Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Verification Regulation of Weight Indication Gauge for Oil Well DrillingJJG(SY)03-1999
Load Wheel Tester for Asphalt Emulsion Slurry MixtureJJG(JT)091-2009
Verification Regulation of Dial indicator with Scale Division of 0.01 mmJJG 34-1984
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Mid-frequency VibrationJJG 1261-1990
Accelerated Polishing MachineJJG(JT)054-2009
Verification Regulation of Voltage Transfomers of Measuring Service at Place of InstallationJJG (沪) 51-2007
T1201 VOR/ADF/ILS discrete function interface unitJJG(MH)0084-2005
Electrically Driven Cement Flexure Testing MachineJJG(JT)048-2004
O.T.N. of the Hardness Secondary Standard for VickersJJG 1250-1990
Measurer for Liner Removal Performance of Retroreflective SheetingJJG(JT)085-2007
O.T.N.of Power Frequency Current Ratio Value Primary StandardJJG 1361-1990
Technical Specification of Measurement Assurance Program for Length of Gauge BlockJJG 1045-1993
Verification Regulation of Routine Analytical Cigarette-smoking MachineJJG(YC)13-2009
Verification Regulation of Bevel ProtracterJJG 33-1979
Gauge Used in Measuring the Distance Between Acting Centres of Journal Load of Wheels - set for CoachJJG(TZ)120-2011
Test Instrument of the Train Running and Monitoring and Recording EquipmentJJG(TZ)181-2004
Air Micrometer for Float TypeJJG 356-1984
Apparatus for Time of Setting of Concrete Mixture by Penetration ResistanceJJG(JT)095-2009
Trial specification for verification of JS-2C model transistor reverse cut-off current testersJJG(SJ)04001-1987
O.T.N. of Specular Gloss Primary StandardJJG 1334-1990
Verification Regulation of Rounaness Measuring InstrumentJJG 429-1986
O.T.N. of 4πβ (PC)-γ Coincidence Secondary Standard of Measuring ActivityJJG 1337-1990
Verification Regulation of Flatness Interferometer with Isoclinic Circle FringeJJG 661-1990
Specification for verification of data line testersJJG(YD)025-1994
Technical Specification MAP for Radion AttenuationJJG 1040-1993
Verification Regulation of Compensation Voltmeter JJG 254-1981
Electrocardlograph Calibration DeviceJJG 749-1991
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Specular GlossJJG 2069-1990
Specification for verification of CD-50 model universal bridgesJJG(SJ)05043-1991
Measuring Condenser MicrophonesJJG 175-1984
Calibration Specification for Dynamic Characteristic of Load CellJJG 1053-1996
Verification Regulation of Gear Tooth Vernier CaliperJJG 84-1988
Verification Regulation of Roller Type Speedometer TesterJJG 909-1996
Verification Regulation of Metroscope JJG 55-1984
Shape Selector of Glass BeadsJJG (交通) 073-2007
Verification Regulation of Sampler for Airborne Particulate Matters (PM 10)JJG 659-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard of Combustion EnergyJJG 1353-1990
Clearance Detector of Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge RailwayJJG(TZ)180-2004
Operating Technical Norm for Secondary Standard for Luminous IntensityJJG 1311B-1990
Verification Regulation of Rump Type Alternate CompensatorJJG 355-1984
Operating Technical Norm for Alternating Power Primary Standard from 40Hz to 15000Hz JJG 1289-1990
Verification Regulation of Telephone Channel Measuring SetJJG(YD) 019-1994
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Force (≤1MN)JJG 2045-1990
Verification Regulation of Standard Cell JJG 153-1986
Verification Regulation of Wheel Checker for Railway Locomotives and VehiclesJJG 221-1991
Specification for verification of AD5122 microwave group delay measuring setsJJG(SJ)01004-1989
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for IlluminationJJG 1314-1990
Verification Regulation of the Leak Detector of Sulfur HexafluorideJJG 914-1996
The Technical Examination Norm for Metrology Accreditation of Testing Unit for Testing of Product QualityJJG 1021-1990
Water Transport Engineering-Gate Opening GaugeJJG(JT)026-2004
Measuring Tools for Profile of RailJJG(TZ)201-2009
Verification Regulation of The Standard Device of Vertex Power for RefractometersJJG 922-1996
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Sound Pressure of Reciprocity TechniqueJJG 1269-1990
Standard of Black-white Photographic Density TabletJJG 452-1986
Verification Scheme for Measuring Instruments of Hardness Testing on Shore Scale dJJG 2006-1987
Specification for verification of wave guide reflectometersJJG(YD)008-1990
Verification Regulation for Standard DynamometersJJG 144-1982
Measurer for Adhesion Performance of Retroreflective SheetingJJG (交通) 083-2007
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Vickers HardnessJJG 1249-1990
Spring Tension and Compression Testing MachineJJG 609-1989
Calibration Specification for Capacitor (CJS-2,3,4) Dielectric Loss Meters JJG 136-1986
Verification Regulation of 4753880-503 Calibration Instrument for Fuel Flow System Line CheckerJJG(MH)029-1996
Verification Regulation of Eddy Current Conductivity MeterJJG(MH)0092-2006
Operating Technical Norm for Gas Flow Primary Standard in the Range from 30 to 120 m3/hJJG 1228-1990
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Rockwell HardnessJJG 1246-1990
Verification Regulation of Metallic Rockwell Hardness Reference Blocks (Scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, N, T)JJG 113-2003
Verification Regulation of Secondary Standard Ionization Vacuum GaugesJJG 462-1986
Verification regulation for cement mortars mixerJJG(JC)102-1999
O.T.N.OF 0.633ΜM Wavelength Primary StandardJJG 1202-1990
Water Transport Engineering-Vibrating Wire Steel Stress GaugeJJG(JT)035-2004
Operating Technical Norm pH Primary StandardJJG 1356-1990
Verification Regulation of Time Interval Measuring Instrument with Needle IndicationJJG 237-1995
Verification Regulation of NAV-410L Navigation Test setJJG(MH)015-1995
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Brinell HardnessJJG 1243-1990
O.T.N. of Superficial Rockwell Hardness Primary StandardJJG 1247-1990
Verification Regulation of the Standard long-Stem Platinum Resistance ThermometerJJG 859-1994
The Rules for Drafting Program of Pattern Evaluation of Measuring InstrumentsJJF 1016-2002
Verification Regulation of DC Comparator BridgeJJG 506-1987
Pendulum Friction TesterJJG(JT)053-2009
Verification Regulation of Quartz Crystal Oscillator within Electronic CounterJJG 180-1978
Verification Regulation of the Standard Platinum Rhodium 10-Platinum Thermocouple JJG 75-1982
Model 01-0328-00 IDENT TONE GENERATORJJG(MH)0080-2005
Verification Regulation of High Stable Quartz Crystal OscillatorJJG 181-1989
Verification Regulation of Torque WrenchesJJG(MH)001-1993
Measuring Instruments for 500~1000K Irradiance ScaleJJG 2048-1990
Instrument for Measuring Radial Clearance of Rolling BearingJJG 470-1986
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for TorqueJJG 2047-1990
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for Audiometric Zero Level of Air ConductionJJG 1280-1990
Verification Regulation of Standard Condenser Microphones (Free-field Reciprocity Method)JJG 482-1987
Verification Regulation of Prestressed Steal Wire Tension MachineJJG 333-1996
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for 60Co γ Ray Graphite Absorption Dosimetric Calorimeter JJG 1348-1990
Verification Regulation for Standard DynamometersJJG 371-1985
Printing Rate Recorder (On Trail)JJG 488-1987
Bourdon Pressure Gauge for Railway Locomotives and VehiclesJJG(TZ)193-2007
Verification Regulation of KПA-TПP1T Oil Gauge TesterJJG(MH)043-1997
Verification Regulation of Metallic standard Rockwell Hardness Test BlockJJG 113-1991
Verification Regulation of Wrench for Measurement of TorqueJJG 707-1990
Verification Regulation of Coincidence LevelJJG 103-1988
Verification Regulation of Flame PhotometerJJG 630-1989
Verification Regulation of Railway Tank Car Volume JJG 140-1991
Port Machinery-Digital Angle DetectorsJJG(JT)042-2004
Verification Regulation of ThermocoupleJJG 351-1984
Verification Regulation of Measurer for Liner Removal Performance of Retroreflective Sheeting JJG (交通) 085-2007
Technical Specification of MAP for Properties of Magnitic MaterialsJJG 1041-1993
Verification Regulation of Audio-frequency Signal GeneratorJJG 607-1989
Verification Regulation of Thermomagnetic Oxygen AnalyzersJJG 662-1990
Detector for Alcoholic Quantity from Breathing-out GasJJG 657-1990
Bimetallic ThermometerJJG 226-1989
Verlfication Regulation of Single-Flank Gear Rolling TesterJJG 95-1961
Specification for verification of microwave system analyzersJJG(YD)007-1990
Float-type Stage GaugeJJG(SL)002-2009
O.T.N. of Temperature Primary Standard in the Range from 12.81 to 273.15KJJG 1215-1990
The Wheel Field Balancing EquipmentJJG(JT)011-2005
Speedmeter of TrainJJG(TZ)132-2005
Verification regulation for cement electrically driven flexue testing machineJJG(JC)101-1999
Digital Aerial Photographic CamerasJJG(测绘)3401-2013
Drilling Fluid Density MeterJJG石油15-1991
Verification Regulation of Gas Roots FlowmeterJJG 633-1990
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of Magnetic InductionJJG 1294-1990
Automatic Testing System of Twin-wheel Sideway Force CoefficientJJG(JT)100-2010
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for Total Luminous Flux JJG 1312-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Contingent Primary Standard for Alternating-current Electrical Energy JJG 1290-1990
Verification Regulation of SR24490A Air Data Navigation Instrument TesterJJG(MH)025-1996
Verification Regulation of Mine Dust SamplerJJG(MT)03-1996
O.T.N. of 4πβ(LS) Radioactivity Primary StandardJJG 1338-1990
Port Machinery-Secondary Meter for Load CellsJJG(JT)043-2004
Water Transport Engineering - Gate Opening GaugeJJG 交通 026-2004
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for IlluminanceJJG 2032-1989
CTS-700 SELCAL/ATSCALL Test SetJJG(MH)0064-2001
Verification Regulation of Light-Section MicroscopeJJG 76-1980
Verification Regulation of Table BalanceJJG 156-1983
Specification for verification of XJ4245 model stereo oscilloscopesJJG(SJ)03006-1989
Verification Regulation of Special Measurement tools for Bogie Structure of Railway Passenger CarsJJG(TZ)170-1998
verification Regulation of Wide Range Dial Gauges Reading in 0.01mmJJG 379-1985
Verification Regulation of Resistance Strain Gauge IndicatorsJJG 623-1989
Operating Technical Norm of the Primary Standard for Low Frequency Vibration in Horizontal Direction JJG 1264-1990
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the 1×1000000N Force Standard MachineJJG 1235-1990
Verification Regulation of ИВП Ouput Parameter Test SetJJG(MH)035-1996
Verification Regulation of Bank Checking Module Test Bench“ПAП-32”JJG(MH)039-1996
Verification Regulation of Modulation MeterJJG 437-1989
Specification for verification of medium frequency testersJJG(YD)017-1992
O.T.N. of Laser Small Angle Inteferometer Primary StandardJJG 1209-1990
Verification scheme of radiation thermometersJJG 2004-1987
Dose Assurance Monitoring Method for γ-Ray Radiation Processing LevelJJG 1020-1990
Verification Regulation of Standard Glass Hydrometers JJG 86-1986
Verification Regulation of Load CellJJG 391-1985
Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary ViscometerJJG 155-1979
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard Fo Absorbed Dose in Graphite for 60Co Gamma Rays with Ionization Chamber MethodJJG 1371-1995
O.T.N. of Sound Pressure Primary Standard for Low Frequency 1~2000Hz Underwater SoundJJG 1275-1990
TCAS-201 Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Ramp Test SetJJG(MH)0070-2004
Standard Method for Using the Potassium(Silver) Dickromate Dosimeter to Measure γ-Ray Absorbed Dose in WaterJJG 1018-1990
Verification Regulation of Digital Temperature Test Set Model TT-1000AJJG(MH)0056-2000
RF and Microwave Power Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2009-2016
Verification Regulation for Calibrator of Standard Analogue Strain QuantityJJG 533-1988
Frequency Meter Used IndicatorJJG 603-1989
O.T.N. of Primary Standard for Pendulum Impact Energy(Charpy)JJG 1282-1990
Medical Diagnostical x Ray Radiation SourceJJG 744-1991
O.T.N. for Gas Flow Primary Standard in the Range from 0.3~3m3hJJG 1226-1990
Verification regulation for metallographic microscopeJJG(JY)012-1996
Verification Regulation of Small Angle Tester JJG 300-1982
Verification scheme of thermocouplesJJG 2003-1987
Specification for Comparison of Measuring InstrumentJJG 1117-2004
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Vertical Low-frequency VibrationJJG 1266-1990
Verification Regulation of Test Bench “ПП-25”JJG(MH)047-1999
Verification Regulation of Length Measuring MachineJJG 54-1984
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for Electroacoustical Free Field Acoustical Pressure JJG 1271-1990
Wet Track Abrasion Tester for Asphalt Emulsion Slurry MixtureJJG(JT)090-2009
Verification Regulation of Detecting Instrument for Threshed Tobacco-Part 1: Stacked Sieve ShakerJJG(YC)23.1-2009
Verification Regulation of Horizotal Spiral Blade Water MeterJJG 258-1988
Provisional Regulation of Verification of Microwave System AnalyzerJJG(YD) 007-1990
Verification Regulation of Turbine FlowmeterJJG 1037-2008
Verification Regulation of Optical ClinometerJJG 104-1986
V.R. of Photoelectric Colorimeter within FilterJJG 179-1981
Technical Norm of Machine Scale RemakeJJG 1025-1991
Verification Regulation of Colori-meter and Color Differences Meter JJG 595-1989
Apparatus for Softening Point of BitumenJJG(JT)057-2004
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of Low Light Level at the 10~0.000001 LuxJJG 1316-1990
Verification Regulation of Bore Dial IndicatorJJG 36-1989
Secondary Standard Mercury BarometerJJG 614-1989
O.T.N. of Primary Standard of ViscosityJJG 1354-1990
Verification Regulation of Measurer for Longitudinal Impact Accelerograph of CoachJJG(TZ)168-1998
Eddy Current Conductivity MeterJJG(民航)0092-2006
Verification Regulation of Medium Level Laser Power MeterJJG 293-1982
Verification Regulation of Angular PolygonJJG 283-1981
Verification Regulation of Nuclear Density and Moisture GageJJG(JT)068-2006
Air Entrainment Meter of Freshly Mixed Concrete by The Volumetric MethodJJG(JT)094-2009
Verification Regulation of Electrolytic Conductivity MetersJJG 376-1985
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Luminous IntensityJJG 2034-1989
Verification Regulation of MODEL NAV-705B VHF Navigation Test EquipmentJJG(MH)051-1999
Specification for verification of pulse-echo testJJG(YD)009-1990
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Air Acoustics PressureJJG 2037-1989
Verification Regulation of Comparator of Machinery TypeJJG 39-1990
Verification Regulation of Standard Mercury-in-Glass Thermometer (Grade I)JJG 161-1994
Vehicle Bearing Road Laser ProfilometerJJG(JT)075-2010
Verification Regulation of Thread Measuring WiresJJG 41-1990
Verification Regulation of Snap Gauge Reading in 0.01mmJJG 109-1986
Flow Table for Determination Cement Mortar FluidityJJG(JT)096-2009
Measurer for Adhesion Performance of Zinc Coating of Steel ComponentsJJG(JT)082-2007
Casing Coupling MeterJJG 473-1986
Vehicle Bearing Road Laser Rut-meterJJG(JT)076-2010
Electronic Universal Testing MachineJJG 475-1986
Model T1200 Control Display Unit TesterJJG(MH)0065-2001
Test Norm of Verification Equipment for AC Electrical Energy MeterJJG 1036-1993
O.T.N. of Temperature Primary Standard in the Range from 273.15 to 903.89KJJG 1218-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Angle Dividing Table Primary StandardJJG 1208-1990
Gas Chromatograph JJG 700-1990
Verification Regulation of Digit Industrial Frequency Meter Model PP 27 JJG 509-1987
Verification Regulation of X Radiation Protection InstrumentsJJG 479-1986
Verification Regulation of the Data Line testJJG(YD) 025-1994
Verification Regulation of the Telegram Signal TesterJJG(YD) 014-1992
Mixer for cement pasteJJG(JC)104-1994
Verification Regulation of Standard TorsionmeterJJG 557-1988
Verification Regulation of Power Meter Type 1840-AJJG(MH)002-1994
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for LuminanceJJG 1317-1990
Specification for verification of ME62A model microwave testing devicesJJG(YD)003-1989
Verification Regulation of Roller Type Speedometer TesterAlignerJJG(JT)018-1999
Verification Regulation of High Frequency Standard VibratorJJG 637-1990
Verification Regulation of Model HCS9000B/HCS9200B Composite Repair Controller/Hot BonderJJG(MH)0095-2006
Verification Regulation of Metallic Horizontal Tank JJG 266-1981
Tobacco. Verification Regulation of Air Permeability StandardJJG(YC)18-2012
Verification Regulation StandardVibrator MiddleFreguencyJJG 298-1982
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Ultrasonic Power of Milliwatt LevelJJG 1279-1990
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Car VolumeJJG 641-1990
O.T.N.of 200~2500 MPa Pressure Primary StandardJJG 1230-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for Laser Power at 0.1~100mwJJG 1329-1990
O.T.N. of Color Temperature Primary StandardJJG 1319-1990
Comb Gauge for Wet-film Thickness of Road Traffic Marking CoatJJG(JT)074-2007
Slip Type Automobile Side Slip TesterJJG(JT)002-2005
Verification Regulation of Detecting Instrument for Threshed Tobacco-Part 2: Lamina Selection MachineJJG(YC)23.2-2009
Verification Regulation of Antiskid Brake Controller Tester Model 42-051pJJG(MH)0054-2000
Verification Regulation of Sound CalibratorJJG 176-1984
V.R. of Standard CapacitorsJJG 183-1978
Testing apparatus for asphalt content by burning methodJJG(JT)072-2006
O.T.C. of the Primary Standard for the 1000~4000ml VolumeJJG 1254-1990
Verification Regulation of SphygmomanometerJJG 271-1984
Specification for verification of measurement meters of groove diameter and groove position of inner ring and outer ring of deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearingsJJG(JB)81-1992
Verification Regulation of Octave-band and One-third-octave-band FiltersJJG 449-1986
Verification Regulation of Luminance MeterJJG 211-1989
Verification Regulation of Spherical Metal Tank CapacityJJG 643-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for Laser Power at 0.1~30WJJG 1327-1990
Verification Regulation of Speedmeter on LocomotiveJJG 469-1986
Digital Aerial Photographic CamerasJJG 3401-2013
V.R. of GoniometerJJG 97-1981
V. R. of Asphalt Mixture and Cement Concrete Mixing Device Measure SystemJJG(JT)071-2006
Specification for verification of balanced variable attenuatorsJJG(YD)028-1994
Verification Regulation of Standard Piston Gauge for Gauge Pressure Range -0. 1~0. 25MPa (Grade I)JJG 236-1994
Water Transport Engineering - Groundwater Stage GaugeJJG 交通 033-2004
Verification Regulation of Electrochemical Electrode Gas Oxygen AnalyserJJG 365-1984
Verification Regulation of Reference Sound SourceJJG 277-1981
Verification Regulation of Instruments for Measuring the Moisture Content of Grain with Baking MethodJJG 658-1990
Verification Regulation of Ni-Cr/Au+0.07At%Fe ThermocoupleJJG 344-1984
O.T.N of the Primary Standard for the 1×1000N Force Standard MachineJJG 1240-1990
Verification Regulation of Track Gauging Rule for Standard Gauge RailwayJJG 219-1980
Verification Regulation of Magnetoelectric Type Velocity TransducerJJG 134-1987
Verification Regulation of Autopilot System Comprehensive Test Bench“AИ-5”JJG(MH)013-1995
High Voltage Electrostratic VoltmeterJJG 494-1987
Verification Regulation for Switching Time Parameter Testing System of Bipolar Transistor JJG 电子 31013-2007
Operating Technical Norm Angle Primary Standard JJG 1369-1995
Shape Selector of Glass BeadsJJG(JT)073-2007
Verification Regulation of Calibration Instrument for Vertical Gyro Simulation Test SetJJG(MH)021-1995
Verification Regulation of Neutron CalibratorJJG 石油 47-1999
Le Chatelier, Tester for Determination Expansion of Le Chatelier NeedlesJJG(JT)093-2009
Verification Regulation of Compensated Neutron ToolJJG 石油 52-2000
The Technical Norm for Revenue Control Device of Fuel DispensersJJG 1056-1998
Verification Regulation of Oscilloscope CalibratorJJG 278-1981
F72785-572 Elevator/Rudder/Aileron Power Control Unit Test EquipmentJJG(MH)0072-2004
5963446-501 Brake Valve and Bleed Test SetJJG(MH)0076-2004
Verification Regulation of Model 4TSJ60B00002 INS Navigation TesterJJG(MH)0060-2000
Detecting Device for Overload and Unbalance Load of Rail WagonsJJG(TZ)129-2004
Verification Regulation of Wilding Measuring RulersJJG 704-1990
Verification Regulation of 60Co γ Ray Work-class Exposure Meter (Radiotherapy) (Trial Implementation)JJG 373-1985
Water Transport Engineering-Groundwater Stage GaugeJJG(JT)033-2004
Verification Regulation of 60Co Teletherapy Radiation Source JJG 589-1989
V.R. of Auto-detect Meter of Back-insert Type for Road Deflection JJG (交通) 086-2007
V.R. of Load CellJJG 669-1990
Verification Regulation of Electro-magnetie Distance Measuring InstrumentJJG 703-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Secondary Standard for Spectral Radiance in the Range of 250~2500nmJJG 1322B-1990
Water Transport Engineering-Pile Static Load Measuring InstrumentJJG(JT)028-2004
Calibration Specification for Flat Equal Thickness InterferometersJJF 1100-2016
Rules for measuring guide post position of bogieJJG(TZ)199-2009
Condenser Microphones (Free-Field Comparison Method)JJG 481-1987
Light-interference Type Methane Measuring DeviceJJG 677-1990
Verification Regulation of Digital Temperature Indicators and ControllersJJG 617-1989
Verification Regulation of Calibrators for Railway Track GageJJG 404-1986
Water Transport Engineering-Unbonded Elastic Wire Resistance Pressure CellJJG(JT)041-2004
Operating Technical Norm of Comparison Standard for Direct Current Electromotive ForceJJG 1359-1990
Windshield Heater System Test SetJJG(MH)0063-2001
Rail ultrasonic flaw detector VRofJJG 130-2003
O.T.N. of Atomic Time Scale Primary StandardJJG 1309-1990
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standard for Cut-off attenuation at 30MHzJJG 1301-1990
National Verification Scheme for measuring instruments of hardness testing on shore scale dJJG 2006-1996
Verification Regulation of the Desk SphygmomanometerJJG 270-1988
Verification Regulation of Mass Flow MetersJJG 897-1995
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the 0.5~90 mLVolumeJJG 1258-1990
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