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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Implementation Guidelines for the Management and Control System of Risk and the System of Screening for and Elimination of Hidden Risks for Work Safety of Fuel Filling StationDB37/T 3651-20192019-9-30
Gas industry enterprise production safety accident hidden trouble investigation and management system rulesDB37/T 3018-20172017-11-10
Detailed rules for risk control and classification system of safety production in gas industryDB37/T 3019-20172017-11-10
Inspection practices for piping system componentsSY/T 6635-20142015-3-1
Practice for Risk-based InspectionSY/T 6653-20132014-4-1
Safety Rules for Radioactive Sources Magazine Used in Oil and Gas Field LoggingSY 6322-20132014-4-1
Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles storage and transportation safety rulesAQ/T 3045-20132013-10-1
Standardization for work safety of petroleum industries conduction rule of geophysical prospectingAQ 2038-20122013-3-1
Standardization for work safety of petroleum industries conduction rule of drillingAQ 2039-20122013-3-1
The guideline for work safety standardization of petroleum industriesAQ 2037-20122013-3-1
Standardization for work safety of petroleum industries conduction rule of logging and geologgingAQ 2040-20122013-3-1
Standardization for work safety of petroleum industries conduction rule of pipeline transportation and storageAQ 2045-20122013-3-1
Safety technical specifications for coal-bed gas loggingSY 6924-20122012-12-1
The working safety regulation of offshore testing wellSY 6604-20122012-12-1
Safety technical specificationof CBM downhole operationSY/T 6922-20122012-12-1
Safety technical specificationof CBM downhole operationSY 6922-20122012-12-1
Safety technique specifications for production of coal-bed methane wellSY 6921-20122012-12-1
Safety regulations for moist steam generator specially used in oilfieldSY 5854-20122012-12-1
Recommended practice for oilfield explosives safetySY/T 6308-20122012-12-1
The safety regulation of moist steam generator specially used in oilfield SY/T 5854-20122012-12-1
The working safety regulation of offshore testing wellSY/T 6604-20122012-12-1
Evaluation of Retarded Acids for Sandstone Reservoir AcidizationSY/T 5886-20122012-3-1
Safety rules for artificial island in beach-shallow seaSY/T 6777-20102010-12-15
Safety rules of lightning with relation to petroleum and its facilitiesGB 15599-20092009-12-1
Safety rules of static electricity with relation to liquid petroleum productsGB 13348-20092009-12-1
Specification on compiling safety assessment upon completion of petroleum engineering projectSY/T 6710-20082008-12-1
The safety provisions for hot work at sea petroleum facilitiesSY 6303-20082008-12-1
The safety code for operation of seismic drilling rigSY/T 6349-20082008-12-1
Protection against ignitions arising out of static,lightning and stray currentsSY/T 6319-20082008-12-1
Safety codes for radiation protection in petroleum radioactive logSY 5131-20082008-12-1
Regulations of civil explosion material in petroleum perforating and coring operationSY 5436-20082008-12-1
Safety regulations for oil field filling polymer exploitationSY 6360-20082008-12-1
Safety rules for steel fixed platform in shallow water and shoalSY 5747-20082008-12-1
Safety code for lifting large equipmentSY 6279-20082008-12-1
Fighting fires in and around flammable and combustible liquid atmospheric strorage tanksSY/T 6306-20082008-12-1
The safety provisions for towing and mooring of mobile platforms in shallow seaSY 6346-20082008-12-1
Safety regulation of offshore oil recovery and downhole operationSY 6321-20082008-12-1
Technical Safety Code for Liquefied Natural Gas Receiving TerminalSY/T 6711-20082008-12-1
The safety code for operation of seismic drilling rigSY 6349-20082008-12-1
Safety Management Code for Oil and Gas Field Power Transformer SubstationSY 6353-20082008-12-1
The safety qualification for the personnel of beach-shallow sea petroleum operationsSY 6345-20082008-12-1
Safety regulation of petroleum gathering and transportation in land oil and gas fieldSY 6320-20082008-12-1
Classification on intensity of physical work for petroleum fieldworkSY/T 6358-20082008-12-1
The drilling safety provisions in the beach - Shallow waterSY 6307-20082008-12-1
Monitoring and evaluating specification of occupational hazards work site in petroleum enterpriseSY/T 6284-20082008-12-1
Safety technology rules for steam injection producing heavy oilSY 6354-20082008-12-1
Wrecking method for oil and gas well blowout and firesSY/T 6203-20072008-3-1
Healty safety and environment management specification for beach seismic crewSY 5728-20072008-3-1
Safety specification for crude oil & natural gas pipelinesSY/T 6186-20072008-3-1
Safety rules of downhole servicesSY 5727-20072008-3-1
Assessment specification for petroleum and gas well control safety technologiesSY 5742-20072008-3-1
Health safety and environment management rules for GME (Gravity、Magnetic and Electrical) crewSY 6048-20072008-3-1
Assessment specification for petroleum and gas well control safety technologiesSY/T 5742-20072008-3-1
Safety Check Rules for Grounding Installation of Oil (Gas) Field Vessel, Pipeline and Load (Unload) EquipmentSY 5984-20072008-3-1
Standard on training for initial emergency scene operationsSY/T 6229-20072008-3-1
Specificaton for well technology safety of wellsite、equipment、taskSY 5974-20072008-3-1
Liquefied petroleum gas safety control stipulationSY 5985-20072008-3-1
Safety specification for crude oil & natural gas pipelinesSY 6186-20072008-3-1
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations - Requirements and guidelinesGB/T 20660-20062007-5-1
Natural gas processing plant recommended practices for protection of the environmentSY/T 6672-20062007-4-1
Safety specification for petroleum & gasAQ 2012-20072007-4-1
Assessment rules of safety technlogy for drillerSY/T 5720-20062007-4-1
The construction specification for fire station of oil and natural gas fieldSY/T 6670-20062007-4-1
Recommended practice for classification of locations for electrical installations at petroleum facilities classified as class 1 zone 0 zone 1 and zone 2SY/T 6671-20062007-4-1
Safety prescription for gas liquidsSY/T 5719-20062007-1-1
Liquid petroleum pipeline facilities to identify recommended practicesSY/T 6654-20062007-1-1
Guideline for Petrochemical Construction Project Safety Management Implementation by the Management PartyAQ/T 3005-20062006-12-1
Safe Operation Procedures for Snubbing Workover Services for Oil and Water WellsQ/CNPC 119-20062006-8-1
Recommended practice of hazard identification risk assessment and risk controlmentSY/T 6631-20052005-11-1
Inspection practices for piping system componentsSY/T 6635-20052005-10-1
Onshore oil and gas production practices for protection of the environmentSY/T 6628-20052005-10-1
Land drilling practices for protection of the environmentSY/T 6629-20052005-10-1
Signs for offshore petroleumSY/T 6632-20052005-10-1
Specification of Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring and Protecting for Operation Personnel in Oil and Gas Field Involving Hydrogen SulfideSY/T 6277-20052005-5-1
Recommended practice for safe drilling operations involving hydrogen sulfideSY/T 5087-20052005-5-1
Recommended practice for oil and gas well servicing and workover operations involving hydrogen sulfideSY/T 6610-20052005-5-1
Model environmental health & safety (EHS) management systemSY/T 6609-20042004-11-1
Specification on compiling labour safety preassessment of petroleum engineering projectSY/T 6607-20042004-11-1
Safety regulation for petroleum logging operationSY/T 5726-20042004-11-1
Safety regulation for crude oil pipelines transportationSY/T 5737-20042004-11-1
Safe technical inspection code of hoist specially used in petrolic drilling & well reconditioning industrySY/T 6605-20042004-11-1
The safety code of recovering light hydrocarbonSY/T 6562-20032003-8-1
Application of safety instrumented systems for the process industriesSY/T 10045-20032003-8-1
Procedures for welding or hot tapping on equipment in serviceSY/T 6554-20032003-8-1
Regulation for use and management of dangerous chemical reagentSY/T 6563-20032003-8-1
The safety rules for tying utensils during offshore petroleum operationsSY/T 6564-20032003-8-1
Transportation of line pipe Part 1: Transportation on railroadSY/T 6577.1-20032003-8-1
Recommended practice for inspection of pressure vessels in service for petroleum industrySY/T 6552-20032003-8-1
Transportation of line pipe Part 2: Transportation on barges and vesselsSY/T 6577.2-20032003-8-1
Safety rules for extracting oil through pouring natural gasSY/T 6561-20032003-8-1
Safety technology rules for underbalanced drillingSY/T 6551-20032003-8-1
Specifications for design and manufacture of offshore anti-ice risers of oil gas and injection wellsSY/T 6558-20032003-8-1
Piping inspection code Inspection repair alteration and rerating of in - Service piping systemsSY/T 6553-20032003-8-1
Guidelines for application of water spray systems for fire protection in the petroleum industrySY/T 6557-20032003-8-1
Prevention and suppression of fires in large aboveground atmospheric storage tanksSY/T 6556-20032003-8-1
Rules on electric safety operations of offshore oil facilitiesSY/T 6560-20032003-8-1
Sizing selection and installation of pressure -- relieving devices in refineriesSY/T 10044-20022002-8-1
Oil industry busywork concourse labouring safety article for use equip requestSY/T 6524-20022002-8-1
Classification of gases vapors and dusts for electrical equipment in hazardous (classified) locationsSY/T 6519-20012002-1-1
Preparing tank bottoms for hot workSY/T 6514-20012002-1-1
Rules for safe operation of electrical welding in petroleum industrySY 6516-20012002-1-1
Recommended practice for development of a safety and environmental management program for outer continental shelf operations and facilitiesSY/T 6513-20012002-1-1
Overfill protection for storage tanks in petroleum facilitiesSY/T 6517-20012002-1-1
Ignition risk of hydrocarbon vapors by hot surfaces in the open airSY/T 6515-20012002-1-1
The provisions for outside surface color of shallow water facilitiesSY 6505-20002001-6-1
Inspection of pressure-relieving devicesSY/T 6499-20002001-6-1
The safety provisions for hydrogen sulfide environment in shallow water petroleum operationsSY 6504-20002001-6-1
The safety management rules for escape with ones life and lifesaving appliance in shallow water petroleum operatorSY 6502-20002001-6-1
The survey provisions on petroleum facilities in shallow waterSY 6500-20002001-6-1
Safety technical specification of combustible gas detection and alarm system for petroleum and natural gas engineeringSY 6503-20082001-6-1
Safety regulation of radioactive and explosive in offshore petroleum operationSY 6501-20002001-6-1
Implementing a contractor safety and healty programSY/T 6459-20002000-10-1
Guidelines for confined space entry on board tank ship in the petroleum industrySY/T 6458-20002000-10-1
Safety term of petroleum induatry by in-landSY/T 6455-20002000-10-1
Safety rules for petroleum engineering constructionSY 6444-20002000-10-1
Specification for grading appraisal of drilling derricksSY 6442-20002000-10-1
The safety provisions for shallow sea movable piatform up and downs/rise and dropSY 6428-19992000-4-1
Well control requirements for shallow sea petroleum operationsSY 6432-19992000-4-1
The provisions of fire protection for shallow sea petroleum operationsSY 6429-19992000-4-1
SHB Z 06-1999 Guide for the design of emergency shutdown and safety interlocking system for petrochemical industrySHB Z 06-19992000-1-1
Health safety and environmentalmanagement systems guideline for oil and gas workoverSY/T 6362-19981999-10-1
Oil and gas production water injection lease - Health safety and environmental management systems guidelineSY/T 6361-19981999-10-1
Safety signs for the special purpose of oil and gas productionSY 6355-19981998-11-1
Recommended practice on static electricity in petroleum industrySY/T 6340-19981998-11-1
Flammable and combustible liquides codeSY/T 6344-19981998-11-1
Recommended practices for occupational safety for oil and gas well drilling and servicing operationsSY/T 6228-19961997-9-1
Technique rules of safety production for sour nature gas wellSY 6137-19961996-10-1
Safety code for heaters used in petroleum industrySY 0031-19951995-9-1
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