Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General technical specifications of automatic fare collection system of urban rail transit DGJ 08-1101-2007
Traffic organization planning and design specifications of urban community DG/TJ 08-2027-2007
General requirements for construction of field equipment infrastructure for public security traffic managementGA/T 652-20172017-5-1
Technical specification for excavation and quick backfill of urban roadCECS 459-20162017-3-1
Code for design of bridge combined with urban road and rail transitCJJ 242-20162017-2-1
Spherical bearings for urban rail transit bridgesCJ/T 482-20152016-1-1
Pot bearing for urban rail transit bridgesCJ/T 464-20142015-4-1
Technical requirements for high-mast lighting installationCJ/T 457-20142014-12-1
Code for seismic design of urban rail transit structuresGB 50909-20142014-12-1
Code for intercity transportation planningGB 50925-20132014-6-1
General procedures and requirements for construction of traffic command systemGA/T 651-20142014-5-1
Shelter of Bus and Trolleybus for Urban Public Transport FacilitiesCJ/T 107-20132014-3-1
Code for risk management of underground works in urban rail transitGB 50652-20112012-2-1
Code for design of urban rail transit integrated supervision and control system engineering GB 50636-20102011-10-1
Specification and test method for road traffic markingsGB/T 16311-20092010-4-1
Urban public transport sign - Part 1: General signs and category signsGB/T 5845.1-20082009-6-1
Urban public transport sign - Part 4: Graphic symbols for transport means stop and circulation lineGB/T 5845.4-20082009-6-1
Urban public transport sign - Part 3: Stop board and line number plate of bus and trolley busGB/T 5845.3-20082009-6-1
Urban public transport sign - Part 2: General graphic symbols and safety signsGB/T 5845.2-20082009-6-1
Passenger transport services for bus/trolleybusGB/T 22484-20082009-5-1
Code for design of straddle monorail transitGB 50458-20082009-2-1
Terminology standard for urban public transport engineeringCJJ/T 119-20082008-9-1
Code for construction and quality acceptance of road works in city and townCJJ 1-20082008-9-1
Standard for classification of urban public transportationCJJ/T 114-20072007-10-1
General program and demand for the construction project of public security traffic command systemGA/T 651-20062007-1-1
General demand for the groundwork of public security traffic management equipments outsideGA/T 652-20062007-1-1
Quality requirement and test method for road traffic markingsGB/T 16311-20052005-11-1
Solar energy raised pavement markersGB/T 19813-20052005-11-1
Code for acceptance of project quality of urban highway DGJ 08-118-20052005-11-1
Technical specification for information transmission system of urban rail transitDGJ 08-111-20042005-1-1
Technical specification for trunked mobile radio system of urban rail transitDGJ 08-104-20042004-4-1
Urban rail transit design standardDGJ 08-109-20042004-3-1
Technical specification for signal system of urban rail transitDGJ 08-101-20032003-9-1
Standard for design on accessibility of buildings and facilitiesDGJ 08-103-20032003-9-1
Codes for Design on Accessibility of Urban Roads and BuildingsJGJ 50-20012001-8-1
Specification for construction and acceptance of base of flyash-lime stabilized materials roadCJJ 4-19971998-3-1
Technical Specifications of Urban Pedestrian Overcrossing and UnderpassCJJ 69-19951996-9-1
Code for transport planning on urban roadGB 50220-19951995-9-1
Technical specification of arrangement of road traffic management facilities DBJ 08-39-19941994-7-1
Power rectifier substation for trolleybuses and tramwaysGB/T 14428-19931993-1-2
Design and construction specification of fly ash embankmentDBJ 08-24-19911992-4-1
Specification for construction and acceptance of hot-mixed and regenerated asphalt mixture road surfaceCJJ 43-19911992-2-1
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