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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for commercial bank collateral basic information—Part 1:General data elementJR/T 0170.1-20182018-12-3
Specification for commercial bank collateral basic information—Part 2:Special data elementJR/T 0170.2-20182018-12-3
Financial application specification of cloud computing technology - Security technical requirementsJR/T 0167-20182018-8-15
Financial application specification of cloud computing technology - Disaster recoveryJR/T 0168-20182018-8-15
Financial application specification of cloud computing technology - Technical architectureJR/T 0166-20182018-8-15
Information technology―General specification for automated teller machine―Part 2:SecurityGB/T 18789.2-20162017-5-1
Guidelines of express service information exchange for cash on deliveryYZ/T 0141-20152015-9-1
Information technology—General specification for automated teller machine—Part 1:DeviceGB/T 18789.1-20132014-7-15
General specification of direct thermal and thermal transferbar code printerGB/T 29267-20122013-6-1
Banking - Requirements for message authentication using symmetric techniques GB/T 27929-20112012-5-1
Certificate management for financial services - Part 1: Public key certificatesGB/T 27928.1-20112012-5-1
Banking—Personal identification number management and security—Part 2:Requirements for offline PIN handling in ATM and POS systemsGB/T 21078.2-20112012-2-1
Banking—Secure cryptographic devices (retail)—Part 1:Concepts,requirements and evaluation methodsGB/T 21079.1-20112012-2-1
Public key infrastructure for financial services - Practices and policy framework GB/T 27913-20112012-2-1
Banking - Key management(retail) - Part 2: Symmetric ciphers - Key management and life cycle GB/T 27909.2-20112012-2-1
Banking - Key management (retail) - Part 1: Principles GB/T 27909.1-20112012-2-1
Banking—Key management(retail)—Part 3:Asymmetric cryptosystems—Key management and life cycleGB/T 27909.3-20112012-2-1
Banking—Personal identification number(PIN) management and security—Part 3:Guidelines for PIN handling in open networksGB/T 21078.3-20112012-2-1
Information security technology - Public key infrastructure - Security requirements for signature creation applicationsGB/T 25065-20102011-2-1
Information security technology. Technical requirements of security design for information system classified protectionGB/T 25070-20102011-2-1
General specification for self-service terminalGB/T 23647-20092009-9-1
General specification of switching power supply for mini-micro computer systemGB/T 14714-20082008-12-1
Banking—Certificate management—Part 2:Certificate extensionsGB/T 21077.2-20072007-12-1
Banking—Key management(retail)—Part 4:Key management techniques using public key cryptographyGB/T 21082.4-20072007-12-1
Information processing—Magnetic ink character recognition—Print specificationsGB/T 12184-20072007-12-1
Banking—Personal Identification Number management and security—Part 1:Basic principles and requirements for online PIN handling in ATM and POS systemsGB/T 21078.1-20072007-12-1
Banking—Key management (retail)—Part 5:Key life cycle for public key cryptosystemsGB/T 21082.5-20072007-12-1
Banking—Key management related data element(retail)GB/T 21081-20072007-12-1
Banking - Secure cryptographic devices(retail) - Part 2 : Security compliance checklists for devices used in financial transactionsGB/T 20547.2-20062007-3-1
Banking - Procedures for message encipherment (wholesale) - General principlesGB/T 20544-20062007-3-1
Data Elements for Credit Information Service - Data Elements of Personal Credit Information ServiceJR/T 0028-20062006-11-21
Data element for credit information service - Specification for design and managementJR/T 0027-20062006-11-21
Specification for protection against lightning of banking computer information systemJR/T 0026-20062006-9-4
Fiscal cash register—Part 5:Specification of fiscal printerGB 18240.5-20052006-4-1
Fiscal cash register―Part 5:Specification of fiscal printerGB/T 18240.5-20052006-4-1
China financial integrated circuit card specifications - Part 8: Contactless specification independent of applicationJR/T 0025.8-20052005-3-10
China financial integrated circuit card specifications -- Part 5: Debit/credit card specificationJR/T 0025.5-20052005-3-10
China financial integrated circuit card specifications - Part 4: Debit/credit application overviewJR/T 0025.4-20052005-3-10
China financial integrated circuit card specifications - Part 6: Debit/credit terminal specificationJR/T 0025.6-20052005-3-10
China financial integrated circuit card specifications - Part 10: Debit/credit card personalization guideJR/T 0025.10-20052005-3-10
China financial integrated circuit card specifications - Part 7: Debit/credit security specificationJR/T 0025.7-20052005-3-10
Current code set for bank informationJR/T 0014-20052005-2-18
Banks element of interface criterion for BOP indirect reportingJR/T 0024-20042004-12-1
Systematic specification of centralized bank data centerJR/T 0011-20042004-12-1
Fiscal cash register—Part 4:Specification of device with EFT functionGB/T 18240.4-20042004-11-1
Fiscal cash register - Part 6: Rule of coding for the devicesGB 18240.6-20042004-11-1
Fiscal cash register―Part 6:Rule of coding for the devicesGB/T 18240.6-20042004-11-1
General specification for digital projectorSJ/T 11298-20032004-3-17
Fiscal cash register - Part 3: Specificatoin of fiscal processorGB 18240.3-20032003-10-1
Fiscal cash register--Part 3:Specificatoin of fiscal processorGB/T 18240.3-20032003-10-1
Fiscal cash register--Part 1:Specification of deviceGB/T 18240.1-20032003-10-1
Fiscal cash register - Part 1: Specification of deviceGB 18240.1-20032003-10-1
Bank telecommunication―Funds transfer message―Part 1: Vocabulary and data elementsGB/T 15948.1-19951996-8-1
The basic terminology of financial computerizationGB/T 15733-19951996-6-1
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