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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Determination of limiting oxygen concentration(LOC) of flammable gases and vapoursGB/T 38301-20192020-4-1
Technical Standards for Prison Fire SafetyDB37/T 3699-20192019-12-18
On-site rapid detection method for combustion performance of exterior wall insulation materialsDB37/T 3724-20192019-12-18
Fire safety technical code of urban utility tunnelDB46/T 477-20192019-6-1
Fire safety management for heritage buildingsGA/T 1463-20182018-5-1
Code of practice for protection of fire investigators against occupational hazardsGA/T 1464-20182018-5-1
Survey and data analysis methods for building fire loadsGA/T 1427-20172017-10-1
Technical specification for Fire Safety of Electric vehicle charging infrastructureDB37/T 2908-20172017-3-10
Procedures of receiving and dispatching 119 fire alarmsGA/T 1339-20172017-3-8
Classification of fire alarms and emergency rescue operationsGA/T 1340-20162016-12-1
Operating specifications for fire hazard reporting centerGA/T 1338-20162016-12-1
Establishment and appraisal of socialized fire safetyGA/T 1300-20162016-8-1
Rules for fire cause determinationGA 1301-20162016-8-1
Guidelines for extricating trapped persons in road traffic accidentsGA/T 1276-20152015-10-22
Fire protection vocabulary―Part 5:Fire productsGB/T 5907.5-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 2: Data and information needed for FSEGB/T 31593.2-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 7:Requirements governing algebraic equations for ceiling jet flowsGB/T 31593.7-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 4:Selection of design fire scenarios and design firesGB/T 31593.4-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 6:Requirements governing algebraic equations for smoke layersGB/T 31593.6-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 1: Assessment, verification and validation of calculation methodsGB/T 31593.1-20152015-8-1
Fire protection vocabulary―Part 3:Fire fighting and rescueGB/T 5907.3-20152015-8-1
Fire protection vocabulary―Part 4:Fire investigationGB/T 5907.4-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 8:Requirements governing algebraic equations for vent flowGB/T 31593.8-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 9:Guidance on evaluation of behaviour and movement of peopleGB/T 31593.9-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 5:Requirements governing algebraic equations for fire plumesGB/T 31593.5-20152015-8-1
Fire protection vocabulary―Part 2:Fire preventionGB/T 5907.2-20152015-8-1
Fire safety signs―Part 1:SignsGB 13495.1-20152015-8-1
Fire safety engineering―Part 3:Guidance on fire risk assessmentGB/T 31593.3-20152015-8-1
Fire safety management for multi-ownership buildingsGA/T 1245-20152015-3-11
Rules for photography of fire sceneGA/T 1249-20152015-3-11
Directives for classification and type arranging of fire productsGA/T 1250-20152015-3-3
Fire protection vocabulary—Part 1:General termsGB/T 5907.1-20142014-12-1
Test methods for external exposure of roofs and roof coverings to fireGB/T 30735-20142014-10-1
Test method for combustion heat release of building materialsGB/T 14403-20142014-10-1
Rules for reporting fire informationGA/T 1192-20142014-9-28
Design guidelines for smoke control and evacuation system in subway stationSZDB/Z 100-20142014-5-1
Statistical methods for fire loss assessment GA 185-20142014-5-1
Classification for burning behavior of building materials and productsGB 8624-20122013-10-1
Thermal analysis test method for constant-temperature stability of materialsGB/T 29174-20122013-10-1
Flammable and explosive substances—Fire hazard classification and test methods—Part 7:Test methods for the classification of flammable aerosolsGA/T 536.7-20132013-8-16
Flammable and explosive substances—Fire hazard classification and test methods—Part1:Fire hazard classificationGA/T 536.1-20132013-8-12
Requirements for fire products consistency inspectionGA 1061-20132013-3-26
Allocation standard for personal protective equipment of firefightersGA 621-20132013-1-10
Allocation standard for equipment of special fire service departments (stations)GA 622-20132013-1-10
Code of practice for rescue operation of building collapse accidentGA/T 1040-20132013-1-5
Guidelines for firemen psychological trainingsGA/T 1039-20122013-1-1
Documentation of fire investigation archivesGA/T 1034-20122013-1-1
Testing method for fire characteristics of furniture and subassemblies exposed to flaming ignition sourceGB/T 27904-20112012-4-1
Guide for disposal of hazardous chemical leakage accidentGA/T 970-20112012-3-1
Key unit of safety management requirements—Part 2: SchoolDB31/ 540.2-20112012-1-1
Key unit of safety management requirements—Part 2: SchoolDB31/T 540.2-20112012-1-1
Codes for the fire information—Part 4:Codes for fire supervision and management roleGA/T 974.4-20112011-12-12
Thermal analysis test methods for kinetic constants of combustible materialsGB/T 17802-20112011-11-1
Code for fire protection and prevention of rural areaGB 50039-20102011-6-1
Environmental test methods for fixed extinguishing systemsGB/T 25208-20102011-2-1
Grading and test method on fire hazard for flammable and explosive hazmats—Part 6:Test method of grading for oxidizing liquidsGA/T 536.6-20102010-7-1
Escape apparatus for building fire - Part 1: Equipping guideGB 21976.1-20082009-6-1
Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting graphical symbols for fire protection plans-specificationGB/T 4327-20082009-5-1
Classification of firesGB/T 4968-20082009-4-1
Determination of explosion indices of combustible gases in air GB/T 803-20082009-3-1
Method of test for explosion limits of combustible gases in airGB/T 12474-20082009-3-1
Thermal analysis test methods for thermal stability of materialsGB/T 13464-20082009-3-1
Guide for fire cause investigationGA/T 812-20082009-1-1
Components of halon fire extinguishing systems GB/T 795-20082008-10-1
Chemical protective ensemble for firefightersGA 770-20082008-10-1
Reaction to fire tests for building materials and products - Determination of the heat of combustionGB/T 14402-20072008-6-1
Test Method of Flammability for Building MaterialsGB/T 8626-20072008-6-1
Procedures for fire protection standardizationGA/T 720-20072008-1-1
Test method for heat release rate of building materialsGB/T 16172-20072008-1-1
Method of test for ignition temperature of flammable liquids and gasesGB/T 5332-20072008-1-1
The firre-fighting facilities in the aerodrome at airports serving civil aviation transportationMH/T 7015-20072007-12-1
Test methods for electrical or optical cables under fire conditions-Flame spread heat release and smoke production measurement during testGA/T 716-20072007-12-1
Rapid rise fire test methods of fire protection materials for structural elementsGA/T 714-20072007-12-1
Professional qualification requirements for fire supervision inspectrosGA/T 707-20072007-10-1
Fire safety requirement for the place combined with habitation production storage and busionessGA 703-20072007-8-1
Criterion for major fire potentialGA 653-20062007-1-1
Standard for fire safety management of assembly occupanciesGA 654-20062007-1-1
Single burning item test for building materials and productsGB/T 20284-20062006-11-1
Standard on training facility construction of fire services training centerGA/T 623-20062006-8-1
The technical framework of fire information systemGA/T 604-20062006-6-1
The data structure of the important fire safety unit information systemGA/T 605-20062006-6-1
Fire department occupational safety and healthGA/T 620-20062006-6-1
The assignment of equipments in the fire-fighting station at airports serving civil aviation transportationMH/T 7002-20062006-4-1
General rules for fire safety of urban rail transitGA/T 579-20052006-3-1
Grading and test method on fire hazard for flammable and explosive hazmats - Part 2: Test method of grading for flammable solidsGA/T 536.2-20052005-10-1
Grading and test method on fire hazard for flammable and explosive hazmats - Part 4: Test method of grading for substances which in contact with water emit flammable gasesGA/T 536.4-20052005-10-1
Grading and test methold on fire haxard for flammable and explosive hazmats—Part 3:Test method of grading for substances liable to spontaneous combustionGA/T 536.3-20052005-10-1
Specification of flame-retardant floor-coveringGA 495-20042004-10-1
Method of preparing the fire scenario effluents from a materialGA/T 505-20042004-10-1
Test method to assess the toxic hazard of fire effluents using loboratory animalsGA/T 506-20042004-10-1
fire hydrant boxGB/T 14561-20032004-5-1
Fire Hydrant BoxGB 14561-20032004-5-1
Rules for test of fire electronic productsGB 12978-20032004-2-1
Thermal analysis test methods for kinetic constants of combustible materialsGB/T 17802-19992000-3-1
Fire resistance test method of ventilation ductsGB 17428-19981999-6-1
Test method for heat release rate of building materialsGB/T 16172-19961996-9-1
Test method for smoke generation from burning or pyrolysis of building materials(dual-chamber test)GB/T 16173-19961996-9-1
Requirements for the placement of fire safety signsGB 15630-19951996-2-1
The assignment of equipments in the fire-fighting station at airports serving civil aviation transportationMH 7002-19941995-1-1
Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting graphical symbols for fire protection plans-specificationGB/T 4327-19931994-3-1
Fire safety signsGB 13495-19921993-3-1
Thermal analysis test methods forther mal stability of materialsGB/T 13464-19921992-1-2
Fundamental terminology of fire protection; Part 1GB 5907-19861986-1-2
Classification of firesGB/T 4968-19851985-10-1
Market access information management for fire productsGA/T 1465-20180201-8-5
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