Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Municipal sewage. Determination of chemical oxygen demand. Potassium dichromate methodCJ/T 56-1999
Technical specification for urban surveying using global positioning systemCJJ 73-1997
Temporary technical rule for construction of road base of coal slag-lime stabilized materialsCJJ 5-1983
Municipal sewage. Determination of aniline compounds. AZO spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 63-1999
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of arsenic. Spectrophotometric method with silver diethyldithiocarbamateCJ/T 102-1999
Backflow preventersCJ/T 160-2002
Municipal sewage. Determination of flouride. Ion selective electrode methodCJ/T 62-1999
Technical level standard for workers of urban exploration and surveyCJJ 19-1989
Municipal sewage. Determination of mercury. Cold atomic absorption photometryCJ/T 68-1999
Technical level standard for workers of urban water-supplyCJJ 23-1989
Technical specification for safety maintenance of sewerage pipesCJJ 6-1985
Code for design of urban night soil treatment plantsCJJ 64-1995
Environmental sanitation standard for incineration of medical treatment wastesCJ 3036-1995
Municipal sewage—Determiantion of chloride—Argentometric methodCJ/T 74-1999
Technical level standard for workers of urban public trafficCJJ 22-1989
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of total nitrogen. Semi-micro Kjeldahl methodCJ/T 103-1999
Standard for test method of flexible pavement design parametersCJJ/T 59-1994
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of total potassium. Flame spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 105-1999
Code for construction and acceptance of municipal road base worksCJJ 44-1991
Water distribution ceramic pipes used for water treatmentCJ 46-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of oil. Gravimetric methodCJ/T 57-1999
Code for construction and acceptance of municipal heat-supply pipeline network engineeringCJJ 28-1989
Municipal sewage. Determination of sulphate. Gravimetric methodCJ/T 61-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of cadmium. Spectrophotometric method with dithizoneCJ/T 72-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of lead. Spectrophotometric method with dithizoneCJ/T 69-1999
General specifications for light rail traffic vehiclesCJ/T 5021-1995
Municipal sewage. Determination of total arsenic. Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 73-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of total phosphorus. Spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 78-1999
Code for construction and acceptance of road base of steel slag-lime stabilized materialsCJJ 35-1990
Technical specification for operation, maintenance and safety of urban night soil treatment plantsCJJ/T 30-1999
Code for hydrographic geolo-gical exploration of urban water-supplyCJJ 16-1988
Municipal sewage. Determination of total chromium. 1. 5 diphenylcarbohydrazide spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 70-1999
The measures of ozone concentration, output and specific energy consumption for ozone generatorCJ/T 3028.2-1994
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of total phosphorus. Ammonium metamolybdate spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 104-1999
Municipal solid waste incineratorCJ/T 118-2000
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of mercury. Cold atomic absorption spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 98-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of total solid. Gravimetric methodCJ/T 55-1999
Standard for assessment on municipal solid waste incineration plantCJJ/T 137-2010
Municipal sewage. Determination of copper. Sodium diethyldithiocabamate spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 66-1999
Standard for design of subsidiary buildings and equipments of urban water-supply plantCJJ 41-1991
Technical level standard for ancient building constructorsCJJ 21-1989
Code for design of water-supply for muddy waterCJJ 40-1991
The passenger service of urban public transportation. Urban buses and trolley busesCJ/T 3024.2-1995
Quality standard for reclaimed wastewater reused as scenic waterCJ/T 95-2000
Municipal sewage. Determination of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, manganese, nickeland iron. Atomic absorption spectrometryCJ/T 65-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of sulfideCJ/T 60-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of total nitrogen. Distillation and titration methodCJ/T 77-1999
Ozone generatorsCJ/T 3028.1-1994
The passenger service of urban public transportation. Urban taxiCJ/T 3024.3-1998
Municipal sewage. Determination of zinc. Spectrophotometric method with dithizoneCJ/T 67-1999
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of pH. Glass electrode methodCJ/T 99-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of cyanideCJ/T 59-1999
Technical level standard for workers of house repairingCJJ 26-1989
Technical level standard for workers for urban gas and heatingCJJ 24-1989
Technical code for automobile gas filling stationsCJJ 84-2000
Code for Design, construction and acceptance of water-supply pipesand pitsCJJ 10-1986
Technical specification for operation, maintenance and safety of city and town waterworksCJJ 58-1994
Municipal domestic refuse. Determination of lead. Atomic absorption spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 101-1999
Classification of urban refuse generation source and refuse removalCJ/T 3033-1996
Municipal sewage. Determination of pH. Potentiometric methodCJ/T 51-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of total organic carbon. Nondispersive infrared methodCJ/T 79-1999
Acceptance standard of buildings taken overCJ 27-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of volatile phenolic compounds. After distillation by means of 4-AAP spectrophotometric methodCJ/T 58-1999
Municipal sewage. Determination of sinkable solid. Volumetric methodCJ/T 53-1999
Standard for quality test and estimation of urban heat-supply network engineeringsCJJ 38-1990
Information system for inspection and supervision of urban outdoor advertising facilitiesCJ/T 532-20182018-12-1
Water quality standards for domestic hot waterCJ/T 521-20182018-11-1
Rotating disc aeratorCJ/T 294-20182018-11-1
Corundum fine bubble diffuser for water and wastewater treatmentCJ/T 263-20182018-11-1
Classification and coding of city gas equipments and materialsCJ/T 513-20182018-11-1
Membrane fine bubble diffuser for water and wastewater treatmentCJ/T 264-20182018-11-1
Traveling—bridge suction degritter for grit chamber in sewage treatment plantCJ/T 522-20182018-11-1
Microfiltration water treatment equipmentCJ/T 169-20182018-10-1
Leak detector of water distribution systemCJ/T 525-20182018-10-1
Gas odorant concentration monitorCJ/T 524-20182018-10-1
Technical requirements of utility meters data transmissionCJ/T 188-20182018-10-1
Electro-magnetic emergency shut-off valve for gasCJ/T 394-20182018-10-1
Peripheral drive sludge scraper for radial flow sedimentation tank in water & sewage treatment plantCJ/T 523-20182018-10-1
Ultrafiltration water treatment equipmentCJ/T 170-20182018-10-1
Safety signs in zooCJ/T 115-20172018-8-1
Indication sign for zoo animalCJ/T 220-20172018-8-1
Technical standard for online water quality monitoring in municipal water supply process CJJ/T 271-20172018-6-1
Vertical long shaft pumpCJ/T 235-20172018-5-1
Technical requirement for deodorizer for municipal solid wasteCJ/T 516-20172018-5-1
Hydraulic control valvesCJ/T 219-20172018-5-1
Technical requirement for chip operating system of smart card in construction cause CJ/T 304-20172018-5-1
Factory-made double stainless steel flues and chimneysCJ/T 288-20172018-5-1
Composite steel pipe stainless steel linedCJ/T 192-20172018-5-1
Steel reinforced spirally wound polyethylene(PE) drainage pipes and connecting piece CJ/T 270-20172018-5-1
Light gauge stainless steel press fittings with clamp ringCJ/T 520-20172018-4-1
Submersible axial-flow pumpCJ/T 518-20172018-4-1
Standard for urban engineering geophysical exploration CJJ/T 7-20172018-2-1
Anaerobic reactor for leachate of municipal solid wasteCJ/T 517-20172018-1-1
Hotplate of lacquered toughened glass for gas applianceCJ/T 157-20172018-1-1
Integration equipment for aerobic fermentationCJ/T 505-20172018-1-1
General technical requirement for selection of landscape plantCJ/T 512-20172017-12-1
Technical specification for urban underground pipeline detection and surveyCJJ 61-20172017-12-1
Code for design of medium and low speed maglev transitCJJ/T 262-20172017-11-1
Technical specification of pipe system for fine drinking water in building and sub-districtCJJ/T 110-20172017-11-1
Standard for marking signs of municipal solid waste incineration plantCJJ/T 270-20172017-10-1
Technical code for automatic train control of medium and low speed maglev transit CJJ/T 255-20172017-10-1
Cast iron manhole coverCJ/T 511-20172017-9-1
Technical code of urban intergrated underground pipeline information systemCJJ/T 269-20172017-9-1
Code for design of zooCJJ 267-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for wastewater natural treatment proJectCJJ/T 54-20172017-9-1
Standard for sludge stabilization treatment of municipal wastewater treatment plantCJ/T 510-20172017-9-1
Technical code for intellectualization of city gas system englneenngCJJ/T 268-20172017-9-1
Standard for basic terminology of landscape architectureCJJ/T 91-20172017-7-1
Code for zoo managementCJJ/T 263-20172017-7-1
Technical specification of membrane bioreaction system for municipal solid waste leachate treatmentCJJ/T 264-20172017-7-1
Standard for basic management information data of special housing maintenance fundsCJJ/T 257-20172017-7-1
Technical specification for energy performance contracting of urban lightingCJJ/T 261-20172017-7-1
Code for construction and quality acceptance of ladder-sleeper track of urban rail transitCJJ 266-20172017-7-1
Belt-filter press for sludge dewateringCJ/T 508-20162017-6-1
Trash interception bar screenCJ/T 509-20162017-6-1
Light gauge stainless steel press-fittings and grooving fittingsCJ/T 152-20162017-6-1
Cable with the sheath of high density polyethyleneCJ/T 504-20162017-5-1
Technical specification for monitoring and controlling system of urban hfeatingCJJ/T 241-20162017-5-1
Technical specification for operation, maintenance and safety of municipal wastewater reclaimation facilitiesCJJ 252-20162017-5-1
Technical code of maintenance for urban roadCJJ 36-20162017-5-1
Filter underdrain block for water and wastewater treatmentCJ/T 47-20162017-5-1
Brass fittings for press jointCJ/T 502-20162017-3-1
High Density Polyethylene Sheathing Compounds for Bridge CableCJ/T 297-20162017-3-1
Standard for leakage control and assessment of urban water supply distribution systemCJJ 92-20162017-3-1
Isolated gas-pressurization deviceCJ/T 501-20162017-3-1
Diaphragm gas meter with wireless remote-readingCJ/T 503-20162017-3-1
Shear crusher of municipal solid wasteCJ/T 499-20162017-2-1
The garbage containerCJ/T 496-20162017-2-1
Non-negative pressure water supply equipmentCJ/T 265-20162017-2-1
Compression refuse collectorCJ/T 127-20162017-2-1
Fittings of steel reinforced polyethylene plastic pipes for water supplyCJ/T 124-20162017-2-1
Technical specification for application of anti-rutting asphalt mixtureCJJ/T 238-20162017-2-1
Steel reinforced polyethylene plastic pipes for water supplyCJ/T 123-20162017-2-1
Real一time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transitCJ/T 500-20162017-2-1
Armouring hose for the connection of gas applianceCJ/T 490-20162016-12-1
Standard for supervision on operation of municipal solid waste landfinCJJ/T 213-20162016-12-1
Direct buried gate valves for water supply and drainageCJ/T 262-20162016-12-1
Testing of IC card for construction causeCJ/T 243-20162016-12-1
General specifications of ductile iron valves fdr water supplyCJ/T 481-20162016-12-1
Calculation and forecasting methods for municipal solid waste generation quantity CJ/T 106-20162016-12-1
High performance unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) pipes and fittings for water supplyCJ/T 493-20162016-12-1
Curved type bar screen machineCJ/T 492-20162016-12-1
Attribute data collection form and database structure of urban environment sanitary facilitiesCJ/T 171-20162016-12-1
Fountain sprinklersCJ/T 209-20162016-12-1
Standard for design of urban public toiletsCJJ 14-20162016-12-1
Multi-function control valve for pumping systemCJ/T 167-20162016-12-1
Filter threaded adjustable pressure-reducing valve with backflow preventionCJ/T 494-20162016-12-1
Pilot control pressure reducing valveCJ/T 256-20162016-12-1
Aluminium alloy and stainless steel body and connections of water metersCJ/T 359-20162016-12-1
Non clogging pumpsCJ/T 203-20162016-12-1
Thermo plastic septic tankCJ/T 489-20162016-12-1
Safety technical specifcation of operation,maintenance and rush-repair of city gas facilitesCJJ 51-20162016-12-1
Steel-plastic complex pipes of short pitch internal spiral rib for drainage inside buildingsCJ/T 488-20162016-12-1
Water quality standards for swimming poolCJ/T 244-20162016-12-1
Compounded rubber hose for the connection of gas applianceCJ/T 491-20162016-12-1
Technical specification for same-floor drainage engineering in buildingsCJJ 232-20162016-12-1
Slow closure butterfly check valveCJ/T 282-20162016-12-1
Step tariffing water meterCJ/T 484-20162016-12-1
Technical specification for buried plastic water supply pipeline engineeringCJJ 101-20162016-11-1
Standard of Occupational Skill of Gardens IndustryCJJ/T 237-20162016-10-1
Technical specification for leak location surveys of geomembrane in municipal solid waste landfillCJJ/T 214-20162016-9-1
Planting soil for greeningCJ/T 340-20162016-8-1
Coating plastic steel pipe for water supplyCJ/T 120-20162016-7-1
Standard for lighting design of urban roadCJJ 45-20152016-6-1
Technical code for trolleybus supply network engineeringCJJ/T 72-20152016-5-1
Technical specification for steel structure anticorrosion engineering of bridge in city and townCJJ/T 235-20152016-5-1
Standard for terminology of zooCJJ/T 240-20152016-5-1
Grease-water separator for restaurant watewaterCJ/T 295-20152016-4-1
Polyethylene/aluminum/polyethylene composite pressure pipe(overlap-welded)CJ/T 108-20152016-4-1
Buried garbage collection deviceCJ/T 483-20152016-1-1
Butterfly valves for water supply and drainageCJ/T 261-20152016-1-1
Spherical bearings for urban rail transit bridgesCJ/T 482-20152016-1-1
Polyethlene/aluminum/polyethylene composite pipe press fittingCJ/T 190-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for micro-polluted water pretreatment of municipal water supplyCJJ/T 229-20152015-10-1
Specification of seismic supports for mechanical and electrical componentsCJ/T 476-20152015-9-1
Information system for urban water supply management. Classifying and coding for water supply quality indexCJ/T 474-20152015-9-1
General technique requirement for laboratory of gas burning appliancesCJ/T 479-20152015-9-1
Measurement of oxygen mass transfer in clean water far fine bubble diffuserCJ/T 475-20152015-9-1
Ultrasonic gas meterCJ/T 477-20152015-9-1
Submersible sewage pumpCJ/T 472-20152015-9-1
Heat exchanger of gas water heater and gas heating boilerCJ/T 469-20152015-7-1
The storage type heat exchanger of guide flow type and half storage type heat exchangerCJ/T 163-20152015-7-1
Steel wire reinforced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite pipeCJ/T 323-20152015-7-1
Lining flange butterfly valveCJ/T 471-20152015-7-1
Pressure regulators for liquefied dimethyl ether cylindersCJ/T 470-20152015-7-1
Gas Bred space heaterCJ/T 113-20152015-7-1
Real-time on-line detection equipment for odor from municipal solid wasteCJ/T 465-20152015-7-1
Double-press extrusion stainless steel gas pipes and fittingsCJ/T 466-20142015-5-1
Technical specification of plastic pipeline engineering for water supply in buildingCJJ/T 98-20142015-5-1
Semi-instantaneous water heateCJ/T 467-20142015-5-1
Light gauge stainless steel for press-fittingsCJ/T 463-20142015-4-1
Pot bearing for urban rail transit bridgesCJ/T 464-20142015-4-1
Technical specification for rush-repair of water supply network in city and townCJJ/T 226-20142015-4-1
High density polyethylene suspended carrier for water treatmentCJ/T 461-20142015-4-1
Technical regulation for city heat-supplying pipe net constructed by mining methodCJJ 200-20142015-4-1
Technical regulation for heat metering system operationCJJ/T 223-20142015-3-1
Steel framed polyethylene plastic pipes and fittings for supply of gaseous fuelsCJ/T 125-20142015-2-1
Waste trommelCJ/T 460-20142015-2-1
General rule of equipment and management for water meter of water supply in city and townCJ/T 454-20142014-12-1
Technical requirements for high-mast lighting installationCJ/T 457-20142014-12-1
Snow plowCJ/T 459-20142014-12-1
Code for construction and quality acceptance of phosphate tailing ore of road base (pad) layerCJJ/T 208-20142014-12-1
Boosting pressure water supply equipment with pneumatic tankCJ/T 456-20142014-12-1
Technical code for operation in excavation chamber of shield tunneling machine at atmospheric or compressed airCJJ 217-20142014-12-1
Standard for city heating system signsCJJ/T 220-20142014-12-1
Subway tunnel flood gateCJ/T 453-20142014-11-1
Integrated circuit card application technology of construction causeCJ/T 166-20142014-11-1
Technical specification for directly buried steam heating pipeline in cityCJJ/T 104-20142014-10-1
Technical Specification for Gas Engine Heat Pump Air-conditioning SystemCJJ/T 216-20142014-10-1
Technical Specification for Safe Operation of Heating System in CityCJJ 88-20142014-10-1
Code for Construction and Acceptance of City Heating PipelinesCJJ 28-20142014-10-1
Technical specification for leak detection of city gas piping systemCJJ/T 215-20142014-9-1
Non-contact water supply deviceCJ/T 194-20142014-8-1
Geonets drain for landfillsCJ/T 452-20142014-8-1
Pneumatic gas/air ratio adjustment devices for gas-burning appliancesCJ/T 450-20142014-8-1
Domestic water-saving devicesCJ/T 164-20142014-8-1
Automatic suction solenoid valves for gas burning appliancesCJ/T 132-20142014-8-1
Gas Odorization UnitCJ/T 448-20142014-7-1
Automatic Shutoff Valve for Pipeline GasCJ/T 447-20142014-7-1
Manually Operated Gas Valves for Use in HouseCJ/T 180-20142014-7-1
Diaphragm Gas Meters with Shut-off ValveCJ/T 449-20142014-7-1
General Technique Conditions of Commercial Gas Burning AppliancesCJ/T 451-20142014-7-1
Additive Pipe Pressure Water Supply DevicesCJ/T 254-20142014-7-1
Technical Specification of Building Roof Drainage ProjectCJJ 142-20142014-7-1
Technical Specification for Trenchless Rehabilitation and Renewal of Urban Sewer PipelineCJJ/T 210-20142014-6-1
Technical Code for Lower-heat-absorbing Pavement of Urban RoadCJJ/T 206-20132014-6-1
Technical specification for application of plastics manholes and inspection chambers for sewerageCJJ/T 209-20132014-6-1
Technical Specification for External Corrosion Control of Buried Steel Pipeline for City GasCJJ 95-20132014-6-1
Standard for Urban Geospatial Framework DataCJJ/T 103-20132014-6-1
Technical Specification for Operation, Maintenance and Safety of Urban Water Supply Pipe-networksCJJ 207-20132014-6-1
Technical Specification for Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid WasteCJJ 205-20132014-6-1
Code for Warehouse Land Plan in Town and VillageCJJ/T 189-20142014-6-1
Standard for Urban Planning DataCJJ/T 199-20132014-4-1
Pipes and Joints Made of Oriented Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-O) for the Conveyance of Water under PressureCJ/T 445-20142014-4-1
Water Supply Equipment of Low Voice Additive Pipe PressureCJ/T 444-20142014-4-1
Slurry Shield MachineCJ/T 446-20142014-4-1
General Specification of Bar Screen Machine for Water Supply and Drainage ServiceCJ/T 443-20142014-4-1
Technical Specification for Emergency Repair of District Heating SystemCJJ 203-20132014-4-1
Standard for Work and Quality of City Water Area CleaningCJJ/T 174-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification for Soil Test of Landfilled Municipal Solid WasteCJJ/T 204-20132014-3-1
Compact silent inline deepwell pump water booster equipment for non-negative CJ/T 440-20132014-3-1
Technical Code for Protection Structures of Urban Rail TransitCJJ/T 202-20132014-3-1
Urban municipal supercision and management information system-Mode acceptanceCJ/T 423-20132014-3-1
Technical Code for Contact Rail Power Supply System of Urban Rail TransitCJJ/T 198-20132014-3-1
Household Sewage Treatment PlantCJ/T 441-20132014-3-1
Shelter of Bus and Trolleybus for Urban Public Transport FacilitiesCJ/T 107-20132014-3-1
Code for Construction and Acceptance of Linear Motor for Urban Rail TransitCJJ 201-20132014-3-1
Geomats for landfillsCJ/T 436-20132014-2-1
Earthwork filter screen for solid waste landfill CJ/T 437-20132014-2-1
Technical Specification for Directly Buried Hot-water Heating Pipeline in CityCJJ/T 81-20132014-2-1
Specification for Installation and Acceptance of Domestic Gas Burning AppliancesCJJ 12-20132014-2-1
Monomer Casting Reinforced Nylon Pipes and FittingsCJ/T 439-20132014-1-1
Monomer casting nylon-steel composite pipes and fittingsCJ/T 438-20132014-1-1
Ultrasonic water meterCJ/T 434-20132013-12-1
Specification for hydro geologic drilling and well construction of water-supplyCJJ/T 13-20132013-12-1
Code for Design of Urban Road SubgradesCJJ 194-20132013-12-1
Aluminum-plastic Laminated Pipe and Fitting for the Supply of Gaseous FuelsCJ/T 435-20132013-12-1
Press connection carbon steel tubes and fittings CJ/T 433-20132013-12-1
Public services of scenic and historic areas-Information service for self-guided touristsCJ/T 426-20132013-11-1
Public services of scenic and historic areas-Marketing platformCJ/T 425-20132013-11-1
Technical requirements of waste grab cranes in municipal solid waste incineration plantCJ/T 432-20132013-10-1
Nonwopven geotextiles for landfillsCJ/T 430-20132013-10-1
Chinese cooking gas appliancesCJ/T 28-20132013-10-1
Resilient-seated gate valves for water supply and drainage serviceCJ/T 216-20132013-10-1
Detection methods for the leachate from municipal solid wasteCJ/T 428-20132013-10-1
Compound quick air inbreathe-release valve for water supply pipelineCJ/T 217-20132013-10-1
Water Hammer Arrestor for Water Supply Systems of BuildingsCJ/T 300-20132013-10-1
Parking guidence device for garages or carparkCJ/T 429-20132013-10-1
Helical corrugated steel pipe for drainsCJ/T 431-20132013-10-1
General detecting methods for the chemical characteristic of domestic refuseCJ/T 96-20132013-10-1
Thermocouple electromagnetic protector of extinguishment for gas applianceCJ/T 30-20132013-10-1
Fauceting cast iron pipes and fittings with flexible joint for building drainageCJ/T 178-20132013-10-1
Gas steaming ovenCJ/T 187-20132013-10-1
Technical code for supervision and management information system of scenic and historic areasCJJ/T 195-20132013-6-1
Urban municipal supervision and management information system—Information collection of managed components and eventsCJ/T 422-20132013-6-1
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet composite pipeCJ/T 427-20132013-6-1
Electronic controller of household gas burning appliancesCJ/T 421-20132013-6-1
LED road and street luminairesCJ/T 420-20132013-6-1
Non-negative pressure water supply equipment for water supply network booster pump station in citiesCJ/T 415-20132013-5-1
Standard for setting of environmental sanitation facilitiesCJJ 27-20122013-5-1
Code for municipal engineering investigation and surveyingCJJ 56-20122013-5-1
Technical code for food waste treatmentCJJ 184-20122013-5-1
Code for construction and acceptance of landscaping engineeringCJJ 82-20122013-5-1
Technical specification for the electrical system of medium and low speed maglev vehicleCJ/T 411-20122013-4-1
Compact electric refuse collecting vehicleCJ/T 419-20122013-4-1
Technical specification for medium and low speed maglev turnoutCJ/T 412-20122013-4-1
Cleaning sweeper truckCJ/T 418-20122013-4-1
Technical Requirements of Aluminum-steel Conductor Rail for Urban Rail TransitCJ/T 414-20122013-4-1
Fire Protection Requirements for Urban Rail Transit VehiclesCJ/T 416-20122013-4-1
Technical specification for low and medium speed maglev train transport rail rowCJ/T 413-20122013-4-1
General technical specifications for low floor tramcarCJ/T 417-20122013-4-1
Standard for data of housing securitys basic informationCJJ/T 197-20122013-3-1
Technical code for housing security information systemCJJ/T 196-20122013-3-1
Technical code for energy efficiency of city heating systemCJJ/T 185-20122013-3-1
Code for design of urban road alignmentCJJ 193-20122013-3-1
Technical code for floating slab trackCJJ/T 191-20122013-3-1
Technical specification for shield-cuttable concrete reinforcementCJJ/T 192-20122013-3-1
Technical code for city geocodingCJJ/T 186-20122013-3-1
Standard for electronic construction recordkeeping metadataCJJ/T 187-20122013-3-1
Code for geo-engineering site investigation and evaluation of urban and rural planningCJJ 57-20122013-3-1
Technical specification for pavement of water permeable brickCJJ/T 188-20122013-3-1
Automatic Equipment of Oxygen Monitoring for Aerobic CompostingCJ/T 408-20122013-2-1
Anti-cavitation prgulating valveCJ/T 404-20122013-2-1
Stainless Steel FaucetsCJ/T 406-20122013-2-1
Large Flow Sludge Piston ValveCJ/T 403-20122013-2-1
Pressure Filters for Swimming PoolsCJ/T 405-20122013-2-1
Technical Requirements of Communication Based Automatic Train Control System for Urban Rail TransitCJ/T 407-20122013-2-1
Technology Conditions of Ladder SleeperCJ/T 401-20122013-1-1
Oil Separating and Upgrading Integrative EquipmentCJ/T 410-20122013-1-1
Technical requirement of fiber-glass reinforced plastic septic tankCJ/T 409-20122013-1-1
Standard for Archives Arrangement of Urban Rail Transit ProjectCJJ/T 180-20122013-1-1
Technical specification for permeable asphalt pavementCJJ/T 190-20122012-12-1
Technical code for platform screen door system of urban railway transitCJJ 183-20122012-12-1
Bellows Expansion Joints for City Heating PipelineCJ/T 402-20122012-12-1
Technical specification for inspection and evaluation of urban sewerCJJ 181-20122012-12-1
Specification for construction and inspection of urban road lighting engineeringCJJ 89-20122012-11-1
Technical specification for driving surveillance and centralized dispatch system of bus and trolleybusCJJ/T 178-20122012-11-1
Technical specification for municipal solid waste collecting stationCJJ 179-20122012-11-1
Sound-insulating polypropylene pipes and fittings for drainageCJ/T 273-20122012-8-1
Integrated circuit card cold water meterCJ/T 133-20122012-8-1
Electro-Magnetic Emergency Shut-off Valve for GasCJ/T 394-20122012-8-1
Gas-fired heating and hot water condensing combi-boilersCJ/T 395-20122012-8-1
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