Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Overhead Insulated Conductor Fittings and Components of Rated Voltages up to 1kV (3)—Puncturing Splicing ClampDL/T 464.3-1992
Guide to the quality inspection before acceptance of mechanical coal-sampling equipment used by power plantDL/T 747-2001
Quality Inspection Standard for Water Treatment Equipment Used in PowerplantDL 543-1994
Overhead Insulated Conductor Fittings and components of Rated Voltages up to 1kV (5)—Fixed Suspension ClampDL/T 464.5-1992
Specifications on Compiling Feasibility Study Report of Water Conservancy and Hydropower ProjectsDL 5020-1993
Guide for Operation, Maintenance and Management of Electrostatic Precipitators for Coal-Fired Power PlantsDL/T 461-1992
Technical Guide for Enhancement of Urban Medium and Low Voltage Distribution NetworksDL/T 599-1996
Drilling Rules in Hydroulic and Hydroelectric EngineeringDL 5013-1992
Electric Power Trade Urgently Saving Work RulesDL/T 692-1999
Labour Environment Monitoring Technological Specification of Electric Power IndustryDLT799.1-2010~DLT799.2(799.7)-2010
Guide for Aging Appraise of Generator Stator Winding Insulation with Epoxy MicaDL/T 492-1992
Technical guide for HVDC overhead transmission linesDL/T 436-1991
Technical guide for helicopter live working on overheand transmission line DL/T 1720-2017
Insulators of Ceramic or Glass Material Overhead Lines with A Nominal Voltage Greater than 1000V—Impulse Tolerance Tests in Steep WaveDL/T 557-1994
Test Methods for the Cranes for Water Resources and Electric Power ConstructionDL 454-1991
Ground Treatment Technical Code of Fossil Fuel Power Plant(Trial)DL 5024-1993
Specification for SF6 Gas Refilling and Recovery DeviceDL/T 662-1999
General Rules for Test Methods of Fuel at Thermal Power PlantsDL/T 567.1-1995
The design rules of coal thermal power plantDLGJ 1-1993
Quality of ultra-high voltage DC converter transformer oil in service DL/T 1706-2017
Code of Safety Operation in Power Engineering Construction Part 1: Steam Power PlantsDL 5009.1-1992
Test code for series LFP-900 high-speed protection equipment of extra-high voltage transmission lineDL/T 625-1997
Common Specifications for HV SwitchgearDL/T 593-1996
Specification for Manufacture Installation and Acceptance of Steel Gate in Hydraulic and Hydroelectric EngineeringDL/T 5018-1994
Technical Rule for Designing Auxiliary Power System of Fossil Fuel Power PlantsDL/T 5153-2001(2002)
Specification for Compiling Preliminary Design Report of Water Conservancy and Hydropower ProjectsDL 5021-1993
Specification of 6~35kV Cubical Substation for OrderDL/T 537-1993
The Rural Low-Voltage Electric Power Technical CodeDL/T 499-1992
Specifications for Manufacture Installation and Acceptance of Steel PenstocksDL 5017-1993
Oil Test Method of Power System—Color MeasurementDL 429.2-1991
Code for Hand-over Test of Gas-insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear on SiteDL/T 618-1997
Guide for Insulation Test on Site Dielectric Dissipation Factor TestDL/T 474.3-1992
Technical guidelines for high voltage direct current buried electrodeDL/T 437-1991
Labour Environment Monitoring Technological Specification of Electric Power IndustryDL/T 799.1-2010~DL/T
Specification for Planning and Design of Reservoir Submergence Treatment of Hydroelectric EngineeringDL/T 5064-1996
DC System design code for small electric power projectDL/T 5120-2000
Technical Standard on Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design for Thermal Power PlantDL/T 5035-1994
Specification on Compiling Hydropower Planning of RiverDL/T 5042-1995
Mixer for Concrete Batching PlantDL/T 456-1991
The Technical Guidelines for the Creep Cavity Inspection of Low Alloy Heat Resistant SteelsDL/T 551-1994
Technical specifications for hydrological survey of 220kV overhead transmission linesDL/T 5076-1997
General specification for prevent electric mal-operation device with computerDL/T 687-1999
Code for Design of Automation of Hydropower PlantsDL/T 5081-1997
Technical Regulation for Designing of Reactive Power Compensation Equipment for 330~500 kV SubstationsDL/T 5014-1992
Technical Rules for Power System Automatic Under-frequency Load SheddingDL 428-1991
Technical Regulation for Designing of Reactive Power Compensation Equipment for 330~500 kV SubstationsDL 5014-1992
Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear PanelDL/T 404-1997
Technical Guidance for Coal Analytical Laboratory in Power PlantDL/T 520-1993
Technical specification of natural pozzolan for use in hydraulic concreteDL/T 5273-2012
Regulation for content and depth of feasibility study report of fossil fuel power plantDLGJ 118-1997
Test Methods of Steam and Water in Power Plants—Determination of Low TurbidityDL/T 502-1992
Technical Code for Designing Fossil Fuel Power PlantsDL 5000-1994
Code for Operation and Overhauling of Static Rectification Excitation System Equipment of Large and Medium-sized Hydraulic GeneratorDL/T 491-1992(1999)
Code of Operation Maintenance Overhaul and Test for Automatic Control Components and Their Related Systems for Hydrogenerating SetsDL/T 619-1997
Code for Rock Tests of Hydroelectric and Water Conservancy EngineeringDLJ 204-1981
Technical Requirements of Heat Shrinkable Accessories for Power Cable with Rated Voltages Up to 35kVDL 413-1991
Technical Code Forerection and Acceptance of Electric Power Construction—Ultrasonic Test SectionDL/T 5048-1995
The Code of Erection and Acceptance of Electric Power Construction (Welding for Fossil Fuel Power Plant)DL 5007-1992
Protector of splicing fitting for overhead transmission lineDL/T 1192-2012
Tensioned wire equipmentDL/T 1565-2016
The design of microcomputer monitoring and control system for 550kV substationDLGJ 107-1992
Method of Humidity On-site Measurement of SF6 Insulated Gas EquipmentDL 506-1992
Specification for Hydraulic TurbineDL/T 445-1991
Technical Regulation of Exploration and Surveying for Large Crossing Overhead Transmission LineDL/T 5049-1995
General Rules Drafting Electric Power Professional StandardsDL/T 600-1996
Practice Evaluation of Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid and Immersion Corrosion Testing of MethodDL/T 523-1993
Specification for Static Commutated Excitation Systems and Devices for Large and Medium Hydraulic GeneratorsDL/T 583-1995
Data transmission protocol for electrical load control systemDL 535-1993
Regulation of Operation and Preventive Maintenance for Gas-Insulated Metal-Enclosed SwitchgearDL/T 603-1996
Pipe Bends for Power StationDL/T 515-1993
Technical Standard of Flyash Concrete for Hydraulic StructuresDL/T 5055-1996
Power Load Control System Data Transmission ProtocolDL/T 535-1993
Methods for collection of coal samples from shipDL/T 569-1995
Guide for installation technology of bulb turbine hydrogenerator unitDL/T 5038-1994
Specification for the Design of Dispatching Automation in District Electric Power SystemsDL 5002-1991
Personal injury accident classification and code for electricity productionDL/T 518.1-2012
Evaluation Rules of Protection Equipment and Power System Stability Control DevicesDL/T 623-1997
Bicycle Conductor Car of 500kV Quad Bundle for Live WorkingDL/T 636-1997
Power System Real-time Data Communication Application Layer ProtocolDL 476-1992
Checking and Calibration Code for On-line Chemical Analysis Instrument of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 677-1999
Technical Code for Designing Chemistry of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 5068-1996
Overhead Insulated Conductor Fittings and Components of Rated Voltages up to 1kV(1)—General ProvisionsDL/T 464.1-1992
Code for Operating and Overhauling of Static Rectification Excitation System Equipment of Large and Medium-Sized Hydraulic GeneratorDL/T 491-1999
Operation and Factory Test Guide for Vacuum Oil FiltesDL/T 521-1993
Guide to the Selection of High-Voltage CablesDL/T 401-1991
Code of Pumping Test in Borehole for Hydropower and Water Conservancy Engineering(Trial)DLJ 203-1981
Methods for Collection of Coal Samples from TruckDL/T 576-1995
Design Code for Hydraulic Concrete StructuresDL/T 5057-1996
Guide on selection of furnace characteristic parameters for large pulverized coal fired power boilersDL/T 831-2003
Specification of Voltage Monitor for OrderDL/T 500-1992
Guide for Insulation Test on Site AC Voltage Withstanding TestDL/T 474.4-1992
Technical Code for Designing AC Station Service of 220kV~1000kV SubstationDL/T 5155-2016
Technological Guide for Assembly and Welding Of Metal Spiral Case of TurbineDL/T 5070-1997
Method of quality acceptance and selective examination for receiveng coal in power plantsDL/T 570-1995
Code for On-line Acceptance Test of Modulating Control System in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 657-1998
Guide For Insulation Test on Site Insulation Resistance, Dielectric Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index TestDL/T 474.1-1992
Guide on automatic voltage control for power gridDL/T 1707-2017
Technical Specifications of High-voltage Presence Indicating SystemsDL/T 538-1993
Code for Design of Telecommunication Lines against Interference Effects from Electric Power LinesDL/T 5063-1996
Power video surveillance systems and interfaces - Part 1: Technical requirementsDL/T 283-2012
Design Specifications for Hydropower Headrace and ForebayDL/T 5079-1997
Specification of High-Voltage Shunt Capacitor Installations for OrderDL/T 604-1996
Ergonomic Principles for the Design of Control Centres Part 1: Terms and DefinitionsDL/T 575.1-1995
Multi-function Watt-Hour Meter Communication ProtocolDL/T 645-1997
Design and Coding Regulations for Electric Power EngineeringDL 503-1992
Technical Guide for Infrared Diagnosis of Alive EquipmentDL/T 664-1999
Technical Supervision Codes for Metal in Thermal Power PlantsDL 438-1991
Grounding for AC Electrical InstallationsDL/T 62l-1997
Guide for Insulation Test on Site DC High Voltage TestDL/T 474.2-1992
Specifications for Overhaul Boiler Furnace Wall of Thermal Power PlantDL/T 638-1997
Specifications for sequential control of power systems DL/T 1708-2017
Technical Stipulation for the Design of Civil Structure of Thermal Power PlantDL/T 5022-1993
Ultrasonic inspection for the trut porcelain insulator and borcelain bushing used in the grid systemDL/T 303-2014
Guide for Acceptance In-Service Supervision and Maintenance of Fire-Resistant Fluid Used in Power PlantsDL/T 571-1995
Check and Measure Device of Spark Gap for Live WorkingDL 415-1991
Guide for Partial Discharge Measuring of Power EquipmentDL 417-1991
Directives of thermal instrumentation and control for condensation type turbine in power plantDL/T 590-1996
Administrative Code of Electric Energy MeteringDL 448-1991
Technical regulation for engineering geological boring of electrical power engineeringDL/T 5096-1999
Rules of operational management of microwave communication in electric power systemDL/T 545-1994
Inspection Code for Boiler and Pressure Vessel of the Power IndustryDL 647-1998
Technical Code for the Design of Waste Water Treatment of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 5046-1995
Guide for Insulation Test on Site Lightning Arrester TestsDL/T 474.5-1992
Technical conditions for ordering alternating current automatic sectionalizersDL/T 406-1991
Technical schedule for high voltage oil-filled cable installationDL 453-1991
Technical Specification of SZJ-12T-1 Slag CrusherDL/T 554-1994
Electric Power Industry Sectors Classification and CodeDL/T 495-1992
Guideline of chemical supervision for combined-cycle power plants DL/T 1717-2017
Rule for Design of Computerized Monitoring and Control System in Hydraulic PowerplantsDL/T 5065-1996
Lightning Protection Operation Management Code for Communication Station of Power SystemDL 548-1994
The Ultrasonic Inspection Method for Tee Joint and Elbow in Power PlantDL/T 718-1999(2000)
Classification and Code of Electric Power Science and Technology AchievementDL/T 517-1993
Travelling Band ScreenDL/T 458-1991
Guide to the Operation and the Maintenance of On-load Tap-changesDL/T 574-1995
Multifunction Watthour MeterDL/T 614-1997
Specification for safety operation in power engineering construction (Part of power transmission line)DL 5009.2-1994
Code for On-line Acceptance Test of Distributed Control System in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 659-1998
Code for On-line Acceptance Test of Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 655-1998
Smart grid dispatching and control system specification Part 5:Scheduling DL/T 1709.5-2017
Phosphate ester fire-resistant-determination of ageing-closed cup amethod DL/T 1705-2017
Vibrating wire displacement transducerDL/T 270-2012
Technical Guide for HVDC Overhead Transmission LinesDL 436-1991
Code for the Prevention of Pulverized Coal Firing Furnace Explosions/Implosions in Power Plant BoilersDL435-1991
Test Regulation for Static Rectified Excitation Systems and Devices for Large and Medium Hydraulic GeneratorsDL 489-1992
Standard for Drawing of Electrical Power Engineering—Part 1: General RegulationStandard for Drawing of Electrical Power Engineering—Part 2: MechanicalStandard for Drawing of Electrical Power Engineering—Part 3: Electric, Instrumentation and ControlStandard for Drawing of Electrical Power Engineering—Part 4: Civil WorkDL/T 5028.1~5028.4-2015
Operation Management Code for Power Line Carrier CommuncationDL/T 546-1994
The Technical Specifications for Automatic Exchange Network of Electric Power System CommunicationDL/T 598-1996
Telecontrol Equipment and Systems Part 5: Transmission Protocols Section 101 Companion Standard for Basic Telecontrol TasksDL/T 634-1997
The Cap and Pin Type Insulators Aging Inspection RuleDL/T 626-1997
Specification for Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgearDL/T 617-1997
The Code of Inspection, Evaluation and Process for Existing Boiler Drum in Fossil-Fuel Power PlantsDL 440-1991
Maintain & Adjusting Guide for Thermal Power Plant Steam-Water Pipes and Support-HangersDL/T 616-1997
Technical Conditions on condensation and pollution test of Indoor AC High-voltage Switchgear and PartsDL/T 539-1993
Operation Specification for Power TransformerDL/T 572-1995
Telecontrol Equipment and Systems Part 5-124: Transmission Protocols—Network Access For IEC 60870-5-121 Using Standard Transport ProfilesDL/T 634.5124-2002
Voltage Distribution of 330kV and 500 kV AC Overhead Transmission Line Insulator String DL/T 487-1992
Code for operating and overhauling of self-shung exciction system equipment of large and medium-sized hydraulic generatorDL/T 491-1992
Verification Regulation for Electricity Meters Testing EquipmentDL/T 460-1992
Labour environment monitoring technological specification of eletric power industryDL/T 799.1~7-2002
Guideline for the commissioning of chemistry systems in power plants DL/T 1076-2017
The Design Rules of Radio Stations against Effects from High Voltage Power Transmission LinesDL/T 5040-1995
Overhead Insulated Conductor Fittings and Components of Rated Voltages up to 1kv (2)—Ordinary Splicing ClampDL/T 464.2-1992
Specification for Power Line Carrier Transceiver Dedicated to ProtectionDL/T 524-1993
Setting Guide for 220kv-750kv Power System ProtectionsDL/T 559-1994
Determination of Volume Resistivity of Insulating OilsDL/T 421-1991
Technical Code for the Hydrogeological Investigation of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 5034-1994
The Technical Guide for High-Temperature Bolt of Fossil-Fired Power PlantDL/T 439-1991
Construction Guideline for Roller Compacted Concrete in Lean Cemented Dregs and GravelDL/T 5264-2011
Code of Safety Operation in Power Engineering Construction (Steam Power Plants)DL 5009.1-1919
Technical Specification of Manufacturing Steel Transmission Pole StructuresDL/T 646-1998
Smart grid dispatching and control system specification. Part 4: Realtime monitoring and early warningDL/T 1709.4-2017
Operational and Setting Code for Relay Protection of 3~110kV Electrical Power NetworksDL/T 584-1995
The Rural Electric Safe Working CodeDL 493-1992
Technical Specification for Engineering Surveying of Fossil Fuel Power PlantsDL 5001-1991
Specifications of DC Screen of Cadmium-Nickel Storage Battery for OrderDL/T 459-1992
Technical regulation for thermal automation design of thermal power plant (for Trial Implementation)DLGJ 123-1995
Technical Condition of Radio Bear Controls Two-way TerminalDL/T 533-1993
Guide for Withstand Voltage Test of Gas-Insulated Metal-Enclosure Electric Appliance on SiteDL/T 555-1994
Design guide for processing system for sand and stone of hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5098-1999
The Acceptance Standard of Water and Steam Integrated Sampling and On-line Analysing UnitDL/T 665-1999
Code for Operation and Administration of Power Dispatching Automation SystemDL 516-1993
Wire fittings and insulation parts insulation rated voltage 1kV and below overheadDL/T 464.1~5-1992
Overhead Insulated Conductor Fittings and Components of Rated Voltages up to 1kv (4) Wedge Strain ClampDL/T 464.4-1992
Specification of Discharge Coils for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor for OrderDL/T 653-1998
Technical Specification for Designing of Ash Slag Damming of Fossil Fuel Power PlantsDL/T 5045-1995
Determination of Dissolved Gas Content in Insulating Oil Method of Vacuum Pressure DifferenceDL/T 423-1991
The Code of Power Construction and Acceptance Technology—Radiographic Examination of Butt Welded-Joints of Pressure Steels Pipes and TubesDL/T 5069-1996
Test regulation for static rectined excitation systems and devices for large and medium hydraulic generatorsDL/T 489-1992
Code for On-line Acceptance Test of Sequence Control System in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 658-1998
Design speifications for concrete face rockfill damsDL/T 5016-1999
Technical Specifications of Test Equipment Based on Micro-Computer for Relaying ProtectionDL/T 624-1997
Technical criteria for dynamically recording malfunctions of 220~500kV electric power systemDL/T 553-1994
Method of Field Moisture Measurement of SF6 Gas Insulated EquipmentDL/T 506-1992
Technical specification for on-line monitoring device of transformation equipment. Part 4: On-line partial discharge monitoring device of gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear based on ultra high frequency DL/T 1498.4-2017
Supervision Code for Creep Strain of Steam Pipe in High Temperature and High Pressure in Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL 441-1991
Boiler Steam Air HeaterDL/T 455-1991
Methods for Testing Sulfur in Coal Ash and Calculation of Combustible SulfurDL/T 567.7-1995
The Technical Guide for the Life Assessment of Overage Units in Fossil Power PlantsDL/T 654-1998
Code for Design of Telecommunication Lines Against Danger Effects From Electric Power LinesDL 5033-1994
Installation and Acceptance Regulation for Static Commutated Excitation Systems and Devices for Large and Medium Hydraulic GeneratorsDL/T 490-1992
Specifications for the Design of Microwave Communication Engineering in Electric Power SystemsDL 5025-1993
Guide for Type Selection for Pulverizers and Pulverizing Systems of Power StationDL/T 466-1992
Field Test Code of 1000kV Series Capacitor InstallationDL/T1584-2016
Guide on Type Selection and Application for Power Boiler FansDL468-1992
Indoor HV Vacuum Circuit-Breaker for Rated Voltage 10kv to 35kvDL/T 403-1991
Guidelines for selecting on-line monitor of gases dissolved in transformer oilDL/T 249-2012
Guide for Performance Test of Activated Carbon for Water TreatmentDL/T 582-1995
The Code of Erection and Acceptance of Electric Power Construction (Chemistry for Fossil Fuel Power Plant)DLJ58-1981
Basic Specification for Hydraulic TurbineDL 445-1991
Specifications of Electro-Hydraulic Regulating System and Unit for Hydraulic TurbinesDL/T 563-1995
General Specifications For Static Protection, Security and Automatic EquipmentDL478-1992
Specifications for the Design of Dispatching Automation in Electric Power SystemsDL 5003-1991
Guide for Water Balance of Thermal Power PlantDL/T 606.5-1996
The system of electric power professional information standardsDL/Z 398-2010
Determination of Volume Resistivity of Insulating OilsDL 421-1991
Regulations of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Geophysical ExplorationDL 5010-1992
Spcifcations for design of composite structure of steel and concrere thermal power plant main buildingDLGJ 99-1991
High-Voltage Alternating Current Circuit-BreakersDL/T 402-1999
Code for Operating Management of Microprocessor-Based Relaying Protection EquipmentDL/T 587-1996
The Code of Erection and Acceptance of Electric Power Construction Section of Steam Boiler SetDL 5047-1995
Nomenclature for fittlags modelDL/T 683-1999
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