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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Rfeliability test method for optoelectronic devices used in telecommunicationsGB/T 33768-20172017-12-1
Digital power - line carrier terminalsDL/T 1124-20092009-12-1
Methods of measurement of the high speed semiconductor lasers directly modulated for optical fiber communication systemsGB/T 21548-20082008-11-1
Line traps for a.c. power systems GB/T 7330-20082008-10-1
Coupling devices for power line carrier systemsGB/T 7329-20082008-10-1
Generic reliability assurance requirements for optoelectronic devices used in telecommunications equipmentGB/T 21194-20072008-5-1
Technical Requirements of IP Security (IPSec)YD/T 1466-20062006-10-1
Technical Requirements of IPSec Traverse NATYD/T 1468-20062006-10-1
Technical Requirements for Diameter Base Protocol in IP NetworkYD/T 1469-20062006-10-1
Testing Methods of IP Security (IPSec)YD/T 1467-20062006-10-1
Technical Requirements of Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP)YD/T 1470-20062006-10-1
distribution systems for television and sound signals - Part 2: Electromagnetic compatibility of equipmentGB 13836-20002001-10-1
Single sideband power-line carrier terminalsGB/T 7255-19981998-1-2
Coupling devices for power line carrier systemsGB/T 7329-19981998-1-2
Reliability indicator and test method of carrier communication equipmentYD/T 642-19931994-9-1
Specification of SHF 12-channel carrier systems and equipments for open-wire pairGB/T 14240-19931993-1-1
General specification for 4MHz (960ch) carrier systems on standardized 1.2/4.4mm coaxial cable pairsGB/T 13169-19911992-5-1
General specification for 8MHz (1800ch) carrier systems on standardized 2.6/9.5mm coaxial cable pairsGB/T 13168-19911992-5-1
Specifications for the local subscriber loop carrier equipmentGB/T 13136-19911992-4-1
Specification for 12-channel telephone carrier terminal equipment used on the symmetric pains of 2.6/9.5mm coaxial cableGB/T 13137-19911992-4-1
Products packaging of carrier telephone equipmentGB/T 13038-19911992-4-1
Performance requirements for 120 - channel submarine coaxial cable carrier telephone equipmentGB/T 13431-19921992-1-2
Performance requirements for 24-channel submarine coaxial cable carrier telephone equipmentGB/T 13430-19921992-1-2
Measurement methods for 120-channel submarine coaxial cable carrier telephone equipmentGB/T 13429-19921992-1-2
Measurement for 24-channels submarine coaxial cable carrier telephone equipmentGB/T 13425-19921992-1-2
Specification for 24-channel telephone carrier--Terminal equipment used on the symmetric pair of 1. 2/2. 4mm synthetical coaxial cableGB/T 11328-19891990-3-1
General Technical Requirement for Supporting Carrier Communication Equipment for Standard Coaxial Integrated Communication CablesYD 331-19871987-7-1
Specification for Installation Design of Long-Distance Communications Carrier Telephone EquipmentYDJ 5-19851986-6-1
Technical Specifications for Installation Engineering Construction and Acceptance of Long-Distance Communication Open-Wire Carrier Telephone EquipmentYDJ 35-19811982-7-1
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