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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Metadata Standard for Administrative Electronic RecordsDA/T 46-2009
XML-based Encapsulation Specification for Electronic RecordsDA/T 48-2009
Format Requirements for Long-term Preservation of Fixed-layout Electronic RecordsDA/T 47-2009
Technical specifications for monitoring of archival repository air qualityDA/T 81-20192020-5-1
Specification for government service electronic document sarchivingDA/T 85-20192020-5-1
Application specification on LTO tapes for archival data storageDA/T 83-20192020-5-1
Specifications on Emergency Management of ArchivesDA/T 84-20192020-5-1
Specification of audio and audio-visual records managementDA/T 78-20192020-5-1
Guidelines for archiving webpages from government websitesDA/T 80-20192020-5-1
Specification for optical character recognition(OCR) of digital copies of paper-based recordsDA/T 77-20192020-5-1
Specification on securities busines sarchives managementDA/T 79-20192020-5-1
Specification for storage of archival data based on document-oriented non-relational data baseDA/T 82-20192020-5-1
Specification for binding of paper-based archival documentsDA/T 69-20182018-10-1
Technical specifications for microfilm-digital image integration of paper-based recordsDA/T 71-20182018-10-1
Specifications for rescue and restoration of paper archives—Part 4: Guidelines on restorationDA/Z 64.4-20182018-10-1
General requirements of detection for administrative electronic recordsDA/T 70-20182018-10-1
Specification for archival management of construction projectsDA/T 28-20182018-10-1
Metadata specification for digital audio and audio-visual recordsDA/T 63-20172018-1-1
Management standard of archives storage outsourcing serviceDA/T 67-20172018-1-1
Specifications for rescue and restoration of paper archives. Part 2: Survey methods of preservation conditionsDA/T 64.2-20172018-1-1
Filing requirements and archives classification rules of urban rail transit project documentsDA/T 66-20172018-1-1
Specification for the collection and management of oral history materialsDA/T 59-20172018-1-1
Specifications for rescue and restoration of paper archives. Part 3: Quality requirements for restorationDA/T 64.3-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements for archive intelligent mobile shelving systemDA/T 65-20172018-1-1
Classification and illustration of the diseases of paper archives in the Ming and Qing dynastiesDA/T 61-20172018-1-1
Specification for digitization of audio-visual recordsDA/T 62-20172018-1-1
The arrangement rule of archival documentsDA/T 35-20172018-1-1
Specification for digitization of paper-based recordsDA/T 31-20172018-1-1
Specifications on the work of archives service outsourcingDA/T 68-20172018-1-1
Specifications for rescue and restoration of paper archives. Part 1: Grading of damageDA/T 64.1-20172018-1-1
The arrangement rule of archival documentsDA/T 22-20152016-6-1
Fonds volume specificationDA/T 12-20122013-3-1
Fonds guide the preparation of specificationsDA/T 14-20122013-3-1
Special oversized paper files and digital image output to the technical specifications on microficheDA/T 49-20122013-1-1
Digital archival information output on microfilmDA/T 44-20092010-1-1
Technical specification for digitization of microfilmDA/T 43-20092010-1-1
Technical specification for high pressure water mist system in archivesDA/T 45-20092010-1-1
Requirements of business records managementDA/T 42-20092010-1-1
Specificatoins for filing of original geological dataDA/T 41-20082008-9-1
The filling forms of accounting archivesDA/T 39-20082008-9-1
The rule for seal archives arrangementDA/T 40-20082008-9-1
Specifications on mounting-repairing of historical map archivesDA/T 37-20082008-7-1
Specifications for technical requirements, care and handling of optical discs for electronic records filingDA/T 38-20082008-7-1
Specification of archives of life insurance business managemenDA/T 36-20072007-7-1
General rules for prevention and control of pests and mould in archivesDA/T 35-20072007-7-1
Operation standards of national archives patriotism education baseDA/T 34-20052005-10-1
Standards of electronic mail document filing and managementDA/T 32-20052005-9-1
Specification for digitization of paper-based recordsDA/T 31-20052005-9-1
Data collection standard of China catalogue center for Ming-Qing archives-The machine-readable catalogue exchange for Ming-Qing archivesDA/T 33-20052005-9-1
Chinese translating guideline to the terminology of the Manchu archives for descriptionDA/T 30-20022003-4-1
Requirements for Filing of Records & Archival Arrangement of National Construction of Key ProjectDA/T 28-20022003-4-1
Format and requirements of the production process record of archival microformDA/T 29-20022003-4-1
The arrangement rule of filing documentsDA/T 22-20002001-1-1
General terminology for archives workDA/T 1-20002001-1-1
Testing methods for properties of pesticides used in archivesDA/T 27-20002001-1-1
Testing methods of effectiveness of volatil mildewproof agents used for archivesDA/T 26-20002001-1-1
Acid - Free papers and paperboards for archival folders and boxesDA/T 24-20002001-1-1
Specifications on mounting-repairing of archivesDA/T 25-20002001-1-1
Data collection standards for the catalogue centre of Republican archives-Bibliographical description for Republican archivesDA/T 20.1-19991999-12-1
Data collection standards for the catalogue centre of Republican archives-Guidelines for the subject indexing for Republican archivesDA/T 20.2-19991999-12-1
Data collection standards for the catalogue centre of Republican archives-Format of bibliographic data interchange on diskette for Republican archivesDA/T 20.4-19991999-12-1
Specification of archival microform preservationDA/T 21-19991999-12-1
Archives guidelines for determining the subjects and subject indexingDA/T 19-19991999-12-1
Data collection standards for the catalogue centre of Republican archives - Guidelines for the classification indexing for Republican archivesDA/T 20.3-19991999-12-1
Bibliographical description for archivesDA/T 18-19991999-12-1
Archives management and protection specification of magnetism carrier DA/T 15-19951996-10-1
Diskette data switching format of mechanized catalogue of revolutionary and historical archives DA/T 17.5-19951996-10-1
Classified indexing rule of revolutionary and historical file data DA/T 17.4-19951996-10-1
Entry guideline of revolutionary and historical materials DA/T 17.2-19951996-10-1
Durability test method of archives writing materials DA/T 16-19951996-10-1
Subject indexing rule of revolutionary and historical file data DA/T 17.3-19951996-10-1
Entry guideline of revolutionary and historical archives DA/T 17.1-19951996-10-1
Sorting of colleges and universities archives entity DA/T 10-19941995-10-1
Durability test method of document paperDA/T 11-19941995-10-1
Entry guideline of archives of Ming and Qing Dynasty DA/T 8-19941995-10-1
Archival code preparation rule of archives of Ming and Qing Dynasty DA/T 9-19941995-10-1
Archival code preparation rule DA/T 13-19941995-10-1
Archive FixturesDA/T 6-19921992-10-20
Preparation Specifications for Archive GuideDA/T 3-19921992-10-20
Requirements of Archive Shooting on 16mm Winding Film with MicrographicsDA/T 4-19921992-10-20
Archives management specification of scientific and technical research subject DA/T 2-19921992-10-20
Requirements of Archive Shooting on A6 Plain Film with MicrographicsDA/T 5-19921992-10-20
In-line archives dispersion frame DA/T 7-19921992-10-20
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