Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Flame retardant chemical—Brominated polycarbonateGB/T 36792-20182019-4-1
Poly anioniccelluloseGB/T 35928-20182018-9-1
Titanate coupling agentsGB/T 35493-20172018-7-1
Rubber plasticizer--Aromatic base mineral oilGB/T 33322-20162017-7-1
Waterborne polyurethane surface-treating agent for artificial leather and synthetic leatherQB/T 4907-20162016-7-1
Plugging agents while drilling used in drilling fluids―Modified vegetable fibresT/SHXH 013-20162016-6-24
Filtrate reducers for drilling fluids�Salts of hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrileT/SHXH 012-20162016-6-24
Plugging agents of sulfonated asphalt used in drilling fluidsT/SHXH 07-20162016-6-24
Liquid lubricants used in driling fluidsT/SHXH 06-20162016-6-24
Vulcanizing accelerator-N-cyclohexylbenzothiazole-2-sulfenamide(CBS)GB/T 31332-20142015-6-1
Polyurethane Finishing for Synthetic LeatherQB/T 4713-20142014-11-1
Antibacterial Agents for Synthetic LeatherQB/T 4715-20142014-11-1
Rubber processing aids-Pine tarHG/T 4610-20142014-10-1
Plasticizer-Tri-n-butyl citrateHG/T 4615-20142014-10-1
Ester resin catalystHG/T 4617-20142014-10-1
TetrabromoethaneHG/T 2426-20142014-10-1
Vulcanizing accelerator TDECHG/T 4614-20142014-10-1
Plasticizer-Acetyl tributyl citrateHG/T 4616-20142014-10-1
Fluorescent whitening agent 4BKHG/T 4636-20142014-10-1
Polysulfide Silane Coupling AgentGB/T 30309-20132014-9-1
Vulcanizing accelerator—2-Mercaptobenzothiazole(MBT)GB/T 11407-20132013-12-1
Vulcanizing accelerator—Dibenzothiazole disulfide(MBTS)GB/T 11408-20132013-12-1
Diesel engines NOx reduction agent—Aqueous urea solution(AUS 32)GB 29518-20132013-7-1
Liquid fluorescent whitening agentHG/T 4432-20122013-6-1
Silicone Defoaming Agent for Pulp ProcessHG/T 4385-20122013-6-1
Ammonium bisulfite for industrial useHG/T 2785-20122013-6-1
Fluorescent whitening agent 5BMHG/T 4433-20122013-6-1
Rubber antioxidant TMQGB/T 8826-20112012-10-1
isobutylene etherification resin catalystHG/T 4227-20112012-7-1
polyurethane chain extender HQEEHG/T 4228-20112012-7-1
polyurethane chain extender HERHG/T 4229-20112012-7-1
4-AminodiphenylamineHG/T 4231-20112012-7-1
Insoluble sulfur for rubberHG/T 2525-20112012-7-1
Antioxidant DTPDHG/T 4233-20112012-7-1
OleamideHG/T 4232-20112012-7-1
polyurethane chain extender MCDEAHG/T 4230-20112012-7-1
Vulcanizing accelerator TBzTDHG/T 4234-20112012-7-1
Sodium hydrosulfiteHG/T 2074-20112011-12-20
Silicone defoaming agent GB/T 26527-20112011-12-1
A kind of photosensitive emulsion(single component) for plate making on fabric screen printingGB/T 25797-20102011-10-1
Aqueous urea solution for motor vehicle(AUS32)DB31/T 538-20112011-9-1
Vulcanizing accelerator DCBSHG/T 4140-20102011-3-1
Antioxidant 1010HG/T 3713-20102011-3-1
Fluorescent whitening agent DCB(C.I. Fluorescent whitening agent 121)HG/T 2555-20102011-3-1
Fluorescent whitening agent 220(C.I. Fluorescent whitening agent 220)HG/T 3727-20102011-3-1
Antioxidant 1135HG/T 4141-20102011-3-1
Fluorescent whitening agent 351(C.I. Fluorescent whitening agent 351)HG/T 3726-20102011-3-1
Vulcanizing accelerator DPGHG/T 2342-20102011-3-1
Antioxidant 168HG/T 3712-20102011-3-1
Wood-based panel waterproofing agentHG/T 4105-20092010-6-1
GB/T 24801-2009GB/T 24801-20092010-6-1
Dibenzoyl methaneHG/T 4119-20092010-6-1
Cyclohexyl-methyl-di-methoxysilaneGB/T 24796-20092010-6-1
Rubber plasticizer AGB/T 24802-20092010-6-1
CardanolHG/T 4118-20092010-6-1
Di-cyclopentyl-di-methoxysilaneGB/T 24416-20092010-2-1
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergentsGB/T 12028-20062009-10-1
A kind of photosensitive emulsion for plate making on fabric rotary screen printingGB/T 21894-20082008-11-1
Vulcanizing accelerator TBBSGB/T 21840-20082008-11-1
A kind of photosensitive emulsion(double component) for plate making on fabric screen printingGB/T 21893-20082008-11-1
Antioxidant 6PPDGB/T 21841-20082008-11-1
Cobalt neodecanoateHG/T 4073-20082008-10-1
Organosilicon high temperature defoamerHG/T 4028-20082008-10-1
Emulsifying agent FMHG/T 4037-20082008-10-1
Sulphonic acid hardener for foundry no-bake furan resinGB/T 21872-20082008-10-1
Reactive turquoise blue K-GL(C.I.Reactive blue 14)HG/T 3417-20082008-10-1
Chelating dispersantHG/T 4043-20082008-10-1
Dioctyl terephtahalate for industrial useHG/T 2423-20082008-10-1
Alkali-resistant penetrating agent for scouringHG/T 4027-20082008-10-1
AzodicarbonamideHG/T 2097-20082008-10-1
Diisobutyl phthalate for industrial useHG/T 4071-20082008-10-1
dioctyl sebacate for industrial useHG/T 3502-20082008-10-1
Cobalt boroacylateHG/T 4072-20082008-10-1
Antioxidant 3114HG/T 3975-20072008-4-1
Phosphorus-containing alkoxy titanate coupling agentHG/T 3977-20072008-4-1
Alkoxy fatty acyloxy titanate coupling agentHG/T 3978-20072008-4-1
Ortho titanate estersHG/T 3976-20072008-4-1
Vulanizing accelerator TMTDHG/T 2334-20072008-4-1
Antioxidant DLTDPHG/T 2564-20072008-4-1
Antioxidant 626HG/T 3974-20072008-4-1
Vulcanizing accelerator NOBS GB/T 8829-20062007-6-1
Dioctyl adipateHG/T 3873-20062007-3-1
Dibutylphthalate for industrial useGB/T 11405-20062007-3-1
Test method of zinc oxide desulfurization sorbentHG/T 2513-20062007-3-1
Phenol aldehyde amine epoxy resin firming agentHG/T 3875-20062007-3-1
Antioxidant 618HG/T 3878-20062007-3-1
Heat stabilizer methyltin mercaptides TM-19HG/T 3879-20062007-3-1
Antioxidant PANGB/T 8827-20062007-3-1
Trioctyl trimellitateHG/T 3874-20062007-3-1
Vulcanizing accelerator CBSHG/T 2096-20062007-3-1
Antioxidant TNPPHG/T 3877-20062007-3-1
Antioxidant TPPHG/T 3876-20062007-3-1
Magnesite Cement Material ModifierCH/T 1023-20052006-6-1
Magnesite cement material modifiersWB/T 1023-20052006-6-1
Sodium alginate for dyeingSC/T 3401-20062006-4-1
Triphenyl phosphateHG/T 2688-20052006-1-1
Inorganic antibacterial agents-function and evaluationHG/T 3794-20052006-1-1
Dibasic lead phosphiteHG/T 2339-20052006-1-1
Tribasic lead sulphateHG/T 2340-20052006-1-1
Tricresyl phosphateHG/T 2689-20052006-1-1
Antioxidant 1076HG/T 3795-20052006-1-1
Antioxidant DSTDPHG/T 3741-20042005-6-1
Bis (triethoxysilpropyl) tetrasulfide silane-coupling agentHG/T 3742-20042005-6-1
The mixture of bis (triethoxysilpropyl) tetrasulfide and white carbon black silane coupling agentHG/T 3743-20042005-6-1
Bis (triethoxysilpropyl) disulfide silane coupling agentHG/T 3740-20042005-6-1
The mixture of bis (triethoxysilpropyl) tetrasulfide and carbon black N330 silane coupling agentHG/T 3739-20042005-6-1
Industrial sodium tripolyphosphateGB/T 9983-20042004-9-1
Fluorescent whitening agent VBLGB/T 10661-20032004-6-1
Antioxidant 4010NAGB/T 8828-20032004-6-1
Antioxidant 168HG/T 3712-20032004-5-1
Autioxidant 1010HG/T 3713-20032004-5-1
4A Zeolite for detergentsQB/T 1768-20032003-10-1
Phthalate esters for industrial use-Methods of test-Determination of ester content-Titrimetric method after saponificationGB/T 6489.3-20012002-5-1
Plasticizers--Determination of crystallizing pointGB/T 1663-20012002-5-1
Plasticizers--Determination of mass loss on heatingGB/T 1669-20012002-5-1
Phthalate esters for industrial use-Determination of flash point-Cleveland open cup methodGB/T 6489.4-20012002-5-1
Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate for industrial useGB/T 11406-20012002-5-1
Phthalate esters for industrial use-Methods of test-Determination of acidityGB/T 6489.2-20012002-5-1
Phthalate esters for industrial use-Methods of test-Measurement of colour after heat treatmentGB/T 6489.1-20012002-5-1
Chlorinated paraffins-70HG/T 3643-19991999-6-4
Mineral Oil Synthetic Fat Liquor for Leather-making IndustryQB/T 1328-19981999-6-1
Cationoid Fatting Agent for Leather-making Industry QB/T 2414-19981999-6-1
Chrome Powder for TanningQB/T 2413-19981999-6-1
Acrylic Resin Emulsion for Leather-making IndustryQB/T 1331-19981999-6-1
Anionic Fat Liquor for Leather-making IndustryQB/T 1330-19981999-6-1
Emulsified Polyurethane Finishing Agent for Tanning QB/T 2415-19981999-6-1
Testing method for identification of finishes in textilesFZ/T 01073-19991999-2-1
Fluorescent whitening agent VBLGB/T 10661-19961997-5-1
Sl-2 corrosion and scale inhibitorSY/T 5756-19951996-6-30
Color Fixing Agent YHG/T 2670-19951996-1-1
Color Fixing Agent M HG/T 2671-19951996-1-1
Reservehao SHG/T 2591-19941994-12-1
Sulfoacid Curing Agent for Casting Resin HG/T 2345-19921993-7-1
Methyl cedryl ketoneQB/T 1431-19921992-8-1
SuperfuxQB/T 1430-19921992-8-1
Determination of PH of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergents (Potentiometric method)GB 12029.3-19891990-10-1
Determination of moisture and volatile content of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergentsGB 12029.1-19891990-10-1
Dibutylphthalate for industrial useGB/T 11405-19891990-5-1
Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate for industrial useGB/T 11406-19891990-5-1
Octadecylamine HG/T 3503-19891989-10-1
plasticizers; Determination of volume resistivityGB/T 1672-19881988-10-1
Antioxidant AGB/T 8827-19881988-10-1
Measuring method for kinematic viscosity of plasticizers(Pinkevitch method)GB 1660-19821983-10-1
Measuring method for kinematic viscosity of plasticizers(Engler method)GB 1661-19821983-10-1
Determination of ash of plasticizersGB 1658-19821983-10-1
Determination of the epoxy value of plasticizers(acetone-hydrochloride method)GB/T 1677-19811982-7-1
Determinating the iodine value of plasticizersGB/T 1676-19811982-7-1
Determination of the epoxy value of plasticizers(pyridine-hydrochloride method)GB/T 1678-19811982-7-1
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