Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specification for forage stress tolerance test—Heat tolerance testGB/T 37314-20192019-10-1
Rules for alfalfa fall dormancy rate evaluationGB/T 37069-20182019-7-1
Technical specification for forage stress tolerance test—Acid tolerance testGB/T 37068-20182019-7-1
Determination of maizes metabolic energy in vitro methodDB37/T 3493-20192019-3-1
Determination of neutral detergent fiber in forageDB37/T 2968-20172017-7-23
Determination of acid detergent fiber in forageDB37/T 2969-20172017-7-23
Technical specification for antifical grassland estaclishment and livestock raisingDB21/T 2738-20172017-3-23
Code of practice for regional trials of forage legumeNY/T 2834-20152015-12-1
Nomenclature principle of herbage varietyGB/T 30394-20132014-7-16
The Code of Practice for Herbage Variety RegistrationGB/T 30395-20132014-7-16
Determination of aflatoxin B1 in feeds - Colloidal gold methodNY/T 2550-20142014-6-1
Protocol of identification for rice variety - SSR markersNY/T 1433-20142014-6-1
Green food-Guideline for use of feeds and feed additives in livestock and poultryNY/T 471-20102010-9-1
Fodder beetNY/T 1748-20092009-5-20
Guideline for identifying stylo with resistance to anthracnose Fastness identification for tropical forage resourcesNY/T 1692-20092009-5-1
Rules for quality grading of legume hayNY/T 1574-20072008-3-1
The technical regulations for herbage variety registrationNY/T 1091-20062006-10-1
Metadata for grassland resources informationNY/T 1171-20062006-10-1
Quality standard for bale of alfalfa hayNY/T 1170-20062006-10-1
Protocol of PCR for detection of genetically modified feedSN/T 1201-20032003-9-1
Qualitiy grading of alfalfa mealNY/T 140-20022003-3-1
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