Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Labor quota of natural gas purification engineeringSY/T 7069-20162016-6-1
Labor quota for seismic prospecting with truck-mounted rigSY/T 5498-20122012-3-1
Terms of work and personnel quota for oil and gas productionSY/T 6079-20122012-3-1
Labor quota for installation engineering of oil gas gathering transferring processSY/T 5749-20122012-3-1
Labor quota for seismic crewSY/T 5491-20122012-3-1
Economic evaluating technical requirement for oil field development project and adjustment projectSY/T 6511-20082008-12-1
Labor Quota of Power Transformer Equipment Maintenance Q/CNPC 118-20062006-8-1
Installation Work Ration for Power Transmission and DistributionQ/CNPC 117-20062006-8-1
Compiling Guides of the Water-saving Section of Feasibility Studies and Basic Design for Fixed Assets Investment Projects Q/CNPC 122-20062006-8-1
Labor quota for installation engineering of oil & gas gathering & transferring processSY/T 5749-20042004-11-1
Labor quota for seismic prospecting with portable rigSY/T 5499-20032003-8-1
Work quota for wire-line logging engineeringSY/T 5554-20032003-8-1
Economical operation for water injection system of oil fieldSY/T 6569-20032003-8-1
Code for energy saving & economical operation of natural gas transmission pipeline systemSY/T 6567-20032003-8-1
Labor quota of gas production engineeringSY/T 5896-20022002-8-1
Labor quota of gas transmission engineeringSY/T 5897-20022002-8-1
The calculation of energy consumption target for the na tureg a sl iq ue fie d u n itQ/CNPC 65-20022002-6-1
Labor quota for seismic prospecting with truck-mounted rigSY/T 5498-20012002-1-1
Design guideline for effectively utilizing energy sources in petrochemical industrySH/T 3003-20002001-3-1
Labor Quota for Property Management Q/CNPC 28-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota of Downhole Operation Engineering Q/CNPC 27-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota of Petroleum Communication Engineering Q/CNPC 32-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota of Logging Engineering Q/CNPC 26-19992000-5-1
labor Quota of Surface Construction in Oilfield Q/CNPC 31-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota of Gas Transmission Engineering Q/CNPC 30-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota for Management of Oil Transportation Station Q/CNPC 29-19992000-5-1
Labor Quota of Oil Geophysics System Q/CNPC 14-19991999-12-1
Labor Quota of Reservoir Engineering in Oil-gas Field Q/CNPC 13-19991999-12-1
Labor Quota of Oilfield Construction Engineering Q/CNPC 15-19991999-12-1
Labor quota of seismic prospecting with truck-load drilling in plain areaSY/T 5498-19971998-7-1
Labor quota of seismic prospecting with hand-lift drilling in plain areaSY/T 5499-19971998-7-1
Labour qota for repair of oil and gas gathering and transferring equipmentsSY/T 6318-19971998-7-1
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