Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Criteria & classification for assessment of general quality of harbour tugs and sea-going tugsCB/T 3874-20012002-2-1
General rules of mooring and sea trial for oceanographic research vesselCB/T 3912-19991999-6-1
Spherical Joints for Dredging Pipes of DredgerCB/T 3651-19941994-7-1
Oceanographic Research Vessel Laboratory and Research Operation General Requirements for Deck Vibration and Noise CB/T 3527-19931994-5-1
Requirements for Particular Wind-resistant for Oceanographic Research Vessel CB/T 3526-19941994-5-1
Requirements for Setting of Compartment and its Facilities Special for Oceanographic Research VesselsCB/T 3470-19941992-10-1
Requirements for Setting of Oceanographic Research Vessel Accommodation and its FacilitiesCB/T 3469-19941992-10-1
Type and Main Dimension of General Type Glass Reinforced Plastic Utility Motor Launch CB 976.2-19871988-10-1
Type and Main Dimension of Towing Type Utility Motor Launch CB 976.3-19871988-10-1
Technical Conditions for Utility Motor Launch CB 976.1-19871988-5-1
Test Schedule for Mooring and Dredging of Grabbing DredgerCB* 3272-19871988-5-1
Test Schedule for Mooring and Dredging of Bucket DredgerCB* 3271-19871988-5-1
Requirements for Acceptance on Trial Run of Special Equipments for Trailing Suction Hopper DredgerCB* 3207-19831985-5-1
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