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SY/T 4086-2012 Design and constructio technical specification of pipe network in structures of shallow sea 210.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
SY/T 5921-2000 Code for repair of vertical cylindrical welded steel crude oil tanks 300.0 via email in 1~5 business day superseded
SY/T 0069-2008 Design code for crude oil stabilization unit 225.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
Q/CNPC 24-1999 Operation and Maintenance Regulations of Crude Oil Tank 180.0 via email in 1~3 business day valid
SY 5267-2000 Determinationof the loss of crude oil in the oil field 195.0 via email in 1~3 business day abolished
SY/T 0605-2005 Code for surface engineering design of gas condensate fiel 1290.0 via email in 1~10 business day abolished
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