Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Classification and code for facilities and equipments of urban rail transitGB/T 37486-20192019-12-1
Urban passenger transportation sign—Part 2:Bus and trolleybusGB/T 37113.2-20182019-7-8
Urban passenger transportation sign-Part 1: General principlesGB/T 37113.1-20182019-7-1
Classification of car rental enterprisesJT/T 1251-20192019-7-1
Evaluation method of urban public transportation passenger satisfaction—Part 2:Bus and trolleybus transitGB/T 36953.2-20182019-7-1
Evaluation method of urban public transportation passenger satisfaction—Part 1:General rulesGB/T 36953.1-20182019-7-1
Urban passenger transportation terminology—Part 5:Car rentalGB/T 32852.5-20182019-7-1
Urban passenger transportation terminology—Part 2:Bus and trolleybusGB/T 32852.2-20182019-7-1
Rules for setting and adjustment of bus and trolleybus line networkGB/T 37114-20182019-7-1
Air-highway intermodal transport operation-service specificationDB37/T 3544-20192019-5-2
Technical specifications of special safety facilities for urban public bus and trolleybusJT/T 1240-20192019-3-1
Configuration specification for urban bus and trolleybus stationsJT/T 1202-20182018-8-1
Regulations for traffic organization of urban rail transit JT/T 1185-20182018-5-1
Urban bus and trolleybus company operating cost estimation specification JT/T 1184-20182018-5-1
Regulation of operation safety management for urban bus and trolleybusJT/T 1156-20172018-2-1
Service star-rating classification and evaluation of coach stationJT/T 1158-20172018-2-1
Classification of road passenger transportation enterprisesJT/T 630-20172018-2-1
Specification of freight service with baggage compartment of scheduled bus of passenger transportJT/T 1135-20172017-11-1
Technical specifications on information exchange for intelligent systems of multimodal passenger transportation hubJT/T 1117-20172017-8-1
Emergency disposal specifications for urban-rural road passenger transportation. Part 2:Operation enterpriseJT/T 1119.2-20172017-8-1
Functional requirements of urban bus and trolley bus stop facilitiesJT/T 1118-20172017-8-1
Emergency disposal specifications for urban-rural road passenger transportation. Part 1: DriverJT/T 1119.1-20172017-8-1
Passenger transport services specifications for urban bus/trolleybusGB/T 22484-20162017-5-1
Urban public bicycle traffic service specificationGB/T 32842-20162017-3-1
Urban passenger transportation terminology - Part 1: General terminologyGB/T 32852.1-20162017-3-1
Specifications for app-based ride-hailing operation serviceJT/T 1068-20162016-11-1
Specifications for cruising taxi operation serviceJT/T 1069-20162016-11-1
Specification for Car Rental ServiceGB/T 29911-20132014-4-1
Taxi operation-service standardGB/T 22485-20132014-4-1
Facility and service specifications of tourist coachGB/T 26359-20102011-6-1
Classification of road passenger transportation enterprisesJT/T 630-20052006-1-1
Specification for road-passenger transport computerized mobile ticket format and managementJT/T 498-20042004-7-15
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