Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Design criteria for normal air cleaning units in PWR nuclear power plantsNB/T 20251-2013
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of thermal power equipment manufacturing enterprises. Part 1: Utility boilerNB/T 42001.1-2012
Standard test method for sulfur compounds in light petroleum liquids by gas chromatograph and sulfur ive detectionNB/SH/T 0827-2010
Technical specification of dynamic monitoring for coalbed methane wellNB/T 10008-2014
Code for design of reciprocating internal combustion gas engine power station. Part 2: Physical infrastructureNB/T 42029.2-2014
Steel liquidfied prtroleum gas horizontal tanks type and data base NB/T 47001-2009
General design requirements for physical protection system of nuclear power plantsNB/T 20247-2013
Alloy steel for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants - Part 31: 10MnNiMo steel plates for contaiment vesselNB/T 20006.31-2015
Cosmetic grade white oilNB/SH/T 0007-2015
Welding materials for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. Part 10: Low alloy steelwelding wire and flux for submerged arc welding of class 1 componentsNB/T 20009.10-2013
Technology of solid backfilling materials porous bottom unloading conveyor typeNB/T 51024-2014
Plate evaporator deviceNB/T 47005-2009
Welding materials for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. Part 12: Nickel-based alloy strip cladding with flux for class 1 componentsNB/T 20009.12-2013
Code for calculation of ecological flow of hydropower projectsNB/T 35091-2016/XG1-20192019-11-4
Code for safety pre-assessment of concentrating solar power projectsNB/T 32029-2016/XG1-20192019-11-4
Technical code for environmental impact assessment of wind farm projectsNB/T 31087-2016/XG1-20192019-11-4
Specification for geological observation of hydropower projectsNB/T 35039-2014/XG1-20192019-11-4
Technical Guide for Rock-Filled Concrete DamsNB/T 10077-2018E2019-3-1
Specification for Engineering Geological Mapping of Hydropower Projects NB/T 10074-20182019-3-1
Wind Turbine Generator System Technical Specification of Electrical Pitch SystemNB/T 31018-20182018-11-1
Technical specification for main control system of double fed wind turbine generatorNB/T 31017-20182018-10-1
Specification for Preparation of Pre一feasibility Study Report for Photovoltaic Power Projects NB/T 32044-20182018-10-1
Specification for Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for Photovoltaic Power Proj ects NB/T 32043-20182018-10-1
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