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Title Standard No. Implemented On
CNC fiber laser disorder texturing machinesGB/T 35356-20172018-7-1
Non-traditional machines―Terminology―Part 6:Other non-traditional machinesGB/T 14896.6-20152016-7-1
Non-traditional machines―Terminology―Part 7:Additive manufacturing machinesGB/T 14896.7-20152016-7-1
Non-traditional machines―Terminology―Part 5:Hybrid machining machinesGB/T 14896.5-20152016-7-1
NC reciprocating traveling type wire electrical-discharge machines―Testing of the accuracyGB/T 7926-20152016-7-1
NC high performance electrical-discharge milling machines —Part 1:Terminology and testing of accuracyJB/T 11274.1-20122012-11-1
Numerical control sinking electro-discharge machines —Technical requirementsJB/T 11273-20122012-11-1
Automatic fire extinguishers for sinking electro-discharge machines —Technical requirementsJB/T 10143-20122012-11-1
Portable ultrasonic polishing machines — Technical requirementsJB/T 10142-20122012-11-1
Electro-discharge machines - Symbols for indications appearingJB/T 10208-20122012-11-1
External cylindrical electrical melting and explosion machines - Part 3: Testing of accuracyJB/T 10329.3-20122012-11-1
External cylindrical electrical melting and explosion machines - Part 2: ParametersJB/T 10329.2-20122012-11-1
Wire electrical-discharge machines(unidirectional travelling type)— Technical requirementsJB/T 5544-20122012-11-1
External cylindrical electrical melting and explosion machines - Part 4: Techenical requirementsJB/T 10329.4-20122012-11-1
Non-traditional machines — Part 2:Method of type designationsJB/T 7445.2-20122012-11-1
External cylindrical electrical melting and explosion machines - Part 1: Series and spetra of typeJB/T 10329.1-20122012-11-1
Small hole high speed drilling electro-discharge machines —Technical requirementsJB/T 10330-20122012-11-1
Rapid prototyping machines - Technical requirements for safeguarding GB 26503-20112012-4-1
Rapid prototyping machines by laser as processing energy - Technical requirements for safeguardingGB 25493-20102011-10-1
Electrochemical deburring machines—Part 2:ParametersGB/T 25635.2-20102011-3-1
Electrochemical deburring machines—Part 1:Testing of accuracyGB/T 25635.1-20102011-3-1
Tire mould electro-discharge machines—Part 1:Testing of accuracyGB/T 25634.1-20102011-3-1
Tire mould electro-discharge machines—Part 2:ParametersGB/T 25634.2-20102011-3-1
Electro-discharge machines—Test specification for electromagnetic compatibilityGB/T 25633-20102011-3-1
Data interface for software of rapid prototypingGB/T 25632-20102011-3-1
Wire electrical-discharge machines (Reciprocating traveling type) - Technical requirementsJB/T 10082-20102010-7-1
Tire mould electro-discharge machines -Technical requirementsJB/T 11040-20102010-7-1
Sinking electro-discharge machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 4105-20102010-7-1
Non-traditional machines - Terminology - Part 4: Ultrasonic machinesGB/T 14896.4-20092009-11-1
Non-traditional machines - Terminology - Part 2: Electro-discharge machinesGB/T 14896.2-20092009-11-1
Small hole high speed drilling electro-discharge machines - Part 2: ParametersGB/T 23480.2-20092009-11-1
Non-traditional machines - Terminology - Part 8: Electric melting explosion machinesGB/T 14896.8-20092009-11-1
Non-traditional machines - Terminology - Part 1: Basic terminologyGB/T 14896.1-20092009-11-1
Small hole high speed drilling electro-discharge machines - Part 1: Terminology and testing of accuracyGB/T 23480.1-20092009-11-1
Non-traditional machines - Terminology - Part 3: Electrochemical machinesGB/T 14896.3-20092009-11-1
Electrolytic deburring machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10754-20072008-1-1
Fused Deposition Modeling machines - Technical requirements for safeguardingGB 20775-20062007-7-1
Guide wheel for wire electrical-discharge machines(Reciprocating traveling type)-Part 2:Technical requirementsJB/T 3720.2-20062007-5-1
Vertical electrolytic forming machine tools -Part3:Technical requirementsJB/T 5770.3-20062007-5-1
Reliability test specification of electro-discharge machine tools-Part2:Numerical control systemsJB/T 6559.2-20062007-5-1
Vertical electrolytic forming machine -Testing of accuracyJB/T 5770.2-20062007-5-1
Electrolytic machine tools-General technical requirementsJB/T 6098-20062007-5-1
Guide wheels for wire electrical-discharge machines(Reciprocating traveling type)-Part 1:ParametersJB/T 3720.1-20062007-5-1
Vertical electrolytic forming machine tools-Part1:ParametersJB/T 5770.1-20062007-5-1
Reliability test specification of electro-discharge machine tools-Part1:Pulse generatorJB/T 6559.1-20062007-5-1
Fused Deposition Modeling machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10627-20062007-4-1
Stereolifhography laser prototyping machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10626-20062007-4-1
Portable spark-erosion surface intensifying machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10623-20062007-4-1
Selective laser sintering prototyping machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10625-20062007-4-1
Laminated object manufacturing prototyping machines-Technical requirementsJB/T 10624-20062007-4-1
Fused Deposition Modeling machines - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 20317-20062007-1-1
Fused Deposition Modeling machines - ParametersGB/T 20318-20062007-1-1
Electrolytic machine tools--Technical requirements for safeguardingGB 19998-20052006-7-1
Wire electrical-discharge machines (Reciprocating traveling type)--Testing of the accuracyGB/T 7926-20052005-12-1
Non-traditional machine tools—Terminology—Part 7:Rapid prototyping machinesGB/T 14896.7-20042004-12-1
High speed electro-discharge small hole drilling machines-Part 3: Testing of accuracyJB/T 10330.3-20042004-8-1
Die sinking electro-discharge machines(EDM) - Parmeters - Part 2: Two column machines(Slide-head type and cross slide table type)GB/T 5290.2-20032004-6-1
Wire electrical-discharge machines(Unidirectional traveling type)—Testing of the accuracyGB/T 19361-20032004-6-1
High speed small hole drilling electro-discharge machines Part 1:Techenical requirementsJB/T 10330.1-20022002-12-1
Die sinking electro-discharge machines(EDM) - Testing of accuracy - Part 1: Single column machines(cross slide table type and fixed table type)GB/T 5291.1-20012002-3-1
Die sinking electro-discharge machines (EDM)--Parameters--Part 1:Single column machines(cross slide table type and fixed table type)GB/T 5290.1-20012002-3-1
Wire electro-discharge machines - Techenical requirementsJB/T 10082-20002000-6-1
Non-traditional machine tools-Terminology- Electro-discharge machine toolsGB/T 14896.2-19941994-10-1
- Traditional machine tools - Terminology- Other non - Traditional machine toolsGB/T 14896.6-19941994-10-1
Non-traditional machine tools-Terminology- Ultrasonic machine toolsGB/T 14896.4-19941994-10-1
Non-traditional machine tools-Terminology- Electrolytic machine toolsGB/T 14896.3-19941994-10-1
Non-traditional machine tools-Terminology- Basic terminologyGB/T 14896.1-19941994-10-1
- Traditional machine tools- Terminology- Combined machining machine toolsGB/T 14896.5-19941994-10-1
Vertical Electrolytic Forming Machine Tools - Technical RequirementsJB/T 5760-19911992-10-1
Vertical Electrolytic Forming Machine - AccuracyJB/T 5759-19911992-10-1
Parameters of wire cut electric discharge machinesGB/T 7925-19871988-1-1
Accuracy of wire cut electric discharge machinesGB/T 7926-19871988-1-1
Wire electrical - Discharge machines(Reciprocating traveling type) - ParametersGB/T 7925-20051987-10-1
Accuracy of electrical discharge machineGB/T 5291-19851986-6-1
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