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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements and detecting method of audio and video programfor digital publicationGB/T 33665-20172017-12-1
China Online Information Exchange for Publications - Product Information Format Specification for BooksGB/T 30330-20132014-7-1
Publication metadata. Part 1: FrameworkCY/T 90.1-20132013-2-28
General rules for punctuationGB/T 15834-20112012-6-1
General rules for writing numerals in publicationsGB/T 15835-20112011-11-1
General requirements of trim size and type area foGB/T 18358-20092010-2-1
Open electronic-book publication structureGB/Z 18906-20022003-5-1
Title leaves of booksGB/T 12450-20012002-8-1
Cataloguing in publication data in the bookGB/T 12451-20012002-8-1
Standard Serial NumberingGB/T 9999-20012002-6-1
General requirements of page size and type area for primary and secondary school textbooksGB/T 18358-20012001-6-7
Basic lexicographical terminology. Part 1GB/T 15238.1-19941995-6-1
marks and their applicationGB/T 14706-19931994-7-1
marks for image reproductionGB/T 14707-19931994-7-1
Book order numberCY 8-19931994-1-1
The rules for transliteration of Yi (Liangshan area) geographical names into Han charactersCH 4003-19931993-8-1
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