Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Steel discharge pipelineJT/T 1282-20192019-10-1
Shore-to-ship power supply system technical conditions—Part 1: High voltage connectionGB/T 36028.1-20182018-10-1
Shore-to-ship power supply system technical conditions—Part 2: Low voltage connectionGB/T 36028.2-20182018-10-1
General technical requirements of high mast lighting in port JT/T 1214-20182018-8-1
Technical requirement for intelligent lighting control system in port JT/T 1186-20182018-5-1
Shore-to-ship power supply system operating procedure. Part 2: Low voltageJT/T 815.2-20122012-10-1
Shore-to-ship power supply system operating procedure. Part 1: High voltageJT/T 815.1-20122012-10-1
Seaport passenger boarding bridgeJT/T 805-20112011-12-20
Port machinery -- Secondary meter for load cellsJT/T 586-20042004-9-1
Equip specification of weighing instruments in portJT/T 554-20042004-9-1
Port machinery -- Digital load moment limitersjjg(交通)044-20042004-9-1
Port handling area illuminance and measurementJT/T 557-20042004-9-1
Port machinery -- Digital angle detectorsJT/T 585-20042004-9-1
The demarcation line for use-years of weighing instrument in portJT/T 553-20042004-9-1
Port machinery - Conveyor belt speed detectorsJT/T 588-20042004-9-1
Technical Code for Port Equipment Installation ConstructionJTJ 280-20022002-12-1
Oil boomJT/T 465-20012002-5-1
Technical requirements and arrangement of equipment for oil spill in portJT/T 451-20012001-12-1
Normal technical requirements for the power connection boxes for portJT/T 439-20012001-6-1
Technical Standard for Port Power SupplyJT/T 248-19951996-6-1
The requirement of installation for high mast lighting with raising and lowering lanter carriage in port handing areaJT/T 194-19951996-3-1
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