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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Specifications for Emergency Monitoring In Abrupt Marine Environmental Accidents Chemical PollutionDB37/T 3244-20182018-6-25
Technical specification for tracing and monitoring of Island restoration projectDB21/T 2771-20172017-4-20
Determination of dust in cotton processing enterprisesGB/T 29367-20122013-7-1
Guide of Safety-Assessment on Application of Microbial Blends in the Environmental ProtectionHJ/T 415-20082008-5-1
Technical Guideline of Monitoring on Dioxins Emission from Hazardous Waste (including Medical Waste) IncineratorsHJ/T 365-20072008-1-1
Standard for data communication of pollution emission auto monitoring systemHJ/T 212-20052006-2-1
specificatoin for eco-monitoring of bayHY/T 084-20052005-9-1
specification for eco-monitoring of estuarineHY/T 085-20052005-9-1
Technical specifications requirements for monitoring of surface water and waste waterHJ/T 91-20022003-1-1
Rules of hydrogen sulfide monitoring and protecting for operators on petroleum and nature gas field with hydrogen sulfidSY 6277-19971998-1-1
Determination of sulfate in the wet precipitationGB 13580.6-19921993-3-1
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