Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Standards of responding to tourist scenic area during peak hoursLB/T 068-2017
Service specification for automobile afer-sales spare and accessory parts marketGB/T 36684-20182019-4-1
Service specifications of commercial trade and leisure zoneGB/T 36740-20182019-4-1
Evaluation guideline for service qualityGB/T 36733-20182019-4-1
Specification for assessment of automobile after-sales serviceGB/T 36683-20182019-4-1
Service specifications of leisure greenwayGB/T 36737-20182019-4-1
Rank division of services for internet service business siteGB/T 36746-20182019-4-1
Guide for facilitation of administrative approval and serviceGB/T 37277-20182019-4-1
Specification for the construction and service of ecological recreation and health cultivation(with elderly service) baseGB/T 36732-20182019-4-1
Psychological counseling service—Part 1:Basic terminologyGB/T 30446.1-20182019-4-1
Specification for services in song and dance entertainment placesGB/T 36739-20182019-4-1
Specification for convinient service center of communityGB/T 36735-20182019-4-1
Service and constructive specifications of ornamental plant leisure zoneGB/T 36736-20182019-4-1
Guideline for the model and method of public service effect evaluationGB/T 37229-20182018-12-28
Specification for legal consultancy service of O2O modeT/CCPITCSC 017-20182018-11-1
High technology service industry service quality evaluation guidelinesGB/T 35966-20182018-9-1
Classification,investigation and evaluation of tourism resourcesGB/T 18972-20172018-7-1
Specifications for service items guideline of administrative service centreGB/T 36114-20182018-7-1
Specification of rescue service for marine sports in coastal attractionsGB/T 35557-20172018-7-1
Specification for complaint-handling of administrative service centreGB/T 36113-20182018-7-1
Specification for technology property right exchange service processGB/T 35559-20172018-7-1
Requirement for management of coastal attraction beachGB/T 35556-20172018-7-1
The demarcation and evaluation of service quality rank of rural homestayDB46/T 460-20182018-7-1
Customer contact service―Part 2:Requirements for clients using the services of customer contact centresGB/T 35780.2-20172018-7-1
Customer contact service―Part 1:Requirements for customer contact centresGB/T 35780.1-20172018-7-1
Specification for the construction of rural entrepreneurship and innovation platformDB37/T 3176-20182018-5-25
Characteristics and classification for tourist hot spring qualityLB/T 070-20172018-5-1
Classification and accreditation for star-rated hot spring tourism enterpriseLB/T 016-20172018-5-1
Standard for operation and service online for travel agencyLB/T 069-20172018-5-1
Specification for leisure service of marine ranchingGB/T 35614-20172018-4-1
Evaluation of Tourism TownDB46/T 450-20172018-2-20
Work specification government affairs service―Part 1: Administrative licensingDB37/T 3084.1-20182018-2-1
Code for construction and operation of military catering supply stationsDB37/T 3083-20172018-1-29
Specification and evaluation for national industrial tourist demonstration baseLB/T 067-20172017-12-1
Capability index of human resources service organizationGB/T 33860-20172017-12-1
Agricultural service―Quality requirement for agricultural science and technology information serviceGB/T 33747-20172017-12-1
Specification of career guidance service for university and college graduatesGB/T 33667-20172017-12-1
Agricultural service―Supplying specification of agricultural science and technology information serviceGB/T 33748-20172017-12-1
Guideline for infrastructure and public service of self-driving travel destinationLB/T 061-20172017-11-1
Specification for the city visitor centerLB/T 060-20172017-11-1
Descriptions and requirements of the basic information of tourism product trading on- lineLB/T 062-20172017-11-1
Specification for complaints handling in tourism operatorLB/T 063-20172017-10-1
Boutique hotelLB/T 066-20172017-10-1
Specification of career guidance serviceGB/T 33554-20172017-10-1
Specification of job intermediary serviceGB/T 33535-20172017-10-1
Basic requirements and rating for cultural theme hotelLB/T 064-20172017-10-1
Specification of unemployment registration management serviceGB/T 33534-20172017-10-1
Specification of employment registration management serviceGB/T 33532-20172017-10-1
Specification of employment assistance serviceGB/T 33531-20172017-10-1
Facility requirements for public employment service centersGB/T 33553-20172017-10-1
Basic requirements and evaluation for homestay innLB/T 065-20172017-10-1
Public employment service -- General principlesGB/T 33527-20172017-9-1
Public employment service―TerminologyGB/T 33528-20172017-9-1
Specification for operation of experience diving in oceanGB/T 33539-20172017-9-1
Terminology of human resources serviceGB/T 33529-20172017-9-1
Specifications for human resource outsourcing serviceGB/T 33530-20172017-9-1
Specification for government hotline serviceGB/T 33358-20162017-7-1
Specification for services of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine hotlineGB/T 33359-20162017-7-1
Method of operation for government affairs to maximum one visit service procedure― Part 1:General requirementsDB33/T 2036.1-20172017-5-21
Specification for the service of revolutionary historical scenic AreaLB/T 055-20162017-5-1
Travel e-commerce Specification for basic information of tourism product and serviceLB/T 057-20162017-5-1
Management & service standards of conference organizersLB/T 059-20162017-5-1
Travel e-commerce Specification for basic information of electronic tourism service contractLB/T 058-20162017-5-1
Specification for service on study travelLB/T 054-20162017-5-1
Grading Standards for Country Inns and RestaurantsDB21/T 2766-20172017-3-23
Evaluation Norms for Featured Tourist GrangeDB21/T 2767-20172017-3-23
Film and television shooting base service specificationGB/T 32944-20162017-3-1
Technical requirements for customer service professionalT/CCPITCSC 002-20172017-1-12
Specifications for management consultancy serviceT/CCPITCSC 003-20172017-1-12
Specifications for management training serviceT/CCPITCSC 004-20172017-1-12
Food supply chain business information service specificationT/SZFIA 102-20162016-12-1
Specification of hourly homemaking service qualitySB/T 11136-20152016-9-1
Standard operating procedures for individually-plated dining serviceSB/T 11143-20152016-9-1
Rules for e-commerce general technical requirements for consumer goods claimsSB/T 11133-20152016-9-1
Specifications for elderly people in travel servicesLB/T 052-20162016-9-1
Requirement on signing contract between catering service providers and consumersSB/T 11142-20152016-9-1
Rules of e-commerce general technical requirements for commodity priceSB/T 11134-20152016-9-1
Classification and evaluation of tourism toiletsGB/T 18973-20162016-8-29
Specifications for Hong Kong and Macao youth study tour reception serviceLB/T 053-20162016-7-19
Training Specification for Technology Manager Part5: Training Teachers ConstructionT/XTMA 005-20162016-7-1
Training Specification for Technology Manager Part3:Training Program ManagementT/XTMA 003-20162016-7-1
Training Specification for Technology Manager Part2: Training System ConstructionT/XTMA 002-20162016-7-1
Training Specification for Technology Manager Part1:General RuleT/XTMA 001-20162016-7-1
Training Specification for Technology Manager Part4: Training Course DevelopmentT/XTMA 004-20162016-7-1
General requirements for creative agricultural parkGB/Z 32339-20152016-7-1
Speciality agriculture―Guidelines for multi-functional development and constructionGB/Z 32450-20152016-7-1
Specification for operation of administrative service centre―Part 1:Basic requirementsGB/T 32169.1-20152016-5-1
Guide to standardization of administrative service centre―Part 1:Basic requirementsGB/T 32170.1-20152016-5-1
Specification for operation of administrative service centre―Part 3:Requirements for counter servicesGB/T 32169.3-20152016-5-1
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground―Part 4:Teenagers campgroundGB/T 31710.4-20152016-5-1
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground―Part 1:GuidelinesGB/T 31710.1-20152016-5-1
Guide to standardization of administrative service centre—Part 2: Standard systemGB/T 32170.2-20152016-5-1
The specification for online service of administrative service centreGB/T 32168-20152016-5-1
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground―Part 3:Tent campgroundGB/T 31710.3-20152016-5-1
Specification for operation of administrative service centre―Part 4:Requirements for counter service appraisalGB/T 32169.4-20152016-5-1
Specification for operation of administrative service centre―Part 2:Requirements for stationingGB/T 32169.2-20152016-5-1
Construction standard for online business hallSZDB/Z 179-20162016-4-1
Management standard of property services personnelSZDB/Z 171-20162016-2-1
Housekeeping service―Specification for service quality of maternal and child lifeGB/T 31771-20152016-2-1
Order maintenance specification for property services regionalSZDB/Z 170-20162016-2-1
Classification and evaluation standard of domestic service agenciesGB/T 31772-20152016-2-1
Demonstration destination for cultural tourismLB/T 050-20162016-1-5
Demonstration destination of health and wellness tourismLB/T 051-20162016-1-5
Demonstration destination for green tourismLB/T 048-20162016-1-5
Demonstration destination for marine tourismLB/T 049-20162016-1-5
Mountain tourist attraction cleaning service specificationGB/T 31706-20152016-1-1
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground―Part 2:Service of self-driving campGB/T 31710.2-20152016-1-1
Specification for early childhood education and care servicesGB/T 31725-20152016-1-1
Facilities and services specification for nongjialeNY/T 2858-20152015-12-1
Security management specification of tourist attractionsSZDB/Z 154-20152015-11-1
Standard of setting-up and services of tourist centre in tourist attractionsGB/T 31383-20152015-9-1
Classification and accreditation for travel agencyGB/T 31380-20152015-9-1
After-sale service specification of mobile communication terminalsSB/T 11118-20152015-9-1
Specifications for outbound tour service by travel agencyGB/T 31386-20152015-9-1
Service directives for travel agencyGB/T 31385-20152015-9-1
Specifications for tour guides and tour leaders on guiding civilized behavior in travelingLB/T 039-20142015-5-1
Specifications for pre-tour explicate service by travel agencyLB/T 040-20152015-5-1
Construction and management specification for prototype-zone of national business travelLB/T 038-20142015-4-1
Norm of Greenway tour facilities and serviceLB/T 035-20142015-4-1
Norm of bicycle tour serviceLB/T 036-20142015-4-1
Guideline for measurement of carry capacity of scenic areaLB/T 034-20142015-4-1
English Translation of Public Bilingual Signs Part4:Stadium and GymnasiumDB21/T 2414.4-20152015-3-9
English Translation of Public Bilingual Signs Part1:General SpecificationsDB21/T 2414.1-20152015-3-9
English Translation of Public Bilingual Signs Part2:Road TrafficDB21/T 2414.2-20152015-3-9
English Translation of Public Bilingual Signs Part3:Tourist AttractionsDB21/T 2414.3-20152015-3-9
Terms of single-purpose commercial prepaid cardSB/T 11080-20142015-3-1
Credit rating of single-purpose commercial prepaid card issuersSB/T 11082-20142015-3-1
Inventory commodities barter transaction specificationSB/T 11105-20142015-3-1
Classification and requirements for urban public leisure spaceGB/T 31171-20142015-1-1
Specification for leisure consulting serviceGB/T 31176-20142015-1-1
Investigation and evaluation of leisure satisfactionGB/T 31174-20142015-1-1
Guidelines for integration of urban and rural leisure serviceGB/T 31172-20142015-1-1
Basic terminology of leisureGB/T 31175-20142015-1-1
Guide for national leisure educationGB/T 31173-20142015-1-1
Guidelines for Service Industry Standard SystemGB/T 30226-20132014-12-1
Manegement requirements for pakaged service of catering and service enterprisesSB/T 11070-20132014-12-1
The Assessment Service for People in Work and Organizational Settings - Requirements for Service ProvidersGB/T 30445-20132014-12-1
Hotel industry greenhouse gas emission standardSB/T 11042-20132014-12-1
Psychological Counseling - Part 2: Services ProceduresGB/T 30446.2-20132014-12-1
Configuration standard for supporting service facilities of department storeSB/T 11054-20132014-12-1
Standard of administration and service of culture theme restaurantsSB/T 11044-20132014-12-1
The Digital Application Specification of Tourist AttractionsGB/T 30225-20132014-12-1
Psychological Counseling - Part 3: Information ManagementGB/T 30446.3-20132014-12-1
Service and management specification for elderly institutionsDB33/T 926-20142014-8-1
General requirements for healthcare serviceGB/T 30443-20132014-7-1
Resource-saving and environment-friendly tourist attractionsDB43/T 878-20142014-6-15
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest - Part 4: Textiles and apparelGB 5296.4-20122014-5-1
Technical specification for city public bicycle systemDB33/T 921-20142014-4-20
Tourism service specification of picking fruits and vegetables baseDB33/T 915-20142014-4-20
Basic requirement for RV travel service areaDB33/T 911-20142014-2-9
Specifications for travel servicessafetyLB/T 028-20132014-1-1
Single-purpose prepaid card distribution business service standardsSB/T 11010-20132013-12-1
Technical requirements and service standards of rub back in bath industrySB/T 11015-20132013-12-1
Bath business services water-saving technical and management requirementsSB/T 11014-20132013-12-1
Bath business services water-saving technical and management requirementsSB/T 11016-20132013-12-1
Service standards of pedicureSB/T 11017-20132013-12-1
The standard of circulation and service for alcohol industrySB/T 11000-20132013-11-1
Service quality evaluation system of commodity management enterprisesSB/T 10962-20132013-11-1
Service guideline of pharmacyDB31/T 713-20132013-11-1
Media shopping business requirementsSB/T 10965-20132013-11-1
The evaluation criteria for corporate-social-responsibility of business service industrySB/T 10963-20132013-11-1
Agency purchasing services specificationSB/T 10986-20132013-11-1
Range of main parts and the guarantees certificate in repair,replacement and return warranty of automobileGB/T 29632-20132013-10-1
Old-age home service specificationsSB/T 10944-20122013-9-1
Common standard bilingual translation of Chinese dishes—Part 1:Chinese to EnglishSB/T 10934.1-20122013-9-1
中华人民共和国商务部SB/T 10903-20122013-9-1
Family education service specificationsSB/T 10942-20122013-9-1
General technical requirements for consumer goods claimsSB/T 10954-20122013-9-1
General technical requirements for commodity price tagSB/T 10955-20122013-9-1
Guidelines for standardization of tourism enterprisesLB/T 026-20132013-7-1
Requirements on services quality of tourism blocks and streetsLB/T 024-20132013-7-1
Scenic byways and byways recreational facilities standardsLB/T 025-20132013-7-1
Facilities and service requirements of elderly institutionsDB31/T 685-20132013-6-1
Requirements for department store environmental facilitiesSB/T 10831-20122013-6-1
Specification of commodity discountSB/T 10835-20122013-6-1
Requirement for department store member service systemSB/T 10832-20122013-6-1
Quality requirements of learning services for non-formal education and training—Vocational trainingGB/T 29358-20122013-5-1
Public service requirements for urban touristLB/T 022-20132013-5-1
Assessment for elderly careDB31/T 684-20132013-5-1
Specification for domestic tour service by travel serviceLB/T 004-20132013-5-1
Glory home serviceGB/T 29426-20122013-5-1
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest—Part 1:General principlesGB 5296.1-20122013-5-1
Guidelines for diagrams of tourism enterprise standard systemLB/T 023-20132013-5-1
Martyr monuments protection services unitGB/T 29356-20122013-5-1
Special care hospital serviceGB/T 29355-20122013-5-1
Quality requirements of learning services for non-formal education and training—GeneralGB/T 29359-20122013-5-1
Classifications and descriptions of tourist destination informationLB/T 019-20132013-5-1
Quality requirements of learning services for non-formal education and training—Language trainingGB/T 29357-20122013-5-1
Basic requirement for nursery service at homeGB/T 28918-20122013-2-1
Basic requirement for housework serviceGB/T 28916-20122013-2-1
Terminology of adult education and training serviceGB/T 28913-20122013-2-1
General service guideline for adult education and training organizationsGB/T 28915-20122013-2-1
Evaluation of training workers service capability in adult education and trainingGB/T 28914-20122013-2-1
Basic requirement for hospital accompany serviceGB/T 28917-20122013-2-1
Guidelines for community leisure serviceGB/T 28928-20122013-1-1
Specification for service quality of recreation grangesGB/T 28929-20122013-1-1
Specification for service quality of resort communityGB/T 28927-20122013-1-1
Specification for excess inventory commodities marketsoperation and managementSB/T 10836-20122012-12-20
Watch and clock sales service specificationSB/T 10782-20122012-12-1
Management and service specifications of barSB/T 10736-20122012-11-1
Criterion of bee products exclusive shopGH/T 1082-20122012-8-1
Teahouse management and service specificationSB/T 10654-20122012-6-1
Service standard of jewelry accessories businessSB/T 10653-20122012-6-1
Qnline game service modelDB31/T 572-20122012-6-1
Guidelines for the implementation of the quality management system of cultural service—Part 4:Sales and leasing of audio video productsGB/T 28227.4-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of quality management system of cultural service—Part 6:CinemaGB/T 28227.6-20112012-5-1
Requirements for after-sale services of sporting goodsGB/T 28238-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of the quality management system of cultural service—Part 3:Open air museumGB/T 28227.3-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of the quality management system of cultural service—Part 2:Indoor museumGB/T 28227.2-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of quality management system of cultural service—Part 7:TheatreGB/T 28227.7-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of quality management system of cultural service—Part 1:GeneralGB/T 28227.1-20112012-5-1
Guidelines for the implementation of the quality management system of cultural service—Part 5:Audio-video products and electronic publications reproductionsGB/T 28227.5-20112012-5-1
General principles for development of service standardsGB/T 28222-20112012-4-1
Guidelines for standardization of servicesGB/T 15624-20112012-4-1
Express service - Part 2: Organization requirements GB/T 27917.2-20112012-2-1
Express service - Part 1: Basic terminology GB/T 27917.1-20112012-2-1
Express service - Part 3: Service procedures GB/T 27917.3-20112012-2-1
Requirements of the bath enterprises quality of serviceSB/T 10645-20112012-1-1
Spa therapist operation skills standardSB/T 10644-20112012-1-1
Industrial park property management service criterionDB31/T 562-20112012-1-1
Guidelines for city public leisure service and management GB/T 28102-20112011-10-1
Standard of service quality specifications of central recreation district GB/T 28003-20112011-10-1
Urban public leisure service and management - Basic terminology GB/T 28101-20112011-10-1
Guidelines for energy-saving and emission reduction of tourist hotelLB/T 018-20112011-7-1
Demarcation and evaluation of facility and service for tourist restaurantsGB/T 26361-20102011-6-1
Requirements of service quality in tourist shopping spotGB/T 26356-20102011-6-1
Evaluation of national & folklore culture tourism attractionGB/T 26363-20102011-6-1
Infrastructure management and service specifications for places of tourist entertainmentGB/T 26353-20102011-6-1
International carrying corpse—Xylogen coffinGB/T 26342-20102011-6-1
Service for receiving and carrying corpseGB/T 26374-20102011-6-1
Service quality in the amusement parkGB/T 16767-20102011-6-1
Guidelines for service in tourist attractionsGB/T 26355-20102011-6-1
Qualification and gradation on tourist coach companiesGB/T 26364-20102011-6-1
Construction and operation guidelines for prototype-zone of national ecotourism attractionsGB/T 26362-20102011-6-1
Tourist attraction interpretation service standardsLB/T 014-20112011-6-1
Green tourist attractionLB/T 015-20112011-6-1
Bath glossarySB/T 10565-20102011-6-1
Standard of setting-up and services of tourist centreLB/T 011-20112011-6-1
Standard of setting-up and services of tourist information centreGB/T 26354-20102011-6-1
Specifications for tour-guide serviceGB/T 15971-20102011-5-1
Classification and Accreditation for Star-Rated Tourist HotelsGB/T 14308-20102011-1-1
Technical requirement of grading of the foot massage enterpriseSB/T 10540-20092010-7-1
Quality specification of repairing services for mobile phonDB33/T 781-20102010-3-29
Technical requirement of grading of the bath enterpriseSB/T 10532-20092010-3-1
Development of service standards—Recommendations for addressing consumer issuesGB/T 24620-20092010-1-1
Specification for after - Sales service of furnitureDB33/T 772-20092009-12-25
Service standard for convention and exhibition industryDB33/T 770-20092009-12-25
Hotel information system establishment qualification and criterionSB/T 10522-20092009-12-1
Wedding ceremony serviceGB/T 23860-20092009-12-1
Matchmaking serviceGB/T 23861-20092009-12-1
Supermarket shop conditionGB/T 23650-20092009-10-1
Management and technical specifications of SPASB/T 10509-20082009-8-1
General technical requirements for ligneous cinerary casketsGB/T 23288-20092009-8-1
General Principles for Preparation of Instructions for Use of Industrial ProductsGB/T 9969-20082009-5-1
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest - Part 2: Household and similar electrical appliancesGB 5296.2-20082009-5-1
General Principles for After-sale Service of Industrial ProductsGB/T 16784-20082009-5-1
Packaging - Addressing consumer needsGB/T 17306-20082009-5-1
General principles for comparative testing of consumer products and related servicesGB/T 16759-20082009-5-1
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest - Part 7: Sports equipmentGB 5296.7-20082009-3-1
Management and technical specifications of hot spring service industrySB/T 10470-20082009-3-1
The operating instructions of beauty serviceDB11/T 629-20092009-2-6
The quality requirements of beauty serviceDB11/T 630-20092009-2-6
Purchase information on goods and services intended for consumers GB/T 21737-20082008-12-1
The demarcation and evaluation of quality rank for travel agencyDB33/T 719-20082008-11-17
The demarcation and evaluation of tourist information centerDB33/T 718-20082008-11-17
Installation and inspection criterion of wooden flooring for ground heating systemWB/T 1037-20082008-7-1
The technical specification of bath industrySB/T 10442-20072008-5-1
The technical specification of food massage industrySB/T 10441-20072008-5-1
Green hotelsGB/T 21084-20072008-3-1
The service regulations of historical culture communityDB33/T 671-20072007-12-29
Establishment criterion for youth civilized collectivityDB33/T 670-20072007-11-26
The demarcation and evaluation of service quality rank of countryside inns and restaurantsDB33/T 669-20072007-11-6
Standard for paving technology and quality Inspection of wooden flooringWB/T 1030-20062007-7-1
Inspection standard for wooden flooring during guarantee periodWB/T 1017-20062007-7-1
Criterion on measurement of satisfaction in commercial and service tradeSB/T 10409-20072007-5-1
Requiremerts on services of Sightseeing cruise shipsDB31/T 367-20062006-11-1
Evaluation criteria for after-sale services of goodsSB/T 10401-20062006-10-1
Supermarket shopping enviroment standardSB/T 10400-20062006-10-1
Green hotelsLB/T 007-20062006-3-23
Standard of inspections on star-rated hotelsLB/T 006-20062006-3-7
Evaluation standardization of grade for microcomputers and peripheral equipments service centerSB/T 10368-20052005-6-1
Standard of measuring customer satisfaction indexCAS 103-20042004-12-1
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest - Part 6: furnitureGB 5296.6-20042004-10-1
Standard of rating for quality tourist attractionsGB/T 17775-20032003-5-1
General specificatoin for tourism planningGB/T 18971-20032003-5-1
Classificatoin and evaluation of tourism toiletsGB/T 18973-20032003-5-1
Classification,investigatoin and evaluation of tourism resourcesGB/T 18972-20032003-5-1
Methods and requirements of after-sale services of consumer goodsGB/T 18760-20022003-1-1
Inspect standard for wood flooring surface during guaranteeWB/T 541017-20022002-11-1
Accept standard for wood flooring surface after installationWB/T 1016-20022002-11-1
Instructions for use of consumer interest--Instructions for use of household and similar electrical appliancesGB 5296.2-19992000-10-1
After-sale service of industrial products Part 2: MaintainGB/T 16784.2-19981998-10-1
General principles for preparation of instructions for use of industrial productsGB 9969.1-19981998-10-1
STANDARDs for packaging--Consumer requirementsGB/T 17306-19981998-1-2
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest-Instructions for use of toysGB 5296.5-19961998-1-1
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest-General principlesGB 5296.1-19971998-1-1
Comparative testing of consumer products and related services--General principlesGB/T 16759-19971997-9-1
Preparation of standard methods of measuring performance (SMMP) of consumer goodsGB/T 16760-19971997-9-1
General Principles of Industrial Product Guarantee DocumentsGB/T 14436-19931994-1-1
declaration of export product conformity with StandardsGB/T 14237-19931993-12-1
Requirements for child safety in product STANDARDsGB/T 13433-19921992-1-2
Resort ratingGB/T 26358-20101905-7-3
Specification for furniture logistics serviceWB/T 1098-20180201-8-8
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