Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services


Title Standard No. Implemented On
Slotted cylindrical screw plugQC/T 377-1999
Weldable connecting forkQC/T 337-1999
Test method for mining dump truck - Performance test for air conditioning system QC/T 76.9-1993
Hexagon outside head plugQC/T 376-1999
Patch QC/T 387-1999
Ball joint for motor vehicldesQC/T 327-1999
Protective cap for nutQC/T 343-1999
Extreme deviation for undeclared tolerance size of automobile machining partsQC/T 267-1999
Thin hexagon nutQC/T 362-1999
Coating technical conditions for automotive plastic partsQC/T 966-2014
Performance test method for bulk-calcium carbide pneumatic delivery tankerQC/T 40-1992
Automobile silicon rectifier diode QC/T 422-2000
Test method for electrical characteristic of motorcar alternator QC/T 424-1999
Sealing leadQC/T 338-1999
Buses--Ride comfort--Evaluation value and limitsQC/T 474-1999
Plastic splint dowelQC/T 350-1999
Method for comiling model numbers of high-energy ignition devicesQC/T 429-1999
Work guide for automobile cleanness - Analysis method for impurityQC/T 575-1999
QC/T 523-1999QC/T 523-1999
Magnetic coreQC/T 386-1999
Screw type ball pin for motor vehicldesQC/T 328-1999
Internal/external serration lock washerQC/T 333-1999
One end fixing clip for twin pipesQC/T 373-1999
Flat wire stopper ring for shaftsQC/T 345-1999
Flango of diaphragm type fuel pumps -- Mounting dimensionsQC/T 478-1999
Test method for disk brake pad and assessment for surface and material defect of automobile QC/T 42-1992
Electronic ballast for high-intensity-discharge lamp of motor vehicleQC/T 830-2010
Spring nut for motor vehicldesQC/T 330-1999
Automotive cigarette lighter - Technical specificationQC/T 415-1999
Specifications of steering bearing for motorcycles and mopedsQC/T 234-2014
Slotted cone plugQC/T 382-1999
Weldable pipe clipQC/T 372-1999
Threaded connecting forkQC/T 336-1999
Technical specifications for E-mail transport vehicle QC/T 24-1992
One end fixing clip for single pipeQC/T 375-1999
Specifications of painting coat for motorcycles and mopedsQC/T 962-2014
Gasoline engine carburetor outlet flange sizeQC/T 762-2006
Automotive synthetic brake fluidQC/T 670-2000
QC T 304-1999QC T 304-1999
Ball pin seat for motor vehicldesQC/T 329-1999
Environmental monitoring vehicle QC/T 41-1992
Hexagin outside head plugs with magnetic coreQC/T 385-1999
Vehicle-Test method of abrasion-Flocking sealing stripsQC/T 642-2000
Directives for motor vehicle cleaness-Measuring methodQC/T 572-1999
Automotive fuel air heaterQC/T 324-2000
Sguare countersunk headless cone plugs with magnetic coreQC/T 384-1999
Central fixing clip for twin pipesQC/T 374-1999
Automotive power steering assembly bench test methodQC/T 529-2000
Test methods of air cleaners for automobilesQC/T 32-20172017-7-1
Technical specifiction of steering column switch for vehiclesQC/T 218-20172017-7-1
Tunnel's wall-cleaning vehicleQC/T 1054-20172017-7-1
Driving school training vehicleQC/T 1051-20172017-7-1
Communication vanQC/T 1052-20172017-7-1
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