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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for GPS surveying in petroleum geophysical explorationSY/T 5927-2000
Standard for inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering anti-corrosion and thermal insulation steel pipeSY/T 0468-2000
Specification of construction and acceptance of heat insulation for buried high temperatrue steel pipelineSY/T 0324-2001
Standard for construction and acceptance of oil and gas pipeline overhead crossing projectSY 0470-2000
Determination of LPG residuesSY/T 7509-1996
Use and maintenance of side wall coring gunSY/T 6254-1996
Format for petroleum logging chartsSY/T 5633-1999
Specification of making concrete targets for well perforators testSY/T 5891.1-1999
Horizontal drilling technology and its quality control requirementsSY/T 6333-1997
Power tongs for petroleum drilling and servicing. Part 2: Casing tongsSY/T 5400.2-2000
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering The work for equipment installationSY/T 4028-1993
Safety specification of combustible gas detection and alarm system for petroleum and natural gas engineeringSY/T 6503-2016
Safety production rules for gather station of sour natural gasSY 6456-2000
The regulation on building verifing section of seismic exploration proccessing softwareSY/T 6245-1996
Technical specification for structural design and construction of mobile steel platforms in beach-shallow seaSY/T 4095-1995
Pneumatic components for petroleum drilling and production equipment-Swivel jointSY/T 5639-1999
Safety code for lifting large equipmentSY/T 6279-2016
Technical specifications for 3D land seismic exploration data processingSY/T 5513-1996
The Working Safety Regulation of Offshore Testing WellSY/T 113-2003
Design Standard for Natural Gas Conditioning Plant in Gas FieldSY/T 11-1996
Specification for carbon manancse steel plate for offshore platform tublar jointsSY/T 10004-1996
Technical specifications for seismic exploration data special processingSY/T 5512-1996
The classification of gas poolSY/T 6168-2009
Quick opening closureSY/T 0556-1999
Safety regulations for gathering and transmission pipelines in high hydrogen sulphide gas fieldSY 6780-2010
Specification for core NMR parametermeasurement in laboratorySY/T 6490-2000
Geophone - Part 3: Eddy geophoneSY/T 5046.3-2002
Tool joints for drill pipe for oil or natural gas wellSY/T 5290-2000
Petroleum and gas pipeline crossing engineering construction and acceptance specificationSY/T 4079-1995
Power tongs for petroleum drilling and servicing. Part 1: Drill tongsSY/T 5400.1-2000
Safety regulations for gas gathering station in high hydrogen sulfide gas fieldSY 6779-2010
Code for Preliminary Design Contents of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Surface EngineeringSY/T 0082-1993
Geological logging quality qualification and filing for oil and gas exploratory wellsSY/T 6415-1999
Standard orifice measurement method for natural gas flowSY/T 6143-1996
Conventional coring operational methodsSY/T 5356-1999
Safety regulation of petroleum gathering and transportation in land oil and gas fieldSY/T 6320-2016
Technical Specification for Telecommunication of Petroleum Engineering in Beach-shallowSY/T 311-1996
Technology method for fishing and tieback casing of oil and injection wellSY/T 6378-1998
Operating specification and quality evaluation for cable - conveyed perforatingSY/T 5604-2002
Standard for test method of pipeline coating patch materialsSY/T 0073-1993
Test Methods for Leakage Detection in Pipeline and TankSY/T 4080-1995
Requirement on petroleum operations in the design of safety emergency plan for shallow seaSY 6433-1999
Use and maintenance of sidewall core gunSY/T 6254-2005
Technical guide for processing offshore positioning dateSY/T 10018-1998
Bow-spring casing centralizersSY/T 5024-1999
Combination, installation, adjustment and maintenance of well - control equipmentsSY/T 5964-2003
Methods of directional well path designing & trajectory graphingSY/T 5435-2000
Technical code for design and construction of pipe network on structures in beach-shallow seaSY/T 4086-1995
Collection and Identification of Corrosion ProductsSY/T 546-1996
The description of exploitation geologic characteristics for carbonate gas reservoirSY/T 6110-2002
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering Automatic instrument installation engineeringSY/T 4031-1993
The storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gasesSY/T 6356-1998
Maintenance and inspection for electronic multi-shot survey systemSY/T 6468-2000
Technical Specification of Produced Water Treatment for Petroleum Engineering in Beach-shallow SeaSY/T 309-1996
Determination of wax, resins and asphaltenes contents in crude oilSY/T 7550-2000
Standard Test Method for Insulating and Sealing Effectiveness of Joint in Coating PipelinesSY/T 0074-1993
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering Steel vessel and heater in oil fieldSY/T 0469-1998
Petroleum and natural gas industried. Formulae and calculation for casing, tubing, drill pipe and line pipe propertiesSY/T 6328-1997
Method for efficiency testing and unit energy consumption calculation of oilfield water-injection surface systemSY/T 5265-1996
Specification for Carbon Manganese Steel Plate with Improved Toughness for Offshore StructureSY/T 1051.1-2004
Determination of Thermal Property Parameters of the Wax Precipitation in Crude Oil. Test Method by Differential Scanning CalorimetrySY/T 545-1995
The safety qualification for the personnel of offshore petroleum operationsSY/T 6345-2016
Directional drilling technology and its quality control requirementsSY/T 5955-1999
The checking items and technical specifications for IMAGE seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 6590-2004
Technical specifications for natural gas well testSY/T 5440-2000
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering Installation of steel technological Pipeline inside stationSY/T 4027-1993
Detail description method for carbonate reservoirSY/T 6286-1997
Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum FacilitiesSY 25-1995
Operating procedure for production profile logging in production wellSY/T 5465-2000
Prediction and detection methods of formation pore pressureSY/T 5623-1997
Design code for compressed natural gas fueling station for vehicleSY 0092-1998
The operating regulation of open hole and cased hole loggingSY/T 5600-2002
Methodology for the initial pressure and the hydrodynamic system in hydrocarbon reservoirsSY/T 6365-1998
Tubing pump with combined linersSY/T 5059-2000
Safety technology rules for steam injection producing heavy oilSY/T 6354-2016
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering-pipeline crossing and aerial crossing projectSY/T 4104-1995
Code for construction and acceptance of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin pressure pipelinesSY/T 0323-2000
Techinical Conditions for General Overhaul of Oil Drilling Rig - Hydromatic BrakeSY/T 5716.6-2003
Measurement of sandstone grain size and pore character -Method of image analysisSY/T 6312-1997
Standard for Painting Color of Pipelines and Equipment in Oil-gas FieldSY 43-1996
Specification of construction and acceptance for steel pressure vessel used in oil field oil and gas treatmentSY/T 0448-1997
Calibration of neutron logging toolSY/T 6323-1997
Supper-strength sucker rodSY/T 6272-1997
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering Project of gasfield constructionSY/T 4038-1993
Drilling fluid clearing system. Horizontal centrifugeSY/T 5612.6-2003
The technical specification of GPS kinematic surveys in the oil geophysical explorationSY/T 6291-1997
Description methods of fluid property and distribution of reservoirSY/T 6364-1998
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering collection and transportation pipeline engineering in oil fieldSY/T 0453-1998
Types and basic parameters of range equipment for well cementingSY/T 5557-2001
Technical specifications for cone penetrationSY/T 0058-1998
Work quota for drilling engineeringSY/T 5553-2001
Recommended practice for procedures for inspection, maintenance, repair, and remanufacture of hoisting equipmentSY/T 6357-1998
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering General principlesSY/T 4024-1993
Standard of Polyurethane Foamed Coating for Buried Steel PipelineSY/T 415-1996
Oil field drilling and production equipment--Method of type designationSY/T 6327-1997
Standsrd of External Surface Cathodic Protection for the Bottom of SteelSY/T 88-1995
Heavy weight drill pipeSY/T 5146-1997
Standard for γ-ray full view exposure technique of spherical tankSY/T 0455-2004
Technical Specification of Outfitting for Petroleum Engineering in Beach-shallow SeaSY/T 312-1996
Technical specification of 3D seismic exploration for mountainous areaSY/T 6247-1996
Solid control system for drilling fluid. CleanerSY/T 5612.2-1999
Safety Regulations for Heaters Used in Petroleum IndustrySY 31-1995
Drilling sand pumpSY/T 5255-2005
Safety regulation of offshore oil recovery and downhole operationSY/T 6321-2016
Technical specifications for land 2-D seismic exploration data processingSY/T 5332-1997
Rules for check and acceptance to gravity and magnetic field date in petroleum prospectingSY/T 5801-1999
Safety code for petroleum ship hoisting operations in shallow seaSY 6430-1999
Determination of the pour point of crude oilSY/T 7551-2004
Geophone - Part 4: Moving acceleration geophoneSY/T 5046.4-2002
Seismic design code of oil and gas buried steel pipelineSY/T 0450-1997
Offshore oil drilling and production riser pipeSY/T 6558-2014
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering in natural gas purifying plantSY/T 0322-2000
Bit trajectory control technology for horizontal wellSY/T 6332-1997
Safety Signs for Offshore Oil OperationsSY/T 112-2003
Sucker rodsSY/T 5029-2003
Safety production rules for petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprisesSY 5445-1999
Welding Frocedures for Vertical Down Stick Welding of PipesSY/T 4071-1993
Technical Specification for Instrument and Automatic Control of Petroleum Engineering in Beach-shallow SeaSY/T 310-1996
Petroleum Workorer RigSY/T 5202-2005
Testing and interpretation method for systematic well testingSY/T 6533-2002
The safety provisions for towing and mooring of mobile platforms in shallow seaSY/T 6346-2016
The method of determining the oil-gas-water contact. The oil-gas and oil-water contactSY/T 6313.1-1998
The checking items and technical specifications for G·DAPS-4 seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 6390-1999
The determination of total organic carbon in sedimentary rockSY/T 5116-1997
Quality specification for magnetic resonance imaging log informationSY/T 6448-2000
Procedure for the Sucker Rod Pumping Operation - Large Pump PumpingSY/T 5873.4-2003
Calibration method of the verfication device for downhole pressure gaugeSY/T 6757-2009
Standard for Selection of Pipe and Accessory in Oil-Gas Gathering and Transportation EngineeringSY/T 0071-1993
Petroleum product storage tank vent flame arresters Recommended PracticeSY/T 6655-2006
Field inspection of new casing, tubing, and plain end drill pipeSY/T 6474-2000
Labour quota of petroleum communication equipments installationSY/T 5456-1997
Logging cable trucksSY/T 5073-1993
Use and maintenance of conventional peophoneSY/T 5936-2000
Blowout prevented and control system blowout preventerSY/T 5053.1-2000
Technical Specification of Pipeline System for Beach-shallow SeaSY/T 305-1996
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering collection and transportation pipeline engineering in oil fieldSY 4053-1993
Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of petroleum construction engineering Storage tank projectSY/T 4026-1993
Determination of emulsified oil and oil-soluble in waterSY/T 0601-1997
The method of measuring and evaluating of the loading capacity on rig derricksSY/T 6326-1997
Evaluating method for hydraulic fracturing effect of oil wellSY/T 5289-2000
Hydraulic torque converter with centrifugal turbine used for drill rigSY/T 5141-2002
Basic classification of flammable and combustible liquidsSY/T 6460-2000
Quality criterion for resistivity and acoustics imaging log informationSY/T 6527-2002
Labour quota for petroleum machinery forgingSY/T 6317-1997
Specification of on-site processing associated with seismic data acquisitionSY/T 6052-2000
Health, safety and environmental management specification for seismic crewSY/T 6280-1997
Technical Specification for Upright Column Steel Welding Fopfixed Storage Tank of PetroleumSY/T 307-1996
Regulation for conceptual development design in gas fieldSY/T 6310-1997
Conventional coring toolsSY/T 5216-2000
The types and basic parameters for oil drilling rigsSY/T 5609-1999
Sesbania gum for fracturingSY/T 5341-2002
Evaluation methods of well perforators. Part 1: Recommended practices for evaluation of perforator by APISY/T 6297.1-2004
Quality requirement for original log informationSY/T 5132-1997
Requirements for cluster drilling hole anticollision technologySY/T 6396-1999
Hydraulic and pneumatic control components of control systems for surface mounted BOP stacksSY/T 5443-2001
Crude pipeline technical code for practice of transportation with pour point depressantsSY/T 6469-2000
Technical code for design of energy conservation for gas field surface engineeringSY/T 6331-1997
Corroded pipelinesSY/T 10048-2016
Evaluation methods of well perforators. Part 2: Perforating tests for perforators in simulated wellsSY/T 6297.2-2004
Thread compounds for casing, tubing and line pipeSY/T 5199-1997
The use and maintenance of petroleum well-logging cableSY/T 5634-1999
The operating regulation on offshore logging and perforationSY/T 6181-2005
Standard for oil and gas transportation pipeline investigation of geotechnical engineeringSY/T 0053-1997
Standard for γ-ray Full View Exposure Technique of Spherical TankSY/T 4055-1993
The checking items and technical specifications for I/S SYSTEM series telemetry seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 5935-2000
Radiation crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable tapeSY/T 4054-1992
Petroleum sulphonate used for oil displacementSY/T 7328-2016
Code for Design of Water and Wastewater for Oil-gas Plant, Station and Depot SY/T 89-1996
General requirements and testing method of echo bullet for oil and gas wellSY/T 6754-2009
Technical Specification of Water Injection for Petroleum Engineering in Beach-shallow SeaSY/T 308-1996
Design Specifications for Offshore Oil Well Cementation - Part 1: Cement Slurry Design and Test SY/T 10022.1-1920
Specification for safety production management of dry gas transportation of sour gas fieldSY 6506-2000
Computerized logging system data collection rolesSY/T 6413-1999
Technical specification of seismic data acquisitionSY/T 5314-2004
Main technical and economic indexs and calculating methods on materials supply of oil enterprisesSY/T 6409-1999
The crude oil water-cut analyzer with a low energy sourceSY/T 5566-1998
The measuration of organochlorine content in oil field chemicalsSY/T 7329-2016
Demulsifier for crude—SP169SY/T 5359-1998
Recommended practices for evaluation of well perforatorsSY/T 6297-1997
Fine description method of clastic reservoirSY/T 5579-2000
Safety management code for oil and gas field power transformer substationSY/T 6353-2016
Design standard for gas field gathering engineeringSY/T 0010-1996
Maintenance and inspection for magnetic single - shot and multi - shot survey instrumentsSY/T 6406-1999
Elevator linksSY/T 5113-1999
Tapered and straight thread used in slush pumpSY/T 5020-1997
Labor quota for drilling engineeringSY/T 5553-2012
Technical specification of land 2D seismic data acquisitionSY/T 5330-2003
Calibration method of lithological density log toolSY/T 6758-2009
Single screw pump ground driveSY/T 5689-2006
Compiling specification for the end-well geological summary report of the oil and gas exploration wellSY/T 5675-1997
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