeoff and landing devices
L36   Receiving/Originating tube
U02   Economic management
S64   Remote control and communication
J15   Pipeline fittings
X94   Tobacco curing machinery
F64   Heating reactor
N73   Mechanical vibration, impact equipment and dynamic balancing machine
J80   Hoisting machinery
Q75   Indoor fixed equipment and instrument
K00   Standardization and quality management
V56   AGS system and equipment
K33   Control relay
T67   PTO shaft and traction gear
Y32   Paper
N62   Deformeter, casting instrument and dynamic test instrument
U09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
E42   Petroleum wax
C71   Industrial physical hazard control
B31   Melon, fruit and vegetable planting and product
J33   Welding and cutting
W21   Half finished wool products
F53   Isotope labelling compounds
P02   Economic management
M05   Universal parts and line materials
U34   Special devices for auxiliary vessel and survey vessel
B22   Cereal crop and product
B95   Silviculture machinery and tools
L38   Electron beam tube
C00   Standardization and quality management
K14   Electrician alloy parts
R10   Highway transportation in general
H80   Semimetal and semiconductor material in general
H52   Railway steel
Q32   Special ceramics
X41   Natural food additives
Q90   Building material machinery and equipment in general
P91   Electrical construction installation engineering
P60   Electric power engineering in general
W58   Threads, straps and ropes
L46   Thermoelectric cooling module and device
M01   Technical management
Y92   Processing machinery for horology, bicycle and sewing machine
P67   Port and waterway engineering
K72   General lamps
L19   Magnetic component
G84   Photographic-grade chemicals
K05   Electrical product mechanical structure
T60   Tractors in general
N08   Marking, packaging, transportation and storage
B56   Tools for aquatic product and fishery
E44   Petroleum coke
R16   Highway vehicle utilization, maintenance and service
D11   Solid fuel ore survey
R02   Economic management
J91   Internal combustion engine and auxiliary equipment
M32   Data communication equipment
R25   Freight transport
A44   Geoscience
C90   Pharmaceutical, safety machinery and tool in general
M80   Postal service in general
U52   Marine valve fittings
Q27   Binding material
Z01   Technical management
T52   Life service automobile
E00   Standardization and quality management
J86   Hydraulic machinery
T34   Others
M08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
G92   Chemical machinery
E16   Petroleum and gas gathering and transportation
T30   Universal vehicle parts in general
Q01   Technical management
T70   Trailers in general
P63   Power supply and distribution engineering
P21   Earthwork and tunneling works
U28   Underwater apparel and tackle
X95   Brewing machinery
Y89   Other daily necessaries
H82   Elemental semiconductor material
P56   Watershed planning and river regulating engineering
L61   Design and quality evaluation of computer
X46   Flavoring essences
J04   Basic standards and general methods
X51   Beverage products
L44   Field effect device
S02   Economic management
U17   Ocean platforms - overall
A54   Thermal Measurement
N93   Hydrology and water conservancy instrument
R40   Port handling in general
T21   Transmission system
D20   Solid fuel ore in general
L76   Text preparation and communication
J77   Separating machinery
T41   Car
F22   Electric power system equipment installation testing
G85   Other chemical products in general
G52   Coating auxiliary materials
V04   Basic standards and general methods
E01   Technical management
E97   Oil and gas processing equipment
B01   Technical management
P48   Ventilation and air conditioning engineering
F79   Safety appliance and equipment
M81   Post network system
K47   Electric transmission line and equipment
C21   Pharmaceutic minor ingredients and others
M10   Communication network in general
U82   Turbine manufacturing process device
Z59   Environmental quality standards for other areas
Q21   Masonry product
Q60   Other non-metal mine product in general
R06   Transportation material consumption and energy conservation
B33   Oil crop and product
J44   General grippers
J40   Technological equipment in general
Q50   Carbon material in general
M85   Postal code, postal hub internal technological process
K95   Electric light source and lamp production equipment
W32   Linen yarn and threads
U21   Mooring fittings
A53   Mechanics Measurement
N02   Economic management
R56   Salvage equipment
L58   Hybrid integrated circuit
X82   Children foods
W92   Electricity and automation control devices for textile machinery
M58   Dedicated carriage and shelter for electronic equipment
P55   Water conservancy and water power engineering in general
G60   Chemical reagent in general
E60   Petroleum products additive in general
J50   Machine tool in general
J84   Rock drilling machinery
G89   Chemical product
T62   Hydraulic lift system
T55   Forestry and coal transport vehicles
G20   Basic standards and general methods on chemical fertilizers
H73   Refrigeration equipment
Y81   Furniture products
B44   Domesticate animal
G34   Basic standard and general method for synthetic rubber
R04   Basic standards and general methods
U13   Marine transportation vessels - overall
G24   Pesticide midbody
D09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
E08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
P10   Engineering investigation and geotechnical engineering in general
V11   Metal casting and forging materials used for aviation and aerospace
J45   Combination grippers
H77   Separating machinery
X14   Grease and oil processing and products
P12   Engineering hydrology
P25   Concrete structure engineering
C84   Fire-fighting equipment and devices
Y44   Other daily-use chemicals
Z16   Analysis methods for toxic substances in water
B47   Beekeeping, silkworm keeping
V37   Manipulation system and its accessories
S52   Railway trucks
B61   Seed, seedling, seedling nursery
R21   Ship handling and turbine management
X42   Synthetic food additives
S09   Safety, hygiene and labor protection
R64   Navigation mark management and service
Y54   Office supplies and office implements
H07   Computer application
C68   Production equipment safety technology
Q00   Standardization and quality management
V90   Aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing equipment in general
N17   Automatic control and remote control equipment
H60   Non-ferrous metals and their alloys products in general
T12   Engine body and moving parts
H22   Metal mechanical property test method
X50   Beverages in general
L14   Potentiometer
P04   Basic standards and general methods
Y62   Household cleaning and cosmetic appliances
H55   Grinding machine
A61   Chemical Measurement
H38   Cold processing technology
B15   Plant protection in general
H17   Semimetal and semiconductor material analysis method
D07   Computer application
H98   Boiler and its auxiliary equipment
S35   Electric traction equipment
Z33   Analysis and test methods for radioactive substances and radiation intensity
F23   Power plant and electric power system operating maintenance
Q96   Carbon product equipment
W98   Textile testing instrument
H45   Combination grippers
G94   Non-metal chemical machinery equipment
F85   Nuclear instrument for exploration mining and technological detection
C33   Stomatologic device, equipment and material
H15   Precious metals and its alloy analysis method
E90   Petroleum exploration, development, gathering and transportation equipment in general
N41   Film making equipment
T31   Fasteners
N29   Electrical parametric test and power supply unit
L50   Optoelectronic device assembly
X31   Sugar refining
W20   Wool textile in general
C47   Public medical equipment
L22   Switch
Q40   Fireproof material in general
T01   Technical management
N43   Lens
A00   Standardization and Quality Management
M39   Facsimile telegraph equipment
G41   Tyre
B16   Plant quarantine, pest control
P33   Residential and public building engineering
K40   Electric transmission and transformation equipment in general
E98   Oil and gas gathering and transportation equipment
T47   New energy vehicle and other automobiles
Y02   Economic management
S06   Railway insignia and uniform
L57   Film integrated circuit
A02   Economic Management
T37   Ignition device
U30   Specialized vessel devices in general
C18   Drugs for digestion and urinary system, and acid base equilibrium
A75   Mapping in general
D23   Coal for power station and industrial boiler
L74   Program language
L70   Information processing technology in general
X63   Blended wines
Q72   Concrete components and accessories
F81   General nuclear instrument
X71   Canned meat
Z06   Natural resource and environment protection
H57   High temperature alloy
G70   Basic standards and general methods for chemical additive
M38   Digital communication equipment
R60   Navigation channel and mark in general
B67   Raw bamboo and bamboo wood
J17   Gear and gear drive
V36   General technical requirements
R54   Underwater service
Y22   Daily use glass products
A79   Map printing
J30   Processing technology in general
F90   Low energy accelerator in general
H39   Non-traditional processing technology
U40   Main and auxiliary machines for vessel in general
E04   Basic standard and general method
B96   Wood logging machinery and tools
P57   Irrigation drainage and soil and water conservation engineering
G96   Machinery for sensitive material and magnetic tape
T23   Steering and operation systems
A41   Mathematics
V22   Mechanical gadgets and components
G95   Machinery for rubber and plastic
Y45   Leather processing and products in general
U81   Body manufacturing process device
Y88   Artistic handicrafts
P41   Outdoor water supply and draining engineering
Z19   Analysis methods for toxic and harmful substances in animal and plant
P42   Building water supply and draining engineering
Q18   Decorative material
T35   Electronic/electrical equipment and instruments for vehicle in general
P82   Electronic manufacturing industry engineering
F68   Decommissioning of nuclear power plant
T80   Motorcycles in general
Y57   Toys
D91   Shaft building equipment
L97   Dedicated processing equipment
S22   Railway maintenance machinery
E34   Lubricating oil
S45   Mining electric locomotives
Y30   Papermaking in general
J29   Others
S05   Materials
V28   Aerospace initiation and ignition devices
D02   Economic management
Q70   Building members, accessories and equipment in general
Z75   Standards for discharge into rivers
F29   Others
K25   Explosion-proof electric machine
P86   Forestry engineering
U54   Marine ventilation accessories
W10   Cotton textile in general
Z63   Pollutant discharge standards for light textile industry
J05   Structural elements
U31   Special equipment for marine transportation vessel
J54   Drilling, boring and milling machine
W70   Printed and dyed articles
D12   Metal ore survey
F00   Standardization and quality management
Q12   Cement composite material and additives
V01   Technical management
H92   Metallurgical equipment
J39   Non-traditional processing technology
X73   Canned fishery
H33   Welding and cutting
P61   Power station engineering
V45   Aircraft instruments
Y75   Clothing, footgear and headwear in general
D15   Mining
J65   Woodworking machine and machine tool
R28   Management, utilization and service of marine communication and navigation equipment
P90   Industrial equipment installation engineering in general
N06   Technology and technological equipment
C40   Medical optical instrument and endoscope
X72   Canned poultry
K55   Water turbine and its auxiliary equipment
M75   Satellite broadcasting equipment
C17   Drugs for cardiovascular, respiration and blood system
E61   Additives
S93   Freight transport
S24   Railway maintenance machinery utilization and service
N28   Extensive magnitude and exchanger
K30   Low voltage apparatus in general
Z18   Analysis methods for environmental quality of soils
W27   Industrial wool and felt
C92   Pharmaceutical processing machinery and equipment
G55   Basic standards and general methods for dye
U33   Special devices for fishing vessel
V70   Spacecraft in general
N38   Optical equipment
X91   Grain and oil/fat processing machinery
A59   Acoustic Measurement
D52   Metallurgical auxiliary material ore
R50   Rescue, salvage and diving in general
R19   Highway maintenance machinery and its utilization and service
S72   Train broadcast and television
G33   Plastic profile
B50   Aquatic product and fishery in general
W56   Blankets
S51   Railway passenger coaches
T66   Braking system
P49   Refrigerating engineering
V06   Ambient conditions
A28   Sieving, Sieve Plate and Sieve Screen
B09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
G53   Basic standard and general method for pigment
P71   Petroleum engineering
N64   Laboratory glass, ceramic and plastic vessel
H34   Beneficiation reagent
R80   Traffic control in general
E39   Hydraulic fluid
L75   Label and file structure
V35   Aircraft and its accessories in general
V21   Pipe fittings, clamps and seals
U12   General structure of ship hull
V73   Spacecraft control and guidance system
Q86   City appearance sanitary equipment and facility
B07   Computer application
A42   Physics and Mechanics
J32   Forging and pressing
P26   Metal structure engineering
C80   Fire-fighting in general
U10   Overall vessels in general
J28   Automatic logistics equipment
D94   Crushing and grinding equipment
A55   Electromagnetic Measurement
T04   Basic standards and general methods
E40   Synthetic grease
L01   Technical management
K49   Lightning arrester
G75   Catalyst
G74   Basic standards and general methods for catalyst
H47   Hand tools
L05   Reliability and maintainability
T63   Transmission system
T61   Tractor
B30   Cash crop in general
Y49   Byproducts and comprehensive utilization of furs
H43   Steel ingot and billet
G51   Coating
C61   Diagnostic standard for public nuisance diseases
K73   Special lamps
N04   Basic standards and general methods
E02   Economic management
A20   Comprehensive Technology
N10   Industrial automation and control device in general
Q15   Wall
H71   Metal and alloy powder
R34   Repair and maintennance of marine eletrical, observiation and navigation equipment
E30   Petroleum products in general
Y28   Daily use plastic products
C94   Pharmaceutical safety monitoring instrument
D00   Standardization and quality management
S10   Railway construction equipment in general
W23   Wool gray fabric and products
X77   Canned vegetable
T32   Plug screws, pipe fittings
S99   Use and repair of railway handling machinery
W93   Spinning machinery and apparatus
P88   Light industry engineering
G62   General inorganic reagent
D43   Rare metal ore
L10   Electronic element in general
M79   Broadcasting and television equipment maintenance
W52   Chemical fibre
M42   Communication line and equipment
S33   Moving parts
U47   Compartment auxiliary machine
J18   Chain drive, belt drive and key joint
M91   Communication equipment manufacturing machine and tool
H05   Structural element
S40   Locomotives in general
V26   Sensor elements
D26   Coal petrography
B64   Forest management technology
W40   Silk and silk fabric in general
N15   Monitoring instrument
B73   Charcoal
C76   Working time, vacation and workwomen, underage worker protection
Q10   Building materials products in general
D28   Oil shale
Y08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
L52   Infrared device
T25   Chassis and other assemblies
N16   Actuator
S53   Railway special vehicles
H16   Powder metallurgy analysis method
X66   Flavoring materials
X08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
U01   Technical management
K22   Asynchronous machine
Y01   Technical management
B23   Bean, tuber crop and product
C06   Legal medical expert
G57   Dye
N67   Microscopic test and other laboratory instruments
K08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
S46   Mining diesel locomotives
G66   Biochemical reagent and clinical analysis reagent
E46   Coal gas
T74   Braking system
L98   Dedicated inspection equipment
K24   Micro machine
Q94   Ceramic equipment
Z15   Analysis methods for toxic substances in atmosphere
Q44   Special refractory
N26   Integrated test system
H64   Rare light metals and their alloys
C54   Food additive and nutrition enhancer sanitation
M34   Microwave communication equipment
M41   Telecommunication power supply equipment
X28   Baking products
G82   Basic standards and general methods for magnetic recording material
A43   Chemistry
Z00   Standardization and quality management
C37   General requirements on medical devices
T58   Tank lorry
T07   Computer application
U15   Fishing vessels - overall
D84   Geochemical exploration equipment
V27   Structural members of electrical devices
E33   Solvent oil
P31   Architectural physics
T40   Automobiles in general
X40   Food Additives and flavoring agents in general
N19   Other automation devices
G17   General organic chemicals
K63   Electric traction equipment
V41   Navigation and communication system and equipment
J75   Heat-exchange equipment
J59   Non-traditional processing machine tool
A52   Length Measurement
Z77   Standards for discharge in rural areas
M30   Communication equipment in general
D33   Chrome ore
D46   Precious metal ore
R24   Passenger transport
M13   Communication network architecture
B08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
F19   New energy and others
V44   Life-support system and equipment
V97   Special equipment for spacecraft manufacturing
H75   Heat-exchange equipment
J53   Lathe
A84   Packaging tool
Z04   Basic standards and general methods
B93   Agricultural products and feed processing machinery
S38   Locomotive manufacturing equipment
D32   Manganese ore
D92   Mining equipment
L94   Mechanical structural member for electronic equipment
H74   Pressure vessels
Y26   Daily use enamel products
J21   Lubrication and lubrication device
H21   Metal physical property test method
T72   Towing device
U92   Special equipment for main and auxiliary machine manufacturing
S69   Signal repair technology and equipment
H24   Metallographic testing method
C13   Sulphonamide, antituberculostatic and other antiinfectives
G10   Inorganic chemicals in general
B13   Fertilizer and soil conditioner
E45   Process oil
S32   Braking system
K11   Bare wire
X44   Flavoring agents
Q92   Cement and cement product equipment
U46   Marine nuclear powerplant
M36   Radio communication equipment
Q52   Carbon material
G42   Rubber tube, rubber belt and tape
J52   Machine tool assistive device and accessory
W02   Economic management
C75   Labor protection management in general
C39   Medical electronic equipment
J43   Grinding material and apparatus
G86   Industrial gas and chemical gas
W12   Cotton yarns and threads
S07   Computer application
N35   Optical testing instrument
L85   Electronic measurement and equipment in general
C38   General examination instrument
X60   Foods fermentation and brewing in general
S31   Car coupler and shock absorber
T20   Automobile chassis and vehicle body in general
Q08   Marking, packaging, transportation and storage
L65   System equipment interface
U14   Inland water transportation vessels - overall
H65   Rare metals and their alloys
D95   Screening equipment
J90   Piston type internal combustion engine and other power equipment in general
K21   Synchronous machine
H59   Other special alloys
P65   Railway engineering
Y91   Paper manufacturing machinery in general
N47   Micro and copier machinery
C27   Biological agent and blood products
A83   Packaging method
Y60   Basic standards and general methods for household appliances
L64   Data medium
Q33   Building glass
A82   Packaging material and container
A10   Commerce, Trade and Contract
X62   Fermented wines
S19   Railway construction machinery
R42   Port communication and navigation
R61   Navigation channel management and maintenance
S49   Other locomotives
M61   Broadcasting and television system
V09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
W09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
L04   Basic standards and general methods
P92   Telecommunication equipment installation engineering
D81   Geological exploration equipment
B68   Stem wood and raw wood
H66   Rare scattered metals and their alloys
C81   Fire monitoring, alarming and fire-fighting dispatching system
R17   Highway vehicle servicing installation
P15   Engineering seismic resistance
H56   Gear and thread cutting machine
V08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
Z61   Discharge standards for industrial pollutants of mining areas and raw materials
K34   Electrical equipment for special use
L67   Computer application
X80   Special foods in general
L25   Relay and chopper
Z32   Noise and vibration test methods
Y11   Horology
G48   Reclaimed rubber
V54   Air traffic control
Y63   Household electric heating appliances
M11   Communication network technical system
T26   Vehicle body (cab) and accessories
F46   Nuclear material, nuclear fuel and their analytical test method
K84   Electrical energy storage device
E15   Offshore petroleum operation
L88   Other electronic instrument and equipment
P18   Civil air defense works
P22   Subgrade and foundation engineering
L18   Filter and delay line
F40   Nuclear material and nuclear fuel in general
U27   Life saving apparatus
X93   Sugar producing machinery
A13   File Format
M73   Video and pulse system equipment
W08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
U60   Electrical, observation/communication and navigation equipment for vessel in general
Y09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
P87   Aquatic product and fishery engineering
W72   Printed and dyed wool and wool-blended fabric articles
W57   Textile end products
M18   Communication equipment capacity series
B92   Stock and poultry raising machinery and tools
X18   Fowl and egg processing and products
Y72   Wire products
T14   Lubrication and cooling systems; heating devices
A78   Precision engineering and cadastral mapping
L13   Resistor
L96   Surface protection equipment
Z20   Analysis methods for toxic and harmful substances in mineral
P64   Nuclear industry engineering
V10   Basic standards for aviation and aerospace materials
L53   Semiconductor emitting device
P09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
N68   Vacuum testing instrument and equipment
H29   Others
C85   Fire-fighting survival and auxiliary tools
V31   Engine auxiliary system and its accessories
K71   Electric light source products
P84   Explosive and initiator industry engineering
H18   Chain drive, belt drive and key joint
K01   Technical management
U42   Engine room equipment
L24   Connecting piece for installation and wiring
G43   Rubber seal
D51   Chemical raw material ore
C15   Drugs for hormone, family planning, antineoplastic and immunosuppression
S78   Manufacturing and equipment of communication products
G91   Chemical machinery and equipment parts
M35   Satellite communication equipment
Q37   Special glass
Q51   Graphite material
G49   Carbon black
K83   Physical power source
H44   Profile steel and deformed steel
U41   Marine boiler and steam engine
N14   Display recording instrument
R09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
L42   Semiconductor triode
P77   Broadcasting, movie and television engineering
B42   Veterinary and animal husbandry, veterinary appliance
Z27   Analysis methods for industrial residue pollutants
T28   Front sheet metal lagging
L55   Microcircuit in general
Y43   Tooth paste, soap and detergent
C62   Health quarantine
K82   Electrochemical power source
U16   Auxiliary vessels and survey vessels - overall
W71   Printed and dyed cotton and cotton-blended fabric articles
C31   General and microsurgical devices
E92   Petroleum drilling & production equipment and instrument
J88   Environmental protection equipment
H42   Iron alloy
C11   Chinese Pharmacopoeia and volumed drug standards
W62   Knitted grey fabrics
X02   Economic management
G64   Reagent and substance of high purity
S83   Equipment for manufacturing of traction power supply products
N12   Flow capacity and material level instrument
Y96   Furniture processing machinery
A85   Container, tray and pallet
V16   Hot processing technology
T50   Special automobiles in general
Q36   Glass fibre
X16   Milk and dairy products
E09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
R26   Waterway container transport and unitized transport
H72   Powder metallurgy material and product
M50   Radar, navigation, remote control, remote measuring and antenna synthesis
L93   Metal parts for electronic equipment
Q41   Siliceous refractory
A65   Metal Chemical Component Standard Substance
M02   Economic management
U99   Other equipment for shipbuilding
P24   Masonry engineering
L09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
B04   Basic standards and general methods
K60   Electrical equipment and tool in general
B71   Corrosion protection for wood and bamboo
P52   Ropeway engineering
P40   Water supply and draining engineering in general
Z64   Discharge standard for mobile pollution sources
L23   Connector
A15   Film and Photographic Technology
H11   Steel and iron alloy analysis method
G13   Oxide and elementary substance
Y00   Standardization and quality management
E22   Artificial petroleum
E43   Petroleum asphalt
X87   Tobacco
H19   Coupling, brake and speed variator
G44   Latex products
J01   Technical management
X90   Food processing machinery in general
X69   Other fermented goods
U11   Ship theory and model test
E38   Insulating oil
J13   Fastener
U69   Electrical installation parts for vessel
Z25   Analysis methods for exhaust emission pollutants
B65   Forest conservation
R01   Technical management
S97   Railway handling machinery
F12   Solar energy
P20   Engineering structure in general
V32   Engine spare parts
S68   Signal product manufacturing equipment
V59   Aviation sports equipment
L79   Opening and system interconnection of computer
K90   Electrical production equipment in general
L11   Capacitor
L78   Data information
C51   Environmental sanitation
N53   Electrochemical, thermochemistry and optical profile type analyzer
A47   Meteorology
N01   Technical management
F21   Electric power system
H40   Steel and iron products in general
Y64   Household health care appliances
H93   Ingot and blank casting equipment
K74   Lamp accessories
N56   Environmental monitoring instrument and its complete equipment
U20   Rigging equipment outfit in general
L99   Other production equipment
P68   Aviation and aerospace engineering
Q24   Sealing material
L81   Computer graphic
A31   Blasting Technology
P72   Petrochemical and chemical industry engineering
M60   Broadcasting and television network in general
S79   Communication repair technology and equipment
P83   Shipping industry engineering
L62   Computer equipment
T08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
R85   Traffic information management
S55   Standard-gauge mining railway vehicles
M76   Industrial and educational television
B39   Other cash crops
C08   Marking, packaing, transport and storage
M92   Antenna, radar, navigation, remote control equipment manufacturing machine and engineering
E36   Lubricating grease
P35   Agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery construction engineering
T51   Specialized municipal automobile
H51   Machine components and parts
F72   Nuclear facilities radiation safety
F08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
P70   Mine and coal engineering
H00   Standardization and quality management
P23   Timber engineering
S56   Narrow gauge mining railway vehicles
C93   Medicinal materials pickoff and Chinese medicine processing machinery
G01   Technical management
J55   Grinding machine
H28   Automatic logistics equipment
A14   Library, Archives, Literature and Information
J31   Casting
G35   Synthetic rubber
Z30   Analysis and test methods for physical pollution
V40   Electrical system and equipment
R62   Navigation mark product
J19   Coupling, brake and speed variator
T90   Trolley bus and other vehicles in general
Q77   Building electrical equipment and disaster prevention equipment and instrument
D13   Nontechnical ore survey
T85   Electronic and electrical equipment
G15   Organic chemicals in general
W22   Wool yarns and threads
R15   Warehouse and storage yard operation and management
D80   Geological exploration equipment in general
Q45   Shaped insulating refractory
N09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
W30   Ramie textile in general
R53   Diving and its physiological condition
M20   Communication switcher program control language
F25   Electric power safety monitor
T54   Farm, livestock, by-product and fish vehicles
T53   Engineering vehicle
T75   Passenger cabinet
G09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
L35   Electron tube in general
X34   Saccharified residues
U37   Devices for small vessel
J27   Operation piece
V30   Engine - overall
Y87   Daily-use bamboo, wood and rattan articles as well as textiles
B91   Farming machinery and tools
L54   Semiconductor photosensing device
X04   Basic standards and general methods
E49   Other petroleum products
U07   Computer application
Q91   Brick and tile making equipment
B94   Fishery machinery and tools
J57   Slotting, broaching, planing and sawing machines
H01   Technical management
R82   Vehicle management
G90   Chemical machinery and equipment in general
T22   Bearing system
A69   Engineering Standard Substance
V84   Transporting, hoisting and filling equipment
G73   Surface active agent
N34   Optical metrological instrument
G93   Chemical equipment
R08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
X53   Cold drinks and snacks
S91   Combined transport
L33   Small and special electrical machine for electronic equipment
H09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
W90   Textile machinery and apparatus in general
C53   Food sanitation
P16   Engineering fire protection
V38   Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their accessories
C50   Sanitation in general
R07   Computer application
K32   Control circuit apparatus
X26   Vegetable processing and products
L63   Computer peripherals
X30   Sugar refining and sugar products in general
J22   Sealing and sealing device
D41   Light metal ore
U08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
K80   Power supply in general
Y33   Paper products
S60   Railway signals in general
H62   Heavy metals and their alloys
H02   Economic management
V71   Spacecraft - overall
L92   Insulating parts for electronic equipment
L02   Economic management
W74   Printed and dyed silk and silk-blended fabric articles
U62   Electric control devices and measurement equipment for vessel
S80   Traction power supply in general
B69   Timber and processed timber
J24   Cooling and cooling device
V46   Aircraft test apparatus
H46   Steel sheet and strip
P45   Heat supply, air supply, air conditioning and refrigerating engineering in general
P95   Construction machinery and equipment in general
R32   Marine auxiliary machinery and pipeline fittings maintenance and service
U66   Marine communication equipment
J64   Welding and cutting equipment
Z67   Physical pollution control standards
M64   Program transmission system interface
PP81   Electrical manufacturing industry engineering
P80   Machinery and instrument manufacturing industry engineering
A25   Human Engineering
S16   Railway construction product manufacturing equipment
F01   Technical management
S50   Railway vehicles in general
S39   Locomotive repair technology and equipment
W59   Other textile articles
K07   Computer application
Y39   Other papers
V76   Energy equipment for spacecraft
G56   Dye intermediate
J11   Rolling bearing
V51   Passenger transport
F15   Geothermal energy
C66   Safety control technology
T59   Other special automobiles
E21   Crude petroleum
K12   Wire with insulation layer
X00   Standardization and quality management
P85   Agriculture and animal husbandry and agricultural reclamation engineering
N31   Telescope, geodetic survey and aerial survey instrumentation
T24   Braking system
F49   Nuclear material, nuclear fuel producing & processing equipment and facility
K64   Electric tool
V85   Launching and launch-control equipment
P14   Engineering geophysical exploration and remote sensing exploration survey
F11   Wind energy
U80   Vessel manufacturing process devices in general
B17   Pesticide management and application method
A29   Material Protection
H95   Metallurgy heating and heat treatment equipment
Y47   Artificial leathers and synthetic leathers
K51   Power station equipment automation devices
B52   Freshwater aquaculture and product
A22   Terms and Symbols
R29   Management, utilization and service of shore station communication equipment
H78   Vacuum technique and equipment
Z79   Standard for discharge in other areas
Z51   Environmental quality standards for specialized fields
E91   Petroleum exploration logging equipment and instrument
H58   Precision alloy
T84   Steering and operation system
T82   Transmission and braking system
V18   Cold processing technology
E07   Computer application
Q30   Ceramic and glass in general
F75   Radioactive three wastes treatment
K46   Power semiconductor device and parts
B66   Economic forest and byproduct
R46   Port handling machinery and accessory
Y55   Sports facilities and apparatus
D98   Coal mine special equipment
A68   Physical Chemical Component Standard Substance
P13   Engineering location, hydrogeological survey and geotechnical engineering
F60   Nuclear reactor in general
T56   Medical service and epidemic control vehicles
U68   Observation equipment for vessel
A56   Radio Measurement
P50   Urban and rural planning
M51   Antenna and its feeder
Y73   Daily-use hardware
H54   Other steel and iron products
T09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
K42   Power capacitor
G68   Other reagents
J61   Casting equipment
W06   Comprehensive utilization
T27   Passenger cabinet
S73   Railway communication equipment
C35   Orthopedic devices
J00   Standardization and quality management
B45   Livestock and poultry product
C70   Industrial dust and gas prevention technology
A67   Physical Standard Substance
M53   Radar, navigation equipment and system
V94   Moulds
B41   Animal quarantine, veterinary and epidemic prevention
C25   TCM pharmaceutics
F50   Isotope and radioactive sources in general
U25   Accommodation outfit
Q49   Other refractory material
Q61   Asbestos material
C01   Technical management
V53   General aviation
K16   Electrical carbon product
F02   Economic management
W04   Basic standards and general methods
V83   Ground control and guidance system
B51   Marine aquaculture and product
H67   Radioactive metals and their alloys
W63   Knit articles
S90   Railway transport in general
F24   Electric power testing technique
D96   Washing equipment
B32   Fibre crop and product
G12   Inorganic salt
V57   Special vehicles
F86   Radioactive isotope application instrument
Q62   Gypsum product
P94   Metal equipment and process pipe installation engineering
V93   Clamping fixtures
L08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
B05   Agriculture and forestry technology
D31   Iron ore
P51   Urban traffic engineering
D97   Mine support equipment
L56   Semiconductor integrated circuit
N61   Basic laboratory equipment
N18   Industrial control and computer application equipment
X89   Others
F48   Nuclear fuel element and its analytical test method
Y53   Other teaching aids
Y31   Paper pulp and paperboard
Q69   Other non-metal mine product
J51   Machine tool element
H86   Hydraulic machinery
N71   Metal material testing machine
J71   Pump
C19   Drugs for diagnostic aids, externally-used sanitizer, ENT and dermatology
F91   Medical accelerator
P73   Metallurgical industry engineering
Y42   Cosmetics
Z58   Dangerous weather warning standards for special industrial areas
M70   Broadcasting and television equipment in general
M00   Standardization and quality management
F04   Basic standards and general method
P46   Heat supply and heating engineering
H31   Artificial rich ore
V92   Measuring devices
D14   Hydrogeological survey
U04   Basic standards and general methods
Q14   Concrete product
Z02   Economic management
W77   Printing and dyeing of knit articles
N92   Oceanographic instrumentation
T73   Bearing system
P98   Hydraulic engineering construction machinery and equipment
Q25   Heat insulation, sound absorption, light fireproof material
F74   Radiation protection detection and evaluation
F54   Medical isotopes
Q22   Constructional plastics product
V58   Flight training and equipment
L60   Computer in general
H48   Steel tube and cast iron pipe
T44   Offroad vehicle
X24   Fruit processing and products
M57   Electronic system engineering
J12   Sliding bearing
E31   Fuel oil
K15   Electrical insulating material and its products
T68   Electrical devices and instruments
D59   Other non-metal ore
Z29   Analysis methods for mobile pollution sources
F63   Power reactor
K35   Explosion-proof electric apparatus
V13   Nonmetallic materials used for aviation and aerospace
C43   Medical radiographic equipment
P75   Forestry industry engineering
C57   Radiological sanitation protection
N24   Magnetic measurement instrument
C95   Drug testing instrument
L72   Data element representing method
G31   Basic standards and general methods for synthetic resin and plastic
H84   Rock drilling machinery
K54   Steam turbine and its auxiliary equipment
D54   Clay, light-weight material non-metal ore
V80   Aerospace ground equipment in general
K58   Internal combustion engine and its auxiliary equipment
S12   Turnout and steel rail expansion piece
V52   Freight transport
J07   Computer application
P66   Highway engineering
C48   Medical sanitary products
Q43   Basic refractory
Q84   Urban traffic facility
U55   Marine pipe fittings
A57   Time and Frequency Measurement
S61   Signal equipment
K94   Electrical porcelain production equipment
J76   Gas separation and liquefaction equipment
T11   Engines and accessory devices
S41   Electric locomotives
V25   Electronic components
C07   Computer application
S98   Manufacturing equipment of railway handling machinery
W11   Half finished cotton products
X37   Crude salt
C32   Ophthalmic and ENT surgical devices
U67   Underwater sound equipment
H83   Compound semiconductor material
T10   Automotive engines in general
V07   Computer application
S92   Passenger transport
U06   Vessel technology
G32   Synthetic resin and plastic
K56   Gas turbine and its auxiliary equipment
F82   Nuclear instrument for reactor
H32   Coke
D21   Coal analysis methods
C82   Fire protection technology
F62   Production reactor
A88   Package printing, lead sealing and labeling
C23   Traditional Chinese medicinal materials
E10   Petroleum exploration, development, gathering and transportation engineering in general
R63   Navigation mark setting and operating
S17   Railway construction product maintenance and service
C73   Articles for labor protection
S11   Railway components
S34   Universal parts
G25   Pesticide
L06   Electromagnetic compatibility
T71   Trailer
K23   DC machine
R86   Traffic safety detecting equipment
L00   Standardization and quality management
F10   Energy in general
H30   Metallurgy material and auxiliary material in general
L51   Laser device
X09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
D27   Coal dressing
K43   High voltage switchgear
X83   Health foods
V43   Driving force installation and manipulation
S23   Railway maintenance machinery manufacturing process and equipment
N11   Temperature and pressure instrument
G39   Adhesives
Q64   Talcum material
M21   Telecommunication services
Y51   Special instruments for teaching
Z71   Ordinary solid waste control standards
W55   Textile articles in general
Y68   Cooking appliances, basic standards and general methods
U56   Marine communication remote-control & manipulation accessories
S21   Railway construction machinery utilization and service
X07   Computer application
H61   Light metals and their alloys
H27   Operation pieces
T76   Electrical apparatus and light fixture
G38   Basic standards and general methods for adhesives
S30   General rolling stock standards in general
X22   Meat processing and products
N70   Testing machine and nondestructive flaw detector in general
V15   Composite materials and solid fuels
K92   Electrical machine production equipment
C41   Medical ultrasound, laser, high-frequency instrument and equipment
Y20   Daily use glass, ceramic, enamel and plastic products in general
G80   Basic standards and general methods for photosensitive material
C16   Antiparasite, antihistamine, endemic disease medicine and antidote
R45   Dedicated port facilities
Y82   Furniture accessories
L17   Inductor and transformer
J99   Other power equipment
T05   Special materials and their products
N51   Physical property analyzer
G04   Basic standards and general methods
J83   Storage equipment and handling machinery
J72   Compressor and fan
J08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
J70   Universal machinery and equipment in general
N46   Camera and photograph instrument
Q38   Cast stone
U63   Lighting and other electrical devices for vessel
M14   Communication network transmission system interface
C83   Fire extinction technology
J81   Conveying machinery
W31   Half finished linen products
D42   Heavy metal ore
Q93   Equipment for glass and glass fiber
Q74   Plastic components and accessorie
X70   Canned foods in general
K59   Other generating equipment
H23   Metal processing property test method
Y80   Furniture in general
Y07   Computer application
G61   Reference reagent
P36   Building maintenance engineering
M12   Communication network number, signal and connection
P11   Engineering survey
N55   Other material composition analyzer
H49   Steel wire and wire rope
L59   Micromodule
F88   Nuclear detector
Q35   Quartz glass
G40   Rubber products in general
J02   Economic management
N52   chromatograph
N65   Acoustic instrument and seismograph
U18   Small vessels - overall
C04   Basic standards and general methods
A40   Basic Subject in general
V72   Spacecraft power system
C91   Raw pharmaceutical material processing machinery and equipment
N25   AC/DC electrical instrument recording instrument
Z05   Specifications for pollution control
N22   Electric energy measurement and load control system
Q31   Building sanitary ceramics
K96   Storage battery production equipment
Q63   Mica splitting and product
F83   Distribution equipment for reactor and nuclear power plant safety
U23   Fire fighting equipment
R18   Highway protection and maintenance
Y99   Other light industry machinery
U32   Special equipment for inland water transportation vessel
B20   Cereal crop and forage crop in general
J98   Boiler and its auxiliary equipment
U53   Marine gate valves and plug cocks
L40   Semiconductor discrete devices in general
Z11   Gas medium and radioactive substance sampling
K61   Industrial electric heating equipment
X33   Processed sugar
U26   Deck fittings
H68   Precious metals and their alloys
V20   Fasteners
K13   Cable and its accessory
D30   Ferrous metal ore in general
X92   Canning process machinery
U57   Marine hydraulic/pneumatic elements and accessories
C67   Factory fire and blast protection technology
Q53   Special carbon material
M40   Telephone communication equipment
S62   Station interlocking
J58   Combined machine tool
D04   Basic standard and general method
T69   Cab and others
Q87   Garden animal and plant and their equipment
A92   Crime judging technology
F14   Ocean energy
K26   Special machine
N23   Digital display instrument
F80   Nuclear instrument and detector in general
G76   Basic standards and general methods for water treatment agent
M84   Postal instrument
Y94   Leather processing machinery
R52   Underwater environmental condition and test method
X10   Food processing and products in general
A24   Codification
Q20   Road material
G83   Magnetic recording material
B46   Livestock and poultry feed and additive
B70   Artificial board
H91   Coke and knot making equipment
L71   Code, character set and character recognition
Q65   Artificial lens
B53   Aquatic product refreshment
K10   Electrotechnical material and universal parts in general
R00   Standardization and quality management
L87   Instrument and equipment for electronic test
A94   Police-used device and tool
Y56   Sports goods
H53   Electrotechnical steel
W13   Cambrayon and cotton products
V74   Spacecraft stable system
T83   Bearing system
R31   Ship hull and outfitting maintenance and service
A58   Ionizating Radiation Measurement
A19   Editing and Publication
Y17   Sewing machine
D18   Mine haulage
Y93   Processing machinery for daily use glass, enamel and ceramic
G14   Other inorganic chemicals
H26   Metal nondestructive testing method
D40   Non-ferrous metal ores in general
H96   Cooling system and heating equipment
Z70   Toxic and harmful solid waste control standards
U44   Marine internal-combustion engine
H08   Marking, packaging, transport and storage
Q46   Unshaped refractory
X85   Tobacco curing in general
Q82   Air supply instrument and equipment
X81   Puffing and compressed foods
Q85   Urban highway equipment and facility
Q09   Hygiene, safety and labor protection
D50   Non-metal ore in general
K41   Transformer
G67   Instrument analysis reagent
M37   Mobile communication equipment
V00   Standardization and quality management
N45   Projector and slide projector
G26   Plant growth accelerant
S81   Traction substation
U91   Special equipment for shipbuilding
W05   Technology
X20   Aquatic products processing and products
Y52   Special instruments for schools
Y85   Artistic handicrafts and other daily necessaries in general
T64   Traveling system
L30   Printed circuit
R55   Diving equipment
P58   Flood control and waterlogging drainage engineering
U93   Special equipment for instrument and apparatus for shipbuilding
X79   Other canned foods
T06   Process and tooling
A60   Optical Measurement
A46   Astronomy
N13   Mechanical quantity instrument, automatic weighing equipment and other measuring instrument
H36   Heat treatment
F30   Electric power in general
G50   Basic standard and general method for coating
Y24   Daily use ceramics products
K52   Generating unit
W00   Standardization and quality management
B90   Farming and foresting machinery and tools
N40   Movie, photo, micro and copier equipment in general
C02   Economic management
Q76   Building heating and ventilation and air conditioning instrument and equipment
V75   Spacecraft telemetering and remote sensing system
C05   Medical science
K31   Low-voltage distribution electrical equipment
Q95   Refractory material equipment
N32   Magnifier and microscope
G07   Computer application
T02   Economic management
L77   Software engineering
G72   Basic standards and general methods for surface active agent
Y69   Others
K85   Power supply equipment
U35   Special devices for ocean platform
P00   Standardization and quality management
S04   Basic standards and general methods
R30   Ship maintenance and service in general
K62   Electric drive control equipment
X11   Grain processing and products
Q78   Elevator
V47   Aviation balloon
N77   Ultrasonic wave and sound radiation defectoscope
Q42   Argillaceous and high alumina fire resistance
Y58   Musical instruments
V96   Special equipment for aircraft manufacturing
Y14   Bicycle
C10   Pharmaceutical in general
M54   Remote control and remote measuring equipment and system
T43   Truck
N74   Force and deformation test instrument
N00   Standardization and quality management
V81   Ground test equipment
D93   Promotion, storage and transportation equipment
P47   Gas supply engineering
P76   Communication engineering
Z13   Sampling methods for solid waste, soil and other environmental elements
P59   Water power engineering
C36   Other special devices
N33   Electron optics and other physical optics instrument
W41   Half-finished silk and silk fabric products
L90   Special electronic technology material
S20   Railway construction machinery manufacturing process and equipment
L21   Quartz crystal and piezoelectric element
T81   Engine
K45   Relay protection and automatic device
L34   Other electronic components
K48   Insulator
M62   Broadcasting and television network structure
M16   Information transmission index
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