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Position: Search valid to be valid superseded to be superseded abolished to be abolished
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DZ/T 0131-1994 Form Requirements for Solid Mineral Exploration Report 870.0 via email in business day valid
DZ/T 0079-1993 Solid Mineral Exploration Report Requirements for Comprehensive Arrangement and Study of Geological Data 364.0 via email in business day valid
DZ/T 0078-1993 Solid Mineral Exploration - Requirements for Initial Geological Logging 1020.0 via email in business day abolished
MT/T 968-2005 Description methodology of fracture in coal 120.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
DZ/T 0215-2002 Specifications for coal,peatexploration 720.0 via email in 1~5 business day valid
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