Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Depth caliper with electronic digital displayJB/T 5608-1991
Large gear and gear ring forgingsJB/T 6395-1992
Magnetic standJB/T 10010-1999
Axle seat for instrumentsJB/T 9488-1999
Fixed butt welderJB/T 5251-1991
Carborundum for valve type arrester Technical conditionsJB/T 4035-1999
Automatic band saw grinding machine parametersJB/T 3096-1999
Crocodile type clipping machines PrecisionJB/T 9956-1999
Low speed high torque hydraulic motorJB/T 8728-1998
General woodworking lathe Structural safetyJB 6111-1992
Two side, three side and four sides wood planing machine and milling machine. Technical conditionsJB/T 6549-1993
Test methods for cable accessories. Part 3: Partial discharge measurementJB/T 8138.3-1995
Rectifying equipment for high voltage electrostatic precipitatorJB/T 9688-1999
Safety of battery-driven electric toolsJB/T 7787-1995
Metering relays Digital countersJB/T 8794-1998
Boron carbide sealing rings for mechanical sealing Technical conditionsJB/T 6615-1993
Hand-held electric sheet metal shearsJB/T 8641-1999
Classification and type arrangement method of carbon-graphite productsJB/T 9580-1999
Seismic design standard for boiler structureJB/T 5339-1991
Reducer clutches for impeller type fully automatic washing machinesJB/T 6223-1992
Specification for mercury determinatorJB/T 5228-1991
Thread rolling cylindrical dies for whitworth threadsJB/T 8825.7-1998
Hydraulic fluid power. Power units. Nominal capacities of reservoirJB/T 7938-1999
Granite surface plateJB/T 7975-1999
Coaxial type cylindrical gear reducersJB/T 7000-1993
Sealing rings for fluid drive alloy cast ironJB/T 8547-1997
Height caliper with electronic digital displayJB/T 5609-1991
Orbital type electric sandersJB/T 8732-1999
Air legsJB/T 9854-1999
Large electronic flasher for photographic purposes in studioJB/T 8477.2-1996
Operating conditions for industrial process measurement and control equipment. Corrosive and erosive influencesJB/T 9237.1-1999
Knife-disconnector and knife-change over disconnectorJB/T 8977-1999
Specification for three-phase brushless generator in shipsJB/T 4271-1999
Combined machine tool Power case Technical conditionsJB/T 9892.2-1999
Metals materials. Uniform corrosion. Methods of laboratory immersion testingJB/T 7901-1999
internal combustion engines. Crank shaft bushes. SpecificationsJB/T 9760-1999
Ring hammer crusherJB/T 8911-1999
Sheet film cassette for stand camerasJB/T 10066-1999
Synchro small-type electronic flasher for photographic purposes in studioJB/T 8477.1-1996
Electrotechnical braided copper wires Twill woven wiresJB/T 6313.2-1992
Cast iron surface plateJB/T 7974-1999
Type, dimensions and specifications of PN 250 MPa stud bolts at bossJB/T 1308.15-1999
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plug. Test method for thermal shock resistanceJB/T 9588.5-1999
General specifications of pressuredie-castings of cast aluminium alloys of rock drilling machines and pneumatic toolsJB/T 9856-1999
Specifications of test film for readers of transparent microformsJB/T 8256.2-1999
Sulfur dioxide analyzer - SpecificationJB/T 6240-1992
Pressure vessels for refrigerant equipmentJB/T 4750-2010
Taper 1: 50 pin reamers Part 3: Taper shank machine reamerJB/T 7956.3-1999
Big power bulldozer. Water-cooled type hydraulic fluid cooler. Technical specificationsJB/T 8814-1998
Belt pressure filterJB/T 9040-1999
Table type multi-purpose woodworking machines parametersJB/T 6555-1993
The mode for designation of product models of fuel injection equipment for diesel engineJB/T 8819-1998
High frequency symmetric quad telecommunication cables with copper conductor paper insulation and lead sheathJB/T 866-1999
Cake automatically encrusting machineJB/T 9126-1999
YG series three-phase asynchronous motors for roll table application. Technical specification (frame size 112-225)JB/T 8733-1998
Sintered polyvinyl chloride separator for lead acid storage batteriesJB/T 7630.3-1998
Editorial nominating method for the type designation of plow pulgsJB/T 9584-1999
Fasteners Hexagon socket gaugeJB/T 7384.5-1994
Aluminum plate-fin heat exchangerJB/T 4757-2009
Test method for corrosive of anticorrosive asbestos packingJB/T 9143-1999
Punches and dies of cold press dies Quick change round punchJB/T 8057.3-1995
Accuracy of the tool presetting instrumentJB/T 7982-1999
Technical specification for notching pressJB/T 5349.1-1991
Teflon and teflon blank filler intended to be used in mechanical sealing. Technical specificationJB/T 8873-1999
Rotary workbenchJB/T 4370-1996
Punches and dies of cold press dies Round punch, type AJB/T 8057.1-1995
Terminology of electrotechnics Special equipments for electro-ceramicsJB/T 7615-1994
Linear straight edge bonding machines for woodworking PrecisionJB/T 6194-1992
Painting general requirements for the electrician special equipmentJB/T 4328.9-1999
Axial load fatigue testing machines dynamic force calibrationJB/T 8286-1999
Crawler bulldozer. Steering brake bandsJB/T 8813-1998
Type, dimensions and specifications of PN 250 MPa reduced pipesJB/T 1308.17-1999
Fasteners Hexagon socket diagonal width through-end gaugeJB/T 7384.6-1994
General technical specifications for analog input and output channel modulesJB/T 6808-1993
The specification for manual tungsten inert-gas arc welding machine (TIG welding machine)JB/T 8747-1998
Power cables and wires for watercrafts with rated voltage between 0. 6-1kv and below. PVC insulated and sheathed power cables and wires for watercrafts. DA typeJB 8140.2-1995
Walk-through type shot blasting cleaners Technical conditionsJB/T 9984.2-1999
Polyester film insulating paper soft composite materialsJB/T 4059-1991
Test methods for cable accessories. Part 1: GeneralJB/T 8138.1-1995
Technical specification for ferrous castings intended to be used in insulatorsJB/T 5891-1991
Technical specification for axial flow fans for cooling towerJB/T 9099-1999
Combined machine tool Multi-spindle heads Accuracy inspectionJB/T 3043-1999
Ferrous powder metallurgy brake friction lining of medium load automobileJB/T 9135-1999
Specification for small diameter bending pipeJB/T 6509-1992
General technical conditions for power equipment automation deviceJB/T 3336-1983
Methods for measurement of flange focal distance of motion picture lenses and measurement of image plane displecement of zoom motion picture lensesJB/T 9426.15-1999
Two stage air floatation filter water purifierJB/T 6931-1993
Microscope slidesJB/T 8230.3-1997
Edge grinder for woodworking planes parametersJB/T 7497.2-1999
Specifications for 16mm microfilm cameraJB/T 8275-1999
Porcelain insulators for electric precipitation Wall bushingsJB/T 5909.4-1991
Combined machine tool Columns Accuracy inspectionJB/T 9883-1999
High precision horizontal lathes Accuracy inspectionJB/T 8768-1998
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