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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test methods of maneuverability for manned submersibleGB/T 35366-2017
Ships and marine technology—Manoeuvring of ships—Part 3:Yaw stability and steeringGB/T 37303.3-20192019-10-1
Ships and marine technology—Manoeuvring of ships—Part 6:Model test specialsGB/T 37303.6-20192019-10-1
Test method of model propeller for cavitation observation and pressure fluctuation measurementGB/T 36580-20182019-4-1
Method of structural design for self-elevating units—Load and resistance factor design (LRFD) methodGB/T 36409-20182019-1-1
Test method for homing to torpedo wakeCB 1406-20082008-10-1
Test Method of Propeller Cavitation in Uniform Flow Carried out in Cavitation TunnelCB/Z 215-20082008-10-1
Ships inclining experimentCB/T 3035-20052005-7-1
Model Underwater Resistance and Self-Propulsion Test Code for SubmarinesCB/Z 216-19872004-6-1
Diagrams of Methodical Series Tests and Calculation Method of Combined Rudders for Submarines (1)CB/Z 218-19872004-6-1
Code for propeller Cavitation Tests in Uniform Flow Carried Out in Cavitation TunnelCB/Z 215-19872004-6-1
Method of Assessing the Naked Hull Resistance of Submarines in Deep WaterCB/Z 217-19872004-6-1
Method of Assessing the Hull Resistance in Still Water for High Speed CraftCB/Z 220-19872004-6-1
Experimental method of under of underwater explosion for compartment model of surface shipCB/Z 272-20042004-6-1
Experimental method of underwater explosion for compartment model of surface shipCB/Z 268-20022003-2-1
Test method of single screw model self-propulsion for general displacement shipCB/T 347-19971998-6-1
The method of open water test for a model propellerCB/T 346-19971998-6-1
Design and Estimation Method on Seakeeping of High-Speed Surface ShipsCB/Z 195-19821994-7-1
Code for Test of Seakeeping of Water Surface Ship Models CB/T 3675-19951994-7-1
Code on Test of Floating Downward System Model Under Combined Effect of Wind, Wave and FlowCB/T 3471-19921993-2-1
and calculation method of cavitating propellerCB/Z 257-19901989-11-13
Strength Calculation for Component Parts of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Monolayer Structure CB 1200.1-19881989-10-1
Strength Calculation for Component Parts of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Sandwich Plate CB 1200.2-19881989-10-1
Specification of model resistance test for self - Stabilized hydrofoil craftCB/Z 246-19881988-9-23
Specification of vibration excitation tests for full - Scale shipCB/Z 251-19881988-9-23
Method of model resistance measurement for planning craftCB/Z 244-19881988-9-23
Trial code of manoeuvrability for free running submarine modelCB/Z 252-19881988-9-23
Specification of wave load measurement for model of naval surface shipCB/Z 248-19881988-9-23
Lines Design Method and Effective Power Estimation of Craft with Round BilgeCB/Z 247-19881988-9-23
Estimation of wake and thrust-deduction fraction for single - Screw submarineCB/Z 245-19881988-9-23
Procedure of self-Propulsion Tests for Twin-Screw Displacement ShipsCB/Z 239-19871986-6-27
Standard Mathematical Models for Ship Manoeuvering MotionsCB/Z 240-19871986-6-27
Design Method for Controllable Pitch Propellers by Employing Methodical Series Test DiagramsCB/Z 241-19871986-6-27
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