Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Tensioning bandHB 5593-19801981-8-1
Marine bronze external screwed packed cocksGB 598-19801981-1-1
Component of portable suspension type double-pipe clampHB 5608-19801981-8-1
ClampHB 5589-19801981-8-1
Suspension clamp HB 5587-19801981-8-1
Typical Figures for Installation of Submarine ElectroMechanical Equipment CB/Z 175-19801994-7-1
Spiral anode X-ray tubes, Type XD51-20. 40/100 and XD51-20. 40/125SJ 1596-19801981-1-1
Portable fixed double-pipe clampHB 5606-19801981-8-1
Tensioning bandHB 5594-19801981-8-1
Type designation system for thermoelectric generatorSJ 1585-19801981-1-1
Component of suspension type double-pipe clampHB 5604-19801981-8-1
Tungsten-Thorium-Rhenium wires for vacuum tubesSJ 1587-19801981-1-1
Rules for inspection of form and position tolerancesGB/T 1958-19801981-7-1
Light cargo hoisting rodGB/T 1944-19801981-1-1
Methods for analysis of Cerium oxide in Cerium-Tungsten powder,plates and barsSJ 1590-19801981-1-1
Fixed single-pipe clampHB 5598-19801981-8-1
Determination of the weldign seam iron element content in chromium´╝înickel austenitic stainless steelGB/T 1954-19801981-1-1
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