Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
MJ Threaded Two-lug Supporting Plate Self Locking Nut HB 7363~7364-1996
Flaring-free Type-C four-way union reducer (28 MPa)HB 7870-2008
Rigging band HB 3118-2000
TeeHB 6016~6018-1996
Cap, Pressure Seal, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6067-6072-2008
General specification for cabin altitude and pressure difference gauge HB 7877-2008
Flaring-free Spherical Joint HB 7375~7377-1996
Cross Reducer, B Type, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6049-6051-2008
Flaring-free duct cap (28 MPa)HB 7875-2008
Adapter of Male and Female ThreadHB 6590~6592-1992
Flexible quick-operating clamp for aluminium alloy ductingHB 7830-2008
28MPa flaring-free sleeve nutHB 7872-2008
Interchangeable parts and locating clamping elements - Large circular locating binding claspHB 7030.14-1994
Application guidance for avionics application software interfaceHB/Z 360-2008
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Superalloys-Part 12:Determination of Manganese Content by Zion Oxide Separation - Ammonium Ferrous Volumetric MethodHB 5220.12-2008
Pressing NutHB 6062~6063-1996
Flaring-free cross clapboard unsymmetrical three-way pipe connector (28 MPa)HB 7863-2008
Environmental test methods for aircraft electronic enginesHB 6-71-1976
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Superalloys-Part 13:Determination of Manganese Content by Potassium Periodate Photometric MethodHB 5220.13-2008
Classification, code and identification of special tooling for aircraft productsHB 7840-2008
Specification for Covered Electrodes of Stainless Steel and Superalloy for AviationHB 462-2008
Tolerances and Machining Allowances of Die ForgingsHB 6077-2008
Tee, Bulkhead, Asymmetry, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6031-6033-2008
Washer HB 7381~7382-1996
Flaring / Flaring-free Straight Through AdapterHB 6593~6595-1992
Flaring-free compression nut (28 MPa)HB 7873-2008
General specification for metal hose assembliesHB 7882-2008
Nut, Compaction, for Flareless Tube Connection, 21MPaHB 6062-6063-2008
The Certifiable Technical Requirement for Environmental Labeling Products Microcomputers and DisplaysHBC 15-2002
28MPa flaring-free bulkhead tube 45°HB 7851-2008
Test method for gas turbine supercharging unit HB 7841-2008
Flaring-free screw-in 45°elbow connector (28 MPa)HB 7853-2008
joggling of sheet metalHB 0-21-2008
Terms of aircraft flight control system HB 6486-2008
Cross, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6043-6045-2008
Tee, Screwed-onto, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6037-6039-2008
Horizontal shaft type indexing table Φ 200HB 1898-1975
Flaring-free straight thread connector with flange (28 MPa) HB 7846-2008
Circular scale of aircraft instrument HB 6-62-1975
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Superalloys-Part 1:Determination of Carbon Content by Coulometric MethodHB 5220.1-2008
NutHB 6059~6061-1996
Tee Reducer, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6019-6021-2008
Screwed CrossHB 6055~6057-1996
Hexagonal thin nutsHB 6275-6284-1989
Cross-clapboard Three Way Pipe Connector with Sealing Washer HB 6028~6030-1996
Elbow, 90°, Screwed-onto, Flareless Tube, 21MPaHB 6013-6015-2008
Reducing Tee Pipe Coupling HB 6019~6021-1996
28MPa flaring-free tubeHB 7843-2008
CrossHB 6043~6045-1996
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