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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Security technology protection system requirements for portsGB/T 34316-20172018-4-1
Criteria of physical examination for seafarersGB 30035-20132014-7-1
The safety requirement for mixed gas divingGB 28396-20122013-5-1
The safety rules for handling in Ro-Ro terminalGB/T 28399-20122012-10-1
Safety requirements for working on high voltage equipment underwater GB 27881-20112012-6-1
The safe technical requirements for steel product hangling in portJT/T 245-20112011-12-20
The safety requirement for air divingGB 26123-20102011-7-1
The requirements for the safety operation of gas carrierGB 18180-20102011-7-1
Muster list for shipboard oil spillageGB/T 16559-20102011-3-1
The safety requirements for stowage and segregation of dangerous cargoes vehicles carried in ro-ro cargo spacesJT/T 786-20102010-11-1
Requirements on facilities/equuipments/operation for pollution prevention in shipyard and ship recyclingJT/T 787-20102010-11-1
Measurement of sound pressure level for sound signal appliances by seagoing vesselGB/T 12303-20092009-11-1
The safety requirements for marine shipping solid bulk dangerous cargoesJT 700-20072008-4-1
Code of safety for the use of high pressure water jetting operation by diversGB 20826-20072007-8-1
Requirements of receiving and disposing demands of units/enterprises operating ships pollutants disposal and tank cleaning operationJT/T 673-20062007-3-1
Safety specification for the packing of dangerous cargo into container by marine transportJT 672-20062007-3-1
The safety and anti-pollution management system requirements for terminals handling ships carrying liquified dangerous goods in bulkJT/T 661-20062006-10-1
Technical requirements for safety and pollution prevention of waterborne bunker fuel oil stationJT/T 660-20062006-10-1
Due process of on-board fire drillsJT 558-20042004-9-1
Technical requirements of lightningproof and earthing in the portJT 556-20042004-9-1
Due process of on-board fire drillsJT/T 558-20042004-9-1
Sorbents for shipJT/T 560-20042004-9-1
The safety requirements for ship to ship transfer operation of crude oilGB/T 18819-20022003-1-1
Emergency deploy of ship prevent strong thunderstorm straight-line winds for the Zhujiang waterwaysJT 468-20022002-5-1
Emergency deploy of ship prevent strong thunderstorm straight-line winds for the Zhujiang waterwaysJT/T 468-20022002-5-1
Safety operation rules for oil tankers and terminalsGB 18434-20012002-4-1
The requirements for the safe operation of liquefied gas tankerGB 18180-20002001-7-1
Specificaiton of shipping safety for fish meal transportationJT/T 436-20012001-6-1
Safety requirements for paper products handling and storageGB/T 18026-20002001-1-1
Specifications of water for marine boilerJT/T 424-20002000-12-1
The requirements for the safety and technology of liquefied gas terminalJT 416-20002000-9-1
General rule for terminals storage of petroleum in bulk and liquid chemicals in bulkGB 17379-19981999-2-1
The regulation for surface colours of the visual aids to navigation in ChinaGB 17381-19981999-2-1
The regulation for the marking of offshore structures in ChinaGB 17380-19981999-2-1
Basic requirement for accidents prevention of oil terminalsGB 16994-19971998-5-1
Safety regulations for working under hazardous condition of the oxygen deficiency in the cargo holds and closed compartments of shipsGB 16993-19971998-5-1
Requirements of safety technology and operation for ro-ro passenger ship terminalJT 366-19971998-4-1
Design rules for occupational safety & health of ports engineeringJT 320-19971997-10-1
Rubber belt of electrostatic conductivityJT 230-19951996-3-1
Rubber belt of electrostatic conductivityJT/T 230-19951996-3-1
Safety technical requirements for tank cleaning operation of oil tankersJT 154-19941995-6-1
Maximal safety depths for commercial divingGB/T 12552-19901991-9-1
Measurement of sound pressure level for sound signal appliances by seagoing vesselGB/T 12303-19901991-1-1
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