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Title Standard No. Implemented On
General technical requirements for aeroengine flight test bedHB 7827-2008
Technical specification for DC driven motor of aircraftHB 6-78-1977
General requirements for digital mock-up of areoengineHB 7806-20062007-5-1
Requirements for aeroengine modeling in Unigraphics-Part 3:Disk partsHB 7774.3-20062007-5-1
Requirements for aeroengine modeling in Unigraphics - Part 2:CasingHB 7774.2-20062007-5-1
Measuring method for negative thrust of static firing test of solid rocket motorQJ 3236-20052006-5-1
Measurement method for geometrical thrust deviation and off-set of solid rocket motorQJ 3237-20052006-5-1
Determining methods for viscosity and pot life of composite solid propellant slurry Part 2:Method by rotational viscometerQJ 1813.2-20052006-5-1
Reliability evaluation for solid rocket motorsQJ 3231-20052006-5-1
Requirements for aeroengine modeling in Unigraphics -- Part1: General requirementsHB 7774.1-20052006-5-1
General specification for turbojet engines of missileQJ 3192-20042003-12-1
Structure design criterion for turbojet and turbofan engine of missileQJ 3193-20042003-12-1
Valve starter control pneumatic aircraft engine general specification forHB 7712-20022003-2-1
General Specification for Aviation Electric Mechanism HB 7665-19991999-7-1
Determination of Helicopter Turbine Engine EntrainingHB/Z 320-19981999-3-1
Method for Determination of Thrust-weight Ratio and Power-weight Ratio for Aviation Turbine Engine HB 7613-19981998-7-1
Design and Installation Requirements for Airentrainment System of Aircraft Engine HB/Z 313-19981998-7-1
Guideline on the Installation and Design of Aircrafts Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power DeviceHB/Z 312-19981998-7-1
Determination for Weight of Aviation Turbine Engine HB 7497-19971997-10-1
Chamber Performance TestHB 7485-19971997-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - Grease Monitoring HB/Z 286.3-19961996-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - General HB/Z 286.1-19961996-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - Vibration Monitoring HB/Z 286.4-19961996-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - Service Life Monitoring HB/Z 286.5-19961996-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - Performance Monitoring HB/Z 286.2-19961996-10-1
Guide for Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Aviation Gas Turbine Engine - Temperature Monitoring HB/Z 286.6-19961996-10-1
Design Work Guideline for Aero-engine Surveying and Mapping HB 7259-19951996-1-1
Guide for Analysis of Failure Mode, Effect and Hazardness of Aero-engine HB/Z 281-19951996-1-1
Cooling Requirements for Aircraft Power Plant HB 7079-19941995-1-1
Subscale Engine Terminologies HB 6717-19931993-8-1
Lightweight Gas Turbine Oil-proof Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Steel Pipe Flanges HB 6716-19931993-8-1
Lightweight Gas Turbine Slip-on-welding Plate Steel Pipe Flanges with Raised Face HB 6714-19931993-8-1
Lightweight Gas Turbine Hubbed Socket Welding Steel Pipe Flanges at Convex Face HB 6713-19931993-8-1
Naming and Series of Engine ModelHB 6718-19931993-8-1
Lightweight Gas Turbine Specification for Steel Pipe Flanges HB 6715-19931993-8-1
General Technical Specifications for Engine ModelHB 6719-19931993-8-1
Layout of Control Gear and Display Device at Air Duty Chamber of HelicopterHB 6631-19921992-12-1
Data Processing Specifications for Pressure - Time and Thrust - Time of Solid Rocket Engine QJ 1047-19921992-11-1
Amendment specification for altitude simulation test performance of turbojet and fanjet HB 6213-19891989-12-1
Amendment specification for flying stand test performance of turbojet and fanjet HB 6212-19891989-12-1
Guideline on Aero-engine Manufacturing Process - Working Regulations for the Process Technology HB/Z 132.1-19881988-9-1
Test Method for Durability of Fuel Pump for Aero-engine HB 6171-19881988-9-1
Naming for Model of Aviation Host Product HB 6126-19871987-10-1
Assembling Requirements for Threaded Fasteners of Aero-engine HB/Z 121-19871987-7-1
Specification for Exhaust Smoke Measurement of Aircraft Gas Turbine EngineHB 6116-19871987-7-1
Specifications for Continuous Sampling and Measurement Procedure of Gaseous Pollutants in Aviation Gas Turbine Engine HB 6117-19871987-7-1
Technical Specification for ZD Series DC Driven Motor of AircraftHB 5884-19851986-5-1
Series and Type Spectrum of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor for Aircraft Pump HB 5878-19851986-1-1
Series and Type Spectrum for Three-phase Asynchronous Motor of Aircraft HB 5877-19851986-1-1
Model spectrum of small size blade type pneumatic engine seriesHB 3433-19841984-10-1
Modification of Aero-engine to Non-aeronautical Product - Model Naming and Numbering Plan for Technical Documents of Design Drawing HB 5799-19821982-7-1
Aircraft engine design specificationHB 0-100-19781979-3-1
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