Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Implementary guidelines for the management and control system of risk and the syetem of screening and elimination of hidden risk for work safety of printing businessesDB37/T 3648-2019
Water saving enterprises—Textile industry of chemical filament yarns weavingGB/T 37832-20192019-12-1
Water saving enterprises—Modern coal chemical industryGB/T 37759-20192019-10-1
Water saving enterprises—Shipbuilding industryGB/T 37332-20192019-7-1
Water saving enterprises—Nitrogenous fertilizer industryGB/T 36895-20182019-4-1
Evaluating guide for water saving enterprisesGB/T 7119-20182019-4-1
Water saving enterprises--Chlor alkali industryGB/T 37271-20182019-4-1
Water saving enterprises―Beer brewing industryGB/T 35576-20172018-7-1
Water saving enterprises - Iron ore mining and mineral processing industryGB/T 34608-20172018-5-1
Water saving enterprises - Coking industryGB/T 34610-20172018-5-1
Water saving enterprises--Alumina industryGB/T 33232-20162017-7-1
Water saving enterprises--Electrolytic aluminium industryGB/T 33233-20162017-7-1
Water saving enterprises―Monosodium L-glutamate industryGB/T 32165-20152016-5-1
Water saving enterprises―Ethylene productionGB/T 32164-20152016-5-1
Technical specification for water-saving of outdoor artificial ski resortGB/T 30683-20142015-7-1
Technical specification for water-saving of golf courseGB/T 30684-20142015-7-1
Enterprise group safety production basic normsDB12/T 582-20152015-7-1
Technical specification for water conservation of motor vehicle washingGB/T 30681-20142015-7-1
Silk—Manufacturing management practice for reeling millSB/T 10996-20132013-11-1
Evaluating guide for raw material saving of industrial enterprisesGB/T 29115-20122013-6-1
General principles for calculation of raw material consumption in industrial enterprisesGB/T 29116-20122013-6-1
Guideline on heat treatment for wood packing materialGB/T 28838-20122012-12-1
Declaring rule for wood packing materials of importing and exporting cargoGB/T 28839-2012E2012-12-1
Declaring rule for wood packing materials of importing and exporting cargoGB/T 28839-20122012-12-1
Water saving enterprises - Fossil fired plant GB/T 26925-20112012-3-1
Water saving enterprises - Iron and steel industry GB/T 26924-20112012-3-1
Water saving enterprises - Petroleum refining GB/T 26926-20112012-3-1
Water saving enterprises - Dyeing and finishing of textile industry GB/T 26923-20112012-3-1
Water saving enterprises - Pulp and paper making industry GB/T 26927-20112012-3-1
Chinese restaurant kitchen management regulations in the catering industryDB31/T 526-20112011-11-1
Power grid names code of state DL/T 510-20102010-10-1
Code for technology of bulk cement deliver goods station of countrySB/T 10516-20082009-8-1
Evaluating guide for water saving enterprisesGB/T 7119-20062006-12-1
Technical standard rquirement for technicians in charge of quality-inspection of auto maintenance and repairJT/T 425-20002000-12-1
Anti-counterfeiting technological terminologyGB/T 17004-19971998-5-1
Technical guides for evaluating the saving on steel products in enterprisesGB/T 15512-19951995-1-2
Classification of working-hours consumption symbolsand composition of standard timeGB/T 14163-19931993-10-1
Terminology of work quotaGB/T 14002-19921993-8-1
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