Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Canned braised gluten puffsQB/T 1378-1991
Canned preserved vegetableQB/T 1402-1991
Method of designation for type of public lighting luminairesQB/T 3738.4-1999
Canned winter bamboo shoots, water packQB/T 1408-1991
Leather. Determination of water and other volatile matterQB/T 3812.12-1999
Canned long-tailed anchovies friedQB/T 1376-1991
Proteinase for industrial useQB/T 1805.3-1993
Method for compiling types of shoe mechineryQB/T 1525-1992
Oil of magnolia flowerQB/T 1801-1993
Synthetic fatty acidsQB/T 1428-1992
Canned curry chickenQB/T 1365-1991
Canned stewed pork chopsQB/T 1606-1992
Zeolite for DetergentsQB 1768-1993
Canned razor clams in brineQB/T 1374-1991
Bulking paper. Determination of thicknessQB/T 1938-1994
canned stewed pork legQB/T 1608-1992
Ceramic colorQB/T 2455-2011
Canned lychee juiceQB/T 1385-1991
Canned pineapple juiceQB/T 1384-1991
Leather. Determination of tearing loadQB/T 3812.6-1999
LR20, LRl4 and LR6 alkaline zinc-manganese dry cellsQB/T 1185-1991
Aluminum potsQB 1957-1994
Canned flammulima velutipesQB/T 1398-1991
Method for compiling types of fur machineryQB/T 1526-1992
Canned apricot jamQB/T 1386-1991
Food additive Isoamyl buty rateQB/T 3788-1999
Leather. Measurement of the flexing enduranceQB/T 3812.9-1999
Leather. Calculation of degree of tannage, leather substance and bond organic substanceQB/T 3812.18-1999
Ham luncheon meatQB/T 1353-1991
MacaroonQB/T 1433.8-2005
Fittings for stainless steel and copper pipeQB/T 1109-1991
Food Additive - Isoamyl IsovalerateQB/T 3789-1999
Canned soy-stewed chickenQB/T 1364-1991
Exhibition dismantling tableQB/T 4936-2016
View stone ornaments. Designation and IdentificationQB/T 4184-2012
Leather. Determination of tensile strength and elongationQB/T 3812.5-1999
Canned fried crucian carpsQB/T 1610-1992
Leather. Preparation of chemical test samplesQB/T 3812.11-1999
Method for compiling types of tanning machineryQB/T 1524-1992
Tuning device of music instrument-estimation of accuracyQB/T 2841-2007
Canned gooseberry jamQB/T 1391-1991
Leather. Sampling. Number of items for a gross sampleQB/T 3812.3-1999
Canned watermelon jam.QB/T 1389-1991
Canned bamboo shoots boiled in waterQB/T 1407-1991
Canned braised pork legQB/T 1358-1991
Inner containers glass of the vacuum flask. Hydrolytic resistance. Test methodQB/T 3725-1999
Canned picked leeksQB/T 1400-1991
Canned sweet red pimento picklesQB/T 1396-1991
Paper and board. Tester of smoothnessQB/T 1665-1992
Paint coating of luminariesQB/T 1551-1992
Leather. Determination of pHQB/T 3812.19-1999
Canned fried n. modetusQB/T 1377-1991
Canned lotus seeds in syrupQB/T 1603-1992
Canned roasted peanuts saltedQB/T 1409-1991
Canned roasted and salted walnutmeatQB/T 1411-1991
Canned longans in syrupQB/T 1380-1991
Canned fried young chickenQB/T 1366-1991
Leather. Determination of matter soluble in dichloromethaneQB/T 3812.13-1999
Canned sliced hamQB/T 1352-1991
Glucoamylase for industrial useQB/T 1805.2-1993
Food additive Benzyl acetateQB/T 3787-1999
Canned slender bamboo shootsQB/T 1406-1991
Leather. Physical testing. Measurement of thicknessQB/T 3812.4-1999
Paper-making Machinery and EquipmentQB/T 1565-1992
Leather. Determination of apparent densityQB/T 3812.10-1999
Compressed biscuitsQB/T 1433.4-2005
Lipase for industrial useQB/T 1805.4-1993
Canned tried fishQB/T 1375-1991
Canned apples, solid packQB/T 1392-1991
Canned chicken gizzard sbicedQB/T 1368-1991
Canned amber sugar coated watnatmeatQB/T 1410-1991
Canned chicken wings spicedQB/T 1370-1991
Canned orange sacs suspensionQB/T 1393-1991
Environmental and hygienic requirement for production process of electric light source enterprisesQB 3693-1999
Canned spiced duck gizzardsQB/T 1369-1991
Canned apple jamQB/T 1388-1991
Canned stewed beefQB/T 1363-1991
Food additive 97% CitralQB/T 3785-1999
Evaporator intended to be used in household refrigeratorQB/T 1197-1991
Food additive Phenylethyl alcoholQB/T 3786-1999
Shredded pork and preserved vegetablesQB/T 1404-1991
Canned fried rice birdQB/T 1373-1991
Canned chili fried tender chickenQB/T 1367-1991
Canned pork trotters with shli-takesQB/T 1357-1991
Canned po-ku mushroomsQB/T 1399-1991
Food Additives - Disodium 5'-GuanylateQB 3799-1999
Canned roasted gooseQB/T 1371-1991
Canned flavoured preserved vegetableQB/T 1403-1991
Canned plum in syrupQB/T 1383-1991
Canned pineapple jamQB/T 1387-1991
Canned salted pot-herb mustardsQB/T 1401-1991
Canned hericium crimacensQB/T 1397-1991
Canned spiced pork chopsQB/T 1360-1991
Canned roasted duckQB/T 1372-1991
Floor hingesQB/T 3884-1999
α-Amylase for industrial useQB/T 1805.1-1993
Leather-Chemical tests-Determination of volatileQB/T 2717-20182019-7-1
Leather garmentQB/T 1615-20182019-7-1
Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of flex resistanceQB/T 2714-20182019-7-1
Leather - Chemical tests - Determination of pH QB/T 2724-20182019-7-1
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