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QJ 2350-1992 Test Method for the Susceptibility of Electromagnetic Measurement By Radiation Transverse Electromagnetic Cell 135.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
GB/T 20549-2006 Qualification and measurement methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) for Mobile Communications Repeater 180.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
GB/T 18039.9-2013 Electromagnetic compatibility―Environment―Compatibility levels for low-frequency conducted disturbances and signaling in public medium-voltage power supply systems 290.0 via email in 1~5 business day valid
GB 13837-2012 Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment—Radio disturbance characteristics—Limits and methods of measurement 300.0 via email in 1 business day valid
YD/T 1965-2009 Requirements and Measurement Methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility for Broadband Customer Network Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment based on Telecommunication network 240.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
GB/T 30556.7-2014 Electromagnetic Compatibility - Installation and Mitigation Guidelines - Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures against Electromagnetic Disturbances (EM Code) 290.0 via email in 1~5 business day valid
GB/T 18039.8-2012 Electromagnetic compatibility - Environment - Description of HEMP environment - Conducted disturbance 430.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
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