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Title Standard No. Implemented On
YN801-type lead seal tongsYD 339-1990
Technical conditions of mono-mode optical fiber time-domain reflectoscopesYD/T 598-1992
Quality grading criteria of rural and urban local subscriber loop carrier equipmentYD/T 689-1994
Provisional specifications for engineering acceptance of automatically switched optical network (ASON)YD/T 5145-2007
Technical requirement and test method for 10-channel pulse code modulation multiplex equipment at 704kbit/sYD/T 793-1996
Quality grading criteria of Alphabetic and Chinese-character teleprintersYD/T 677-1994
Acceptance specification of optical fiber cable in the leading-in roomYD/T 5152-2007
Testing Method in 2GHz CDMA 2000 Digital Cellular Mobile Communication Network: A3/A7 InterfaceYD/T 1560-2007
EMS operational forms Delivery bill for domestic EMSYD/T 962.2-1998
Quality grading criteria of public telegraph diversity receiversYD/T 692-1994
Single-fiber optical cableYD/T 898-1997
Letter-cardYD/T 955-1998
Test method for cutoff wavelength of cable optical fibersYD/T 824-1996
Quality grading criteria of IF modem equipment operating at 2×34Mbit/sYD/T 663-1994
Standard messages for normal margin of start-stop apparatusYD/T 511-1992
Quality grading criteria of 8GHz digital microwave transceiverYD/T 668-1994
EMS operational forms Express mall service manifestYD/T 962.3-1998
Quality grading criteria of third order digital multiplex equipment operating at 34368 kbit/s and using positive justificationYD/T 673-1994
Testing Methods of TD-SCDMA/GSM (GPRS) Dual Mode Digital Mobile User Equipment YD/T 1779-2008
Technical requirement of radio access network self - organizing networks (SON) managementYDB 140-2013
Quality grading criteria of 2048, 8448 kbit/s error code testerYD/T 652-1994
Writing specifications on mail envelopes. Domestic lettersYD/T 919.1-1997
Frame structure and multiplexing method for synchronous transport module STM-1, STM-4YD/T 724-1994
Networking requirement for optical cable communication direct transmission recovery systemsYD/T 770-1995
Lead seal with double holesYD/T 341-1997
Technical Specification of Execution and Acceptance of Equipment Installation Engineering for Satellite Communication Earth StationYD 5017-1996
Design specifications of plastic conduit engineering for long haul telecommunication optical cableYD 5025-2005
Temporary Design Specifications for Installation of Unattended Power Supply Equipments in Optical Fibre Cable Telecommunications ProjectsYD 5046-1997
Technical specifications for police-use interfaces of 900/1800MHz TDMA digital cellular mobile communication systemYD/T 1230-2002
Intelligent Energy Saving System by Fresh Ari for Telecommunication Stations/SitesYD/T 1969-2009
Technical Requirement Specification for The Client Of Mobile Application StoreYDB 135-2013
Terms of the Ubiquitous NetworkYDB 062-2011
Next Generation Network Identity Management RequirementsYDB 057-2011
Belt conveyor for mail processing——fixed fabric belt conveyorYD/T 890.1-1997
Test method of asynchronous terminals access to public packet switching dataYD/T 875-1996
Closing string for mail bagsYD/T 342-1997
Internet service quality test methodsYD/T 1462-2009
Quality grading criteria of PBC electromechanical subscriber line concentratorYD/T 679-1994
Mobile Market Information Security Technology SpecificationYDB 136-2013
Outdoor optical cables for communication Criteria for quality gradingYD/T 645-1994
Quality grading criteria of digital SPC telephone exchangesYD/T 688-1994
Temporary Specification of Engineering Design for Noise Control of Diesel Generator for CommunicationYD 5167-2009
Distribution and integration for convergence of the three networks—Part 4: Interface technical requirementsYDB 130.4-2013
The parameter and measurement of energy saving for multimedia telecommunications terminal Part 1:Video conferencing terminalYDB 142.1-2013
Acceptance specification for SDH based MSTP local optical fiber cable transmission projectYD/T 5150-2007
Next generation network identity management mechanismsYDB 074-2012
Platform technical requirement for download over the airYD/T 2357-2011
Technical conditions for 564 992 kbit/s error code analyzerYD/T 520-1992
Temporary technical regulation for construction and acceptance of postal equipment installation project volume 2 power sorterYD 5009-1995
Technical requirement and test method for interface equipments for PCM group signalingYD 610-1993
limit values for establishment and adjustment of telephone D/A hybrid circuitYD/T 609-1993
Quality grading criteria of IF modem equipment operating at 140Mbit/sYD/T 658-1994
Specifications for Mail Transfer Ppst ProjectYD 5008-1995
Technical requirement and test method of Chinese teleprintersYD/T 626-1993
Quality grading criteria of VHF digital communication equipmentYD/T 659-1994
Metal button sealYD/T 581-1997
Quality grading criteria of space-division SPC telephone exchangesYD/T 687-1994
Figure 8 Self - support Optical Fiber Cables for Outdoor TelecommunicationYD/T 1155-2001
Technical conditions of 64kbit/s error code analyzersYD/T 597-1992
Seals model for YN801-type lead seals tongsYD 340-1990
Type designation for communications measuring instrumentsYD/T 638.12-1993
Software for overhead communication lines Small-size distribution box stand platformYD/T 206.24-1997
Technical specification of SDH performance analyserYD/T 966-1998
Subscriber analog call testerYD/T 714-1994
Technical requirements for Access network. Passive optical network using Dense wavelength division multiplexing with Wavelength TuningYDB 060-2011
Quality grading criteria of inverter equipment for communicationYD/T 681-1994
Distribution and integration for convergence of the three networks. Part 6: Basic Procedural FlowYDB 130.6-2013
Specifications of engineering design for long-haul optical fiber cable lineYD 5102-2005
General specifications for domestic mail documentsYD/T 961-1998
PVC insulated, PVC sheathed, LF communication cables and wires Solid-conductor, PVC insulated, PA sheathed office wiringsYD/T 533-1992
2GHz TD-SCDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Network: HSUPA Physical Layer Technical Requirements. Part 3: Multiplexing and Channel CodingYD/T 1843.3-2009
The parameter and measurement of energy saving for multimedia telecommunications terminal Part 3:IPTV Set-top BoxesYDB 142.3-2013
Security technology of converging wireless sensor networks and mobile communication networkYDB 131-2013
Design specifications for overhead optical (electric) cable communication pole line engineering YD 5148-2007
Test method for wavelength dispersion of mono-mode optical fiber - interference methodYD/T 592-1992
Quality grading criteria of automatic telephone setsYD/T 686-1994
IC card payphone system test procedure telephone partYD/T 923-1997
Specifications for date-stamps of post and telecommunicationYD/T 574-1997
Regulations for numbers, letters and signs for dialing over telephone set and other equipment accessed to telephone networkYD/T 907-1997
Ubiquitous network application Service scenarios and functional requirements of intelligent fixed assets management systemYDB 133-2013
FC-type mono-mode optical cable movable connectorsYD/T 717-1994
Quality grading criteria of digital SPC private branch exchangerYD/T 675-1994
Test method for networking of analog office SPC telephone exchange equipment in public telephone networkYD/T 752-1995
The Technology of Wire-WrappingYD/T 580-1992
Quality grading criteria of IF modem equipment operating at 34Mbit/sYD/T 653-1994
Technical Specifications for the of the Posts Center PrjectYD 5013-1995
Provisional Acceptance Specification for Individuation Ring Back Tone PlatformYD/T 5171-2009
Graphic symbols used in circuit operation procedure diagram for electromechanical components of telephone exchangesYD/T 540-1992
Technical requirements of addressing and encoding for IPv6 access addressYD/T 2682-2014
Medical Health Monitoring Service Scenes and Technical RequirementsYDB 065-2011
Specifications of Engineering Design for No. 7 Signalling NetworkYD/T 5094-2000
Distribution and integration for convergence of the three networks—Part 3: Data specifications of portal guideYDB 130.3-2013
Technical requirements for CDMA2000 digital cellular mobile telecommunication network location service equipments on user planeYD/T 2232-2011
Technical conditions of mode field diameters for optical fibersYD/T 903-1997
Technical standard of information security management system for internet data centerYDN 2248-2011
Technical requirement and test method for networking of static videophone equipmentYD/T 773-1995
Phase screened digital coaxial cablesYD/T 528-1992
Trunking service based on TD-LTE public mobile telecommunication network - Technique requirement for core network (Phase 1)YDB 150-2014
Quality grading criteria of second order digital multiplex equipment operating at 8448 kbit/s and using positive justificationYD/T 671-1994
Vehicle Telematic Service Requirement and General FrameworkYDB 064-2011
Technical requirement of WLAN IP mobilityYDB 139-2013
Test method of electronic teleprintersYD/T 624-1993
Technical requirement of D2-MAC/Packet color TV signals transmitted though domestic satellite communication networkYD/T 595-1992
File application profile of video-text interworkingYD/T 850-1996
Interim Provisions for Test of Anti-seismic Performances of 800 MHz CDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication of Base Transceiver Station EquipmentYD 5101-2003
Quality grading criteria of 2/34Mbit/s aggregate number-jump digital multiplex equipmentYD/T 672-1994
Quality grading criteria of 6GHz digital microwave transceiverYD/T 666-1994
Distribution and integration for convergence of the three networks—Part 5: Management And Technical RequirementYDB 130.5-2013
Design Standard for Telecommunications Power Supply Equipment InstallationYD 5040-1997
Interim Provisions of Engineering Design for the Long-Distance Optical Fiber Cable Wavelength Division Multiplexing Transmission SystemYD/T 5092-2000
high-frequency office symmetric copper-core, PE insulated, PVC sheathed cablesYD/T 530-1992
Quality grading criteria of 7GHz digital microwave transceiverYD/T 667-1994
Design specification of optical fiber cable in the leading-in roomYD/T 5151-2007
Technical conditions for multimode optical fiber frequency-domain bandwidth testerYD/T 515-1992
Technical requirement of community analysis and visualization for Internet public opinion analysisYDB 149-2014
Distribution and integration for convergence of the three networks—Part 2: System architecture and general technical requirementsYDB 130.2-2013
Main technical requirement for 620KHz level oscillatorsYD/T 294-1982
Radio passive optical network (RPON) technical specificationYDB 138-2013
Main dimensions of telephone receiverYD/T 545-1992
The parameter and measurement of energy saving for multimedia telecommunications terminal Part 4: Visual surveillance equipmentYDB 142.4-2013
Technical conditions for data communication protocol analyzerYD/T 518-1992
Requirements and Measurement Methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility for the PoE port of Information Technology EquipmentYDB 141-2013
Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Service Observation Desks (Quality Checking Desks) in Manual Toll Telephone Switching EquipmentsYD/T 565-1992
Technical conditions of mono-mode optical transmission attenuation testerYD/T 796-1996
Provisional Specifications on Enironment Protection for Engineering Construction of TelecommunicationsYD 5039-2009
Quality grading criteria of 620kHz selection level meterYD/T 649-1994
Provisional Specifications for Joint Construction and Sharing of Telecommunication InfrastructureYD 5191-2009
Technical Specifications for the Desing of the Magazines and Newspapers Distribute BuildingYD 5016-1996
Requirement for networking of magnetic card telephone setsYD/T 338-1989
The parameter and measurement of energy saving for multimedia telecommunications terminal Part 2: Visual telephoneYDB 142.2-2013
Writing specifications on mail envelopes. International lettersYD/T 919.2-1997
Test method for 60-channel PCM/ADPCM transcoder equipmentYD/T 698-1993
Requirements of Next Generation Network Identity Management FrameworkYDB 058-2011
Quality grading criteria of 2GHz digital microwave transceiverYD/T 664-1994
Temporary technical regulation for acceptance of postal equipment installation project volume 4 apron conveyerYD 5052-1998
Test method of copper-core, polyolefin insulated, composite aluminum-plastic sheathed cables for urban local communications. Part 4: Test method of environmental performancesYD/T 837.4-1996
Quality grading criteria of 620kHz level oscillatorYD/T 650-1994
Requirement and Measurement Methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility for 800MHz CDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunications System Part 2: Base Station and Ancillary EquipmentYD/T 1169.2-2001
Architecture and technical requirements of policy control capability ppening of network intelligent capability enhancement (NICE)YDB 137-2013
General technical conditions for 15Hz - 30MHz noise testerYD/T 715-1994
Technical conditions for short-wave long optical time domain reflectoscopesYD/T 504-1991
Quality grading criteria of automatic message switching equipmentYD/T 691-1994
Quality grading criteria of microwave towerYD/T 670-1994
Test Specification of Mobile Station Part Volume Ⅲ Network Compatibility Test for 800MHz CDMA 1X Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication NetworkYDC 041-2005
Wall Mail BoxYD/T 555-1992
ISDN User - Specification on Network Interface YDN 034-1997
Reliability index and test method of facsimile communication equipmentYD/T 612-1993
Quality grading criteria of inverter equipment for communicationYD/T 680-1994
System framework for public opinion monitoring and analysis of InternetYDB 147-2014
Code for design of lighting protection and earthing of micro wave stationYD 2011-1993
Standard messages for testing distortion of telegraph circuitsYD/T 510-1992
Requirements on measuring equipment to assess error performance on STM-N interfaceYD/T 975-1998
Quality grading criteria of semiconductor rectifier installations for communicationYD/T 682-1994
2GHz TD-SCDMA/WCDMA digital cell mobile communications network HSPA+ management technical specification. Part 1: Information modelYD/T 2333.1-2011
Technical specifications and test methods of paging receivers for high speed radio paging systemYD/T 942-1997
Security technical requirements for electronic payment of mobile terminal based on short-range radio communication technologyYDB 070-2011
Decoupled application data enroute technical frameworkYDB 129-2013
Test method for packet-type terminal access to packet switched public data networkYD/T 782-1995
2GHz CDMA2000 Digital Cellular Mobile Communication Network Broadcast-Multicast Service Equipment: Core NetworkYD/T 1676-2007
Testing Method in 2GHz CDMA 2000 Digital Cellular Mobile Communication Network: A1/A2 InterfaceYD/T 1559-2007
Guide for energy saving technology of power supply and Room environment for telecommunications. Part 1: General RulesYDB 071.1-2011
Urban local telecommunication cable connectorsYD/T 334-1987
Technical requirement of fundamental power supply units for SPC exchangeYD/T 693-1993
Technicalrequirementsfor residential gateway with set-card separation and gateway SIMcardYDB 155-2014
Adaptive differential pulse code modulation at 32kbit/sYD/T 697-1993
Inspection and test methods for 3 document facsimile terminalsYD/T 703-1993
Technical conditions of image input devicesYD/T 780-1995
Technical requirement of Home NodeB for 2GHz WCDMA digital cellular mobile telecommunication networkYD/T 2080-2010
Quality grading criteria of PCM voice channel characteristics testersYD/T 651-1994
Safety principles for equipment electrically connected to telecommunication networkYD/T 755-1995
Requirement on mobile location service in 2ghz td-scdma systems YDB 020-2008
Technical conditions of line signal testersYD/T 758-1995
Evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields frm electronic article surveillance, radio frequecy identification and similar systems in various applications over the frequency rangeYD/T 2380-2011
Engineering Design Code for Pestal Transportation StationYD 2010-1993
Software for overhead communication lines Large-size distribution box stand platformYD/T 206.23-1997
Quality grading criteria of fourth order digital multiplex equipment operating at 139264 kbit/s and using positive justificationYD/T 674-1994
Sophisticated method of complete communication equipmentYD/T 644-1993
Baseline requirements for network and information security of value-added telecommunication servicesYDN 126-2005
EMS operational forms Dispatch list for domestic EMSYD/T 962.1-1998
Optical transmitter and receiver operating at 34368kbit/s Criteria for quality gradingYD/T 655-1994
Designing Specifications of Plastic Duct for Long Haul Telecommunication Optical CableYD 5025-1996
Test procedures for telephone setsYD/T 720-1998
Technical requirement and test method for digital telephone transmission performancesYD/T 867-1996
EMS operational forms Delivery bill airmailsYD/T 962.4-1998
Bar code label for record mail. International registered correspondenceYD/T 711.6-1997
Specification Architecture for Engineering Construction of TelecommunicationsYD/T 5183-2010
Coaxial cables for access to network Part 1: General requirement for coaxial subscriber cablesYD/T 897.1-1997
Trunking service based on TD-LTE public mobile telecommunication network - General technical requirement (Phase 1)YDB 153-2014
Technical Requirements of Interface Between Mobile Terminate and LCS PortalYDB 003-2006
High level framework and technical requirements of smart cityYDB 134-2013
Technical conditions for No. 7 signaling monitorsYD/T 866-1996
Quality grading criteria of 620kHz balanced-type variable attenuatorYD/T 648-1994
Fig-8 self-support optical fiber cables for outdoor telecommunicationsYD/T 1155-2011
Characteristics of dispersion shift mono-mode optical fiber at 1550nm bandYD/T 593-1992
General technical requirement for E-newsletter-version remote communication systemsYD/T 708-1993
Quality grading criteria of IF modem equipment operating at 8Mbit/sYD/T 662-1994
Management method of type designation for products in posts and telecommunications industryYD/T 639-1993
Quality grading criteria of VHF analog communication equipmentYD/T 660-1994
Technical requirement of intelligent environmental protection information service for mobile communication networkYDB 132-2013
Quality grading criteria of 4GHz digital microwave transceiverYD/T 665-1994
Congratulatory card envelopeYD/T 956-1998
Technical requirement for application store platformYDB 154-2014
Technical conditions of telephone network number inquiry systemYD/T 614-1993
400/1800MHz SCDMA radio access system: test methodYDC 033-2004
Optical transmitter and receiver operating at 8448kbit/s Criteria for quality gradingYD/T 656-1994
Digital distribution frameYD/T 779-1999
Primary parcel sorting machineYD/T 889-1997
The Technical Requirement of Flexible MultiplexerYD/T 989-1998
Technical conditions of 2048kbit/s, 8448kbit/s, 34368kbit/s and 139264kbit/s transmission analyzersYD/T 620-1998
Technical conditions for PCM signaling monitorsYD/T 709-1993
Quality grading criteria of space-division SPC private branch exchangerYD/T 676-1994
Provisional specifications for engineering design of automatically switched optical network (ASON)YD/T 5144-2007
Basic requirement of quality manual for communications equipment production enterprises - telecommunication software partYD/T 931-1997
Applications for Internet of things based on communications networks. Green community of energy conservation. Part 1: General application requirementsYDB 063-2011
Mobile Multimedia Broadcast Service Technical Requirements for Application Layer InterfaceYD/T 1790-2008
Framework for knowledge base in an Internet public opinion monitoring systemYDB 148-2014
Temporary Regulations of Engineering Design for Very Small Earth Station VSAT System of Domestic Satellite CommunicationYD 5028-1996
Main Dimension of Telephone TransmitersYD/T 544-1992
Quality grading criteria of power distribution equipment for communicationYD/T 683-1994
Network node interface for the Sychronous Digital HierarchyYD/T 1017-1999
Technical requirement and test method of XL923 series integrated unit of match coil, choking coil, drainage coil and protectorYD 524-1992
Quality grading criteria of four-way accompanying sound modem equipment for color TV analog terrestrial microwave relay systemYD/T 685-1994
Type designation for carrier communication equipmentYD/T 638.7-1993
Quality grading criteria of parabolic antenna for microwave relay communication systemYD/T 684-1994
Trunking service based on TD-LTE public mobile telecommunication network-Technical requirement for user equipment (Phase 1)YDB 152-2014
Requirements of diesel generator sets for telecommunicationsYD/T 502-2000
Test method of copper-core, polyolefin insulated, composite aluminum-plastic sheathed cables for urban local communications. Part 5 Test method of cable structureYD/T 837.5-1996
Technical conditions of error performance analyzer with or without frame structureYD/T 860-1996
Quality grading criteria of electronic teleprintersYD/T 678-1994
Optical transmitter and receiver operating at 139264kbit/s Criteria for quality gradingYD/T 657-1994
The high heat density thermal control equipment for telecommunication Part 1:In-row air conditionerYD/T 3320.1-20182018-7-1
AC uninterruptible power systems for telecommunicationsYD/T 1095-20182018-7-1
48V rectifier for telecommunicationsYD/T 731-20182018-7-1
Electromagnetic compatibility requirement and measurement methods for celluar mobile communication equipment Part 1:base station and ancillary equipmentYD/T 2583.1-20182018-7-1
Interface technical requirements between trusted service management platform and Near Field Communication (NFC)application systemsYD/T 3318-20182018-7-1
Power supply system for telecommunication data centerYD/T 1818-20182018-7-1
Technical requirement and test method of insulation safety sheath for overhead steel strand used on telecommunicationYD/T 3322-20182018-7-1
Security protection testing requirements for the online business hallYD/T 2093-20182018-4-1
Telecommunication network and internet security service implementation requirementsYD/T 3315-20182018-4-1
Implementation guidance for brand cultivation management systems Communication industryYD/T 3313-20182018-4-1
Security protection testing requirements for the network transaction systemYD/T 3314-20182018-4-1
Innovative and entrepreneurial supporting capabilities evaluation index for ICT companiesYD/T 3312-20182018-4-1
Network operation & management indicator for LTE radio access networkYD/T 3276-20172018-1-1
Integrated optical transmitter assembly in telecommunication-Part2: 10x10Gb/s intensity modulatorYD/T 3129.2-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements and test methods for user equipment of global system for mobile communications–RailwaysYD/T 3283-20172018-1-1
Technical requirement for PON network management Part 7:EMS-NMS interface information model based on XMLYD/T 2616.7-20172018-1-1
Distributed power system for network rackYD/T 3280-20172018-1-1
Specification for carrier network aware P2P traffic optimization—Network matching server discovery protocolYD/T 3279-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements of high-rate ultra wideband wireless communication system based on carriers - Part 2: Physical layer of single carrier air interfaceYD/T 2873.2-20172018-1-1
Verification requirement and testing methods for rogue base stations in public mobile communication systemsYD/T 3284-20172018-1-1
Remote management for broadband customer network based on public telecommunication network--Part5:Parameter profiles for customer terminal equipmentYD/T 1814.5-20172018-1-1
Test methods for secure user plane location service (Phase II)—PlatformYD/T 3300-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements for rack serverYD/T 3292-20172018-1-1
Drawing Gallery of Manhole and Handhole for Communication Conduit EngineeringYD/T 5178-20172018-1-1
LTE radio access network management technical requirement Part 1 Interface information modelYD/T 3277.1-20172018-1-1
The ping and traceroute protocols for IP multicastYD/T 3308-20172018-1-1
Supervision Specifications of Communications Conduit EngineeringYD/T 5072-20172018-1-1
Technical requirement for packet transport network management Part 4:EMS-NMS interface common information modelYD/T 2336.4-20172018-1-1
Test methods for broadband universal service dedicated fixed customer promise equipmentYD/T 3285-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements of LTE diameter signalling networkYD/T 3302-20172018-1-1
Test methods for interfaces in intelligent optical distribution network—Part 1:The interface between network equipement and intelligent management terminalYD/T 3287.1-20172018-1-1
Technical specifications on prefabricated module in data centerYD/T 3291-20172018-1-1
Plastic duct for telecommunication underground conduit—Part 6: Grid ductYD/T 841.6-20172018-1-1
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