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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Agricultural service—Specifications for agricultural machinery operations service across the regionGB/T 36209-20182018-12-1
Guidelines for the construction of the standard system for vegetableDB37/T 3383-20182018-9-9
General technical specification for mobile testing laboratory of quality and safety of agricultural productsGB/T 35395-20172018-7-1
Construction specification for rural communityDB37/T 3175-20182018-5-25
Rules for agricultural seed testing―Verification of genuineness and cultivarGB/T 3543.5-1995/XG1-20152015-7-1
Guideline for the agriculture comprehensive standardizationGB/T 31600-20152015-6-2
Guideline for grade of agricultural productsGB/T 30763-20142014-10-27
Management Specification on the Chain Opetation of Cold Fresh MeatDB43/T 915-20142014-9-25
Edible Fungi of Chain Management SpecificationDB43/T 917-20142014-9-25
Universal Primary Edible Agricultural Products Distribution Chain Management PracticesDB43/T 916-20142014-9-25
Official document coding specification for ministry of agricultureNY/T 2536-20142014-7-1
Construction regulation for beautiful villageDB33/T 912-20142014-4-6
Green food - Environmental quality for production area NY/T 391-20132014-4-1
Specilication for information exchange of agricultural product quality traceability NY/T 2531-20132014-4-1
Terminology of plant protein and its products NY/T 2535-20132014-4-1
Seed potatoesGB 18133-20122013-12-19
Guidance on the application of GB/T 22000-2006 in feed industryGB/Z 23738-20092009-9-1
Technical code of crop straw surveying and evaluatingNY/T 1701-20092009-5-1
Quality grading of the grass seedsGB 6142-20082009-1-1
Quality grading of legume seedsGB 6141-20082008-9-1
Soybean Cultivation WorkerNY/T 1542-20072008-3-1
Pollution-free Food - Specification for Product Sampling - Part 1: General NY/T 5344.1-20062006-4-1
Guide for audition on HACCP system for vegetable processingGB/T 19537-20042004-12-1
Safety Assessment of Pesticide Toxicology - Good Laboratory RegulationNY/T 718-20032004-3-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-General directivesGB/T 3543.1-19951996-6-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-Germination testGB/T 3543.4-19951996-6-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-Verification of genuineness and cultivarGB/T 3543.5-19951996-6-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-SamplingGB/T 3543.2-19951996-6-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-Determination of moisture contentGB/T 3543.6-19951996-6-1
Rules for agricultural seed testing-Other testingGB/T 3543.7-19951996-6-1
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