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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Rubber latex coated-fabric gloves for protection useGB/T 32103-20152016-6-1
Hand protection—Guide for the selection,use and maintenance of protective glovesGB/T 29512-20132014-2-1
Hand protection - Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organismsGB 28881-20122013-5-1
Hand protection—Protective gloves against mechanical risksGB 24541-20092010-9-1
Protective gloves - General requirements and test methodsGB/T 12624-20092009-12-1
Live working - Gloves of insulating materialGB/T 17622-20082009-8-1
Acid ( Alkali ) resistance glovesAQ 6102-20072007-4-1
X-ray protective glovesAQ 6104-20072007-4-1
Oil resistance rubber glovesAQ 6101-20072007-4-1
Protective gloves and mittens for weldersAQ 6103-20072007-4-1
General requirements for protective glovesGB/T 12624-20062006-9-1
General technical requirements for protective boot use at low temperature workplaceGB/T 20098-20062006-9-1
Forest Fire Prevention Glove LD 59-19941995-1-1
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