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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Safety threshold values of cadmium,lead,chromium,mercury,and arsenic in upland soils for planting rootstalk vegetablesGB/T 36783-20182019-4-1
Safety threshold values of cadmium, lead, chromium, mercury and arsenic in soil for rice productionGB/T 36869-20182019-4-1
Soil mapping—Specifications for color and legend of soil maps of China at the scale of 1:25 000 1:50 000 and 1:100 000GB/T 36501-20182019-2-1
Determination of 12 organophosphorous pesticides and metabolites residues in soil Liquid chromatography - mass spectrometryDB37/T 3474-20182019-1-29
Soil quality—Guidance on the procedure for investigation of natural,near-natrual and cultivated sitesGB/T 36393-20182019-1-1
Soil quality—Guidance on the design of sampling programmesGB/T 36199-20182018-12-1
Soil quality—Guidance on sampling techniquesGB/T 36197-20182018-12-1
General rule of field experiment for fertilizer registrationNY/T 3241-20182018-12-1
Implementation guidelines for the system of screening for and elimination of compound fertilizer manufacturing industry hidden risks of work safety accidentsDB37/T 3181-20182018-5-28
Implementation guidelines for the management and control system of risk classification for production safety of compound fertilizer manufacturing industryDB37/T 3180-20182018-5-28
Organic media for greeningGB/T 33891-20172018-2-1
Cultivated land quality gradeGB/T 33469-20162017-7-1
Specifications for 1: 50,000 and 1: 100 000 soil mapping digitalizationGB/T 32738-20162017-3-1
Determination of soil microbial biomass - Substrate-induced respiration methodGB/T 32723-20162017-3-1
Laboratory determination of soil microbial respirationGB/T 32720-20162017-3-1
Soil Quality - Guidance on long and short term storage of soil samplesGB/T 32722-20162017-3-1
Metadata for soil science dataGB/T 32739-20162017-3-1
Technical specification for protection of topsoil used for landscapingLY/T 2445-20152015-5-1
Technical specifications for improvement of soil fertility of cultivated landDB33/T 942-20142015-1-31
Fertilizers. Determination of potassium contentNY/T 2540-20142014-6-1
Fertilizer - Determination for content of nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amidonitrogenNY/T 1116-20142014-6-1
Fertilizers. Determination of total nitrogen nitrogen contentNY/T 2542-20142014-6-1
Fertilizer synergist - efficiency test and evaluation requirementsNY/T 2543-20142014-6-1
Fertilizers. Determination of phosphorus contentNY/T 2541-20142014-6-1
Green food - Fertilizer application guideline NY/T 394-20132014-4-1
Technical regulations for foliar nutrient diagnosis of rubber treeGB/T 29570-20132013-12-6
Technical regulation on subsurface drainage and desalination soil. Part 1:Soil surveyTD/T 1043.1-20132013-12-1
Technical regulation on subsurface drainage and desalination soil. Part 2:Planning design and constructionTD/T 1043.2-20132013-12-1
Silkworm waste fertilizerSB/T 10999-20132013-11-1
Mullberry leaf meal for feedstuffsSB/T 10998-20132013-11-1
Technical regulation of organic fertilizer made from oil-tea camellia mealLY/T 2115-20132013-7-1
Organic media for greening useLY/T 1970-20112011-7-1
Technology code for land application rates of livestock and poultry manureGB/T 25246-20102011-3-1
Liquid fertilizers--Determination of densityNY/T 887-20102011-2-1
Soil fertility diagnosis and evaluation method of farmland in Southern ChinaNY/T 1749-20092009-5-20
The technical rules for manuring in mulberry fieldDB51/T 843-20082008-6-6
Technical regulation for field experiment of microbial fertilizer and directory of effect evaluationNY/T 1536-20072008-3-1
Rule of rational fertilization-Microbial fertilizerNY/T 1535-20072008-3-1
Determination of pH in SoilNY/T 1377-20072007-9-1
Determination of Chloride Ion Content in SoilNY/T 1378-20072007-9-1
Regulation Regarding the Safety Using of Livestock and Poultry ManureNY/T 1334-20072007-7-1
Formula fertilizerNY/T 1112-20062006-10-1
Water - Soluble fertilizers - content-limit and determination of mercury arsenic cadmium lead and chromium contentNY 1110-20062006-10-1
Marking of microbial product in agricultureNY 885-20042005-2-1
Silicate - Dissolving bacteria cultureNY 882-20042005-2-1
Technical regulation for production of agricultural microbial inoculantsNY/T 883-20042005-2-1
Microbial organic fertilizersNY 884-20042005-2-1
Determination of chromium content for fertilizersNY/T 888-20042005-2-1
Determination of fecal coliforms in fertilizersGB/T 19524.1-20042004-10-1
Determination of mortality of ascarid egg in fertilizersGB/T 19524.2-20042004-10-1
Compound microbial fertilizersNY/T 798-20042004-6-1
Silicate fertilizerNY/T 797-20042004-6-1
Method for the determination of whiteness, acidity and swelling capacity of granular bentonite for exportSN/T 0990-20012002-6-1
Determination of forest soil macro-aggregateLY/T 1227-19991999-11-1
Determination of available phosphorus in forest soilLY/T 1233-19991999-11-1
Determination of calcium carbonate in forest soilLY/T 1250-19991999-11-1
Extraction of forest soil clayLY/T 1252-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil water contentLY/T 1213-19991999-11-1
Determination of nitrate nitrogen in forest soilLY/T 1230-19991999-11-1
Determination of available potassium in forest soilLY/T 1236-19991999-11-1
Determination of total chlorine in forest plant and forest floorLY/T 1272-19991999-11-1
Determination of total potassium and total sodium in forest soilLY/T 1254-19991999-11-1
Determination of available zinc in forest soilLY/T 1261-19991999-11-1
Determination of slow release potassium in forest soilLY/T 1235-19991999-11-1
Field sampling and preparation of forest soil samplesLY/T 1210-19991999-11-1
Field sampling and preparation of forest plant and forest floor samplesLY/T 1211-19991999-11-1
Determination of available iron in forest soilLY/T 1262-19991999-11-1
Determination of available molybdenum in forest soilLY/T 1259-19991999-11-1
Determination of total silica iron aluminium calcium magnesium potassium sodium phosphorus sulphur manganese copper and zinc in forest soilLY/T 1270-19991999-11-1
Determination of crude ash content in forest plant and forest floorLY/T 1268-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil percolation rateLY/T 1218-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil water potentialLY/T 1214-19991999-11-1
Determination of available sulphur in forest soilLY/T 1265-19991999-11-1
Determination of available copper in forest soilLY/T 1260-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil hardnessLY/T 1223-19991999-11-1
Determination of oxygen content in forest soil solutionLY/T 1222-19991999-11-1
Determination of available silica in forest soilLY/T 1266-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil micro-aggregateLY/T 1226-19991999-11-1
Determination of hydrolyzable nitrogen in forest soilLY/T 1229-19991999-11-1
Calculation of soil alkalinityLY/T 1249-19991999-11-1
Determination of strong acid digesting elements in forest soilLY/T 1256-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil maximum hygroscopicityLY/T 1216-19991999-11-1
Determination of total sulphur in forest soilLY/T 1255-19991999-11-1
Chemical analysis methods of forest soil waterLY/T 1275-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil temperatureLY/T 1219-19991999-11-1
Determination of exchangeable calcium and magnesium in forest soilLY/T 1245-19991999-11-1
Determination of total phosphorus in forest soilLY/T 1232-19991999-11-1
Determination of lime requirement in forest soilLY/T 1242-19991999-11-1
Determination of humus fractionation in forest soilLY/T 1238-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil water -- Physical propertiesLY/T 1215-19991999-11-1
Determination of cation exchange capacity in forest soilLY/T 1243-19991999-11-1
Determination of ammonium nitrogen in forest soilLY/T 1231-19991999-11-1
Determination of extracting iron aluminium manganese silica carbon in forest soilLY/T 1257-19991999-11-1
Determination of total molybdenum in forest plant and forest floorLY/T 1274-19991999-11-1
Determination of organic matter in forest soil and calculation carbon-nitrogen ratioLY/T 1237-19991999-11-1
Determination of pH value in forest soilLY/T 1239-19991999-11-1
Determination of total nitrogen phosphorus potassium sodium calcium magnesium in forest soilLY/T 1271-19991999-11-1
Determination of mineral total elements ( silica iron aluminium titanium manganese calcium magnesium phosphorus ) ignition loss in forest soilLY/T 1253-19991999-11-1
Determination of intensity of forest soil respirationLY/T 1220-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil permanent wilting water contentLY/T 1217-19991999-11-1
Determination of exchangeable sodium in alkaline soilLY/T 1248-19991999-11-1
Determination of total exchangeable base in forest soilLY/T 1244-19991999-11-1
Determination of total nitrogen in forest plant and forest floorLY/T 1269-19991999-11-1
Determination of exchangeable acidity in forest soilLY/T 1240-19991999-11-1
Determination of total boron in forest plant and forest floorLY/T 1273-19991999-11-1
Determination of exchangeable manganese in forest soilLY/T 1263-19991999-11-1
Determination of easy reducible manganese in forest soilLY/T 1264-19991999-11-1
Determination of total potassium in forest soilLY/T 1234-19991999-11-1
Determination of carbon dioxide content in forest soil airLY/T 1221-19991999-11-1
Analysis methods of water soluble salts of forest soilLY/T 1251-19991999-11-1
Determination of soil particle density in forest soilLY/T 1224-19991999-11-1
Determination of total nitrogen in forest soilLY/T 1228-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest soil particle-size composition ( mechanical composition )LY/T 1225-19991999-11-1
Determination of available boron in forest soilLY/T 1258-19991999-11-1
Calculation of base-saturation percentage in forest soilLY/T 1247-19991999-11-1
Determination of exchangeable potassium and sodium in forest soilLY/T 1246-19991999-11-1
Determination of hydrolytic total acidity in forest soilLY/T 1241-19991999-11-1
Determination of forest plant and forest samplesLY/T 1267-19991999-11-1
Collection and preservation of forest soil water and natural water samplesLY/T 1212-19991999-11-1
Soil quality - Determination of lead, cadmium-KI-MIBK Extraction flame atomic absorption spectrophotometryGB/T 17140-19971998-5-1
Determination of Iron in Organic Fertilizer NY/T 305.3-19951996-5-1
Determination of cation exchange capacity and exchangeable bases in neutral soil NY/T 295-19951996-5-1
Determination of Zinc in Organic FertilizerNY/T 305.2-19951996-5-1
Determination of total amount of organic substance in organic fertilizer NY/T 304-19951996-5-1
Determination of Rapidly Available Potassium in Organic FertilizerNY/T 301-19951996-5-1
Determination of full-volume calcium, magnesium and sodium in soil NY/T 296-19951996-5-1
Determination of Rapidly Available Phosphorus in Organic FertilizerNY/T 300-19951996-5-1
Determination of Copper in Organic FertilizerNY/T 305.1-19951996-5-1
Determination of Manganese in Organic FertilizerNY/T 305.4-19951996-5-1
Determination of Crude Ash in Organic FertilizerNY/T 303-19951996-5-1
Method for the determination of available boron in soilNY/T 149-19901990-12-1
Method for determination of total potassium in soilsNY/T 87-19881989-3-1
Method for determination of soil total phosphorusNY/T 88-19881989-3-1
Method for determination of soil carbonateNY/T 86-19881989-3-1
Standard soil and plant samples for 15N isotope rate analysisNY/T 89-19881989-3-1
Method for determination of soil organic matterNY/T 85-19881989-3-1
Determination of forest soil specific gravityGB 7844-19871988-1-1
Method for the determination of soil total nitrogen(Semi-micro Kjeldahl method)NY/T 53-19871987-8-1
Method for the determination of soil water contentNY/T 52-19871987-8-1
Determination of rare earth oxide content in soil - Chlorophonazo - P - Hippuric acid photometric methodNY/T 30-19861986-12-1
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