Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Procedures for transfer of bunkers to vesselsGB/T 25346-20202021-7-1
Technical specification of energy saving products for marineGB/T 27878-20112012-6-1
Measurement method of energy saving products for marine GB/T 27874-20112012-6-1
Fuel oil consumption for transportation ships—Part 2:Calculation method for inland shipsGB/T 7187.2-20102011-7-1
Technical specification of fuel saving products for automobilesGB/T 25348-20102011-3-1
Procedures and measuring methods for the transfer of bunker fuels to shipsGB/T 25346-20102011-3-1
GB/T 7187.1-2010GB/T 7187.1-20102011-2-1
Measuring and calculating methods for energy balance of marine engine power plantJT/T 340-20092009-11-1
Limits and measurement methods of fuel consumption for commercial vehicle for passenger transportaionJT 711-20082008-9-1
The methods of statistics and analysis for energy consumption of highway transportationGB/T 21393-20082008-8-1
The methods of statistics and analysis of energy consumption in shipping transportationGB/T 21392-20082008-8-1
The statistical and analytical methods for energy consumption in harbor industryGB/T 21339-20082008-7-1
Fuel consumption for trucks in operationGB/T 4352-20072008-6-1
Fuel consumption for passenger vehicles in operationGB/T 4353-20072008-6-1
Measurement method of fuel saving technology for automobilesGB/T 14951-20072007-8-1
Specification for outfit fuel consumet meter of transport shipJT/T 12-20042004-9-1
Evaluation design comprehensive unit energy consumption in port capital construction (technical innovation) projectsJT/T 491-20032003-12-1
Fuel oil consumption of transportation ships. Computation methord for changjiang shipsGB/T 7187.2-20012002-8-1
Fuel oil consumption for transportation ships-Calculation method for inland shipsGB/T 7187.3-20012002-1-1
The technical requirement for constructed and purchased transport ships on economizing energyJT/T 423-20002000-12-1
The survey-evaluating method of energy utilization for transport shipsGB/T 17751-19991999-12-1
Management regulations for supplying and receiving oil on shipJT/T 339-19971998-4-1
Ship energy ---consumption count method for marine bunker suppliersJT/T 291-19951996-10-1
The bills of tyres technology management for trucking companyJT/T 242-19951996-6-1
Counting regulation for power consumption of city trolleybusGB 1010-19891989-10-1
Fuel consumption for passenger vehicles in operationGB 4353-19841985-1-1
Fuel consumption for trucks in operationGB/T 4352-19841985-1-1
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