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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Finger-jointed lumberLY/T 1351-1999
Accuracy tests of the particle forming machineLY/T 1298-1999
Cable systems of foerwst cublewayLY 1383-1999
Forestry self-propelled machines. Measurement method of noise emitted when stationaryLY/T 1391-1999
Forestry self-propelled machines. Measurement method of noise emitted when in motionLY/T 1390-1999
Formulated fertilization technical for fast-growing eucalyptsLY/T 2749-2016
Wood tar inhibitorLY/T 1394-1999
Lawn mower. Rules for drafting product typeLY/T 1202.2-2001
Processing logs for sleeperLY/T 1503-2011
Parameters of the drum sandersLY/T 1311-1999
Parameters of the veneer wire net dryersLY/T 1306-1999
Technical regulations for fire in forest management in northeast and inner mongolia forest areasLY/T 1173-2010
Portable sprinkler irrigators driven by gasoline engineLY/T 1387-1999
Anti-static wood based moveable floorLY/T 1330-1999
Gasoline powered chain saws. Determination of its balanceLY/T 1346-1999
Trial Implementation on Document Composition and Depth Requirements for AfForestation Engineering Construction Project LY 5141-1999
TreeplanterLY/T 1516-1999
Production and acceptance specification of the veneer dryersLY/T 1308-1999
Disk chipper. ParametersLY/T 1338-1999
Accuracy tests of the veneer roller dryersLY/T 1305-1999
Painting colour of the wood-based panel machineryLY/T 1376-1999
Lawn mower. TermsLY/T 1202.1-2001
Treeplanter. TerminologyLY/T 1515-1999
Accuracy tests of the drum sandersLY/T 1312-1999
Logs of small diameterLY/T 1369-1999
Log hauling truck. Test codes for type approvalLY/T 1386-1999
Maintenance rules for veneer net-belt dryerLY/T 1583-2000
Accuracy tests of the veneer wire net dryersLY/T 1307-1999
Carriage plywood with sliced veneerLY/T 1364-1999
Lawn mower. Technical requirementsLY/T 1202.3-2001
Valonea-tannin scale-removing agentLY/T 1366-1999
Comprehensive energy consumption of particleboard productionLY/T 1530-2011
Wide belt sander. Manufacture and acceptance requirementsLY/T 1341-1999
Disk chipper. Manufacture and acceptance requirementsLY/T 1339-1999
Parameters of the veneer roller dryersLY/T 1304-1999
Parameters of the wide belt sandersLY/T 1309-1999
BroodlacLY/T 1323-1999
Forestry self-propelled machines. Measurement of noise at the operaterears. Survey methodLY/T 1392-1999
Food additive Carthamin yellowLY 1299-1999
Accuracy tests of the wide belt sandersLY/T 1310-1999
Parameters of the particle forming machineLY/T 1297-1999
Technical rules for quarantine of Apriona swainsoni Hope LY/T 3075-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations on establishment of ex situ conservation bank of germplasm resources of Hippophae rhamnoides L. LY/T 3074-20182019-5-1
Wood-based flooring for ground with heating system LY/T 1700-20182019-5-1
Sawn timber for national folk music-Instrument Ruan LY/T 3043-20182019-5-1
Cross laminated timber LY/T 3039-20182019-5-1
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness uniformity and stability-Juniper (Juniperus L.) LY/T 3002-20182019-5-1
Test method fortruss plate connection LY/T 3040-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations for the management and conservation of old and notable trees LY/T 3073-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for economic crop planting under the Camellia oleifera forest LY/T 3046-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for pulpwood-oriented cultivation of Larix kaem p feri plantation LY/T 3047-20182019-5-1
Oscillating screens LY/T 1011-20182019-5-1
Forest certification in China- Feeding management for wildlife-Guidelines LY/T 2999-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for controlling Valsa sordida Nit. LY/T 3029-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for monitoring&forecasting pine caterpillars LY/T 3030-20182019-5-1
Acetylated wood LY/T 3037-20182019-5-1
Sawn timber for national folk music-Instrument Liuqin LY/T 3042-20182019-5-1
Plant fiber sand blocking and fixing net LY/T 2995-20182019-5-1
Test methods for cyclic testing of joints made with metal fasteners of timber structures LY/T 3041-20182019-5-1
Afforestation regulations for saline and alkaline land on coast in the northern parts of the Changjiang River LY/T 2992-20182019-5-1
Test method of artificial weathering for exterior wood coatings LY/T 3033-20182019-5-1
Turned wooden handle tools LY/T 3035-20182019-5-1
Technical specification for the establishment of living plant sand barrier LY/T 2996-20182019-5-1
Production life cycle assessment specification for wood-based panels LY/T 3045-20182019-5-1
Code for storage of discarded wooden materials LY/T 3032-20182019-5-1
Technical standard for comprehensive treatment of desertificated land in alpine area LY/T 2997-20182019-5-1
Purlin log LY/T 1157-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations of seedling raising for Bischofia javanica B1. LY/T 3072-20182019-5-1
General requirements for producing wood impregnated with resin LY/T 3034-20182019-5-1
Technical Code of Wildlife Feed and Management´╝ŹOriental White StorkLY/T 2981-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for planting mangrove on difficult habitatLY/T 2972-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for management plantation forest of Pinus tabuliformis LY/T 2971-20182018-6-1
Ornamental seedling cultivation regulation and quality grading of Osmanthus sp. LY/T 2950-20182018-6-1
The labeling of forest tree seeds and seedlingsLY/T 2290-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations of seedling cultivation on Pterocarpus indicusLY/T 2943-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Castanopsis fissa LY/T 2977-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for producing light seedling substrate of treesLY/T 2280-20182018-6-1
Techniqual regulations cultivation of Mesua ferrea LY/T 2975-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Dysosma versipellis LY/T 2952-20182018-6-1
Planning guidelines for forest based health and wellness baseLY/T 2935-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for plantation tending of Pinus armandii LY/T 2973-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of tree-rhododendron in the subalpine mountain areas LY/T 2953-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for planting seedlings and afforestation of Picea crassifoliaLY/T 2949-20182018-6-1
Short logsLY/T 1506-20182018-6-1
Long wood buckingLY/T 1370-20182018-6-1
Technical specification for greening of salt-isolation layer in coastal saline soilLY/T 2959-20182018-6-1
Bamboo gongfu tea table serving trayLY/T 2982-20182018-6-1
Low-yield and low-function forest reconstruction in Northeast and Inner. Mongolia forest region. Technical requirements and guideline for engineering implementation LY/T 2969-20182018-6-1
Inspection for tree stemLY/T 2984-20182018-6-1
Principles and methods of conserving wild plant species with extremely small populationsLY/T 2938-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for container seedlings of Acacia auriculi formis LY/T 2944-20182018-6-1
Wild animal product --Ostrich eggsLY/T 2979-20182018-6-1
Cultivation technique regulations for Eucalyptus mid-large sawlogLY/T 2965-20182018-6-1
Quality standard of forest based health and wellness baseLY/T 2934-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for monitoring growth and environment of old and notable treesLY/T 2970-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivationLY/T 2960-20182018-6-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of saline land ecosystem in desert regionLY/T 2936-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for plantation cultivation of Quercus acutissimaLY/T 2961-20182018-6-1
Technology regulations of setting sand-barrier on shifting sandy landLY/T 2986-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations on close to nature management of natural secondary forest in southern collective forest regionLY/T 2957-20182018-6-1
Seedling technical regulation of Chionanthus retusus LY/T 2946-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations of cultivation for Syringa pinnatifolia Hemsl.LY/T 2963-20182018-6-1
The regulation of investigation and determination for the main traits of oil-tea cameliaLY/T 2955-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Zenia insignis LY/T 2976-20182018-6-1
Technical standard of container seedlings in Alnus cremastogyne LY/T 2948-20182018-6-1
Technical code of wildlife feed and management-Roe deerLY/T 2980-20182018-6-1
Drafting specifications of handling affairs guide for administrative licensing matters of State Forestry AdministrationLY/T 2932-20182018-6-1
Guidelines for national park function zoningLY/T 2933-20182018-6-1
Guidelines for management plan compiling ofnature reserveLY/T 2937-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for the high-yield plantation of Erythrophleum fordii LY/T 2967-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for seedling propagation of Litsea cubeba LY/T 2942-20182018-6-1
Technical code of wildlife feed and management Red- crowned craneLY/T 2978-20182018-6-1
Wood poleLY/T 1507-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of oil tree peony LY/T 2958-20182018-6-1
Technical guidelines for cultivation of climbing roses LY/T 2951-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for seedling cultivation of Acer rubrum L.LY/T 2968-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for container seedling proporgation of Pinus bungeanaLY/T 2945-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Alnus nepalensis LY/T 2974-20182018-6-1
Regulations on cultivation techniques of Ficus virens seedlingsLY/T 2962-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Potted ChrysanthemumLY/T 2954-20182018-6-1
Paulownia edge glued boardsLY/T 2983-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for Sect. Chrysantha plantationsLY/T 2956-20182018-6-1
Technical segulation on ecological vegetation restoration in water level fluctuation zone of the three gorges reservoirLY/T 2964-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations of Zenia insignis plantations LY/T 2966-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for planting Tungoil treesLY/T 1327-20172018-1-1
Standard methods for development of characteristic mechanical values of structural glued laminated timberLY/T 2917-20172018-1-1
Specifications for assessment of wetland ecosystem servicesLY/T 2899-20172018-1-1
Evaluation criteria of karst rocky desert ecosystem servicesLY/T 2902-20172018-1-1
AgarwoodLY/T 2904-20172018-1-1
Bamboo winding composite pipeLY/T 2905-20172018-1-1
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