Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Agricultural socialization service―Part 7:TrainingDB21/T 2800.7-2017
Terminology of bamboo productsGB/T 36394-20182019-1-1
Agricultural socialization service―Part 8:ConsultationDB21/T 2800.8-20172017-5-27
Agricultural socialization service―Part 20:InformatizationDB21/T 2800.20-20172017-5-27
Bamboo terminologyGB/T 32770-20162017-1-1
Terms of cotton processingGB/T 32139-20152016-5-1
Rattan terminologyGB/T 26914-20112011-12-1
Trade name of ornamental plantsLY/T 1916-20102010-6-1
Testing items symbols and technical terms of merinoNY 1-20042004-9-1
Performance ferms and measurement for poultryNY/T 823-20042004-9-1
Terminology of property and quality for grain oil-bearing material and their productsLS/T 1102-19881988-7-1
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