Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Generic specification for compound dielectric capacitorsSJ 1885-19811982-7-1
Liquid Electric Switch for Tripolar GlassHB 5659-19811982-9-1
Technical Specifications for Installation Engineering Construction and Acceptance of Long-Distance Communication Open-Wire Carrier Telephone EquipmentYDJ 35-19811982-7-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Thermistor Bridge Type M4-1JJG 280-19811982-11-1
Sockets compatible with 7-pin base,Type GZC7-1B and GZS7-1BSJ 1904-19811982-7-1
Surface form deviation of optical elements´╝ŹInspection methodsGB/T 2831-19811982-10-1
Sockets compatible with 9-pin base,Type GZC9-1 and GZS9-1SJ 1912-19811982-7-1
Louver Hole Pattern and Dimension Series QJ 648-19811982-10-1
Sockets compatible with 8-pin base,Type GZC8-1 and GZS8-1SJ 1906-19811982-7-1
General specification for machining operation of special equipment for electronic industrySJ/Z 1941-19811981-12-24
Ceramic sockets compatible with 7-pin base, Type GZCA7-1ASJ 1900-19811982-7-1
Sockets compatible with 7-pin base, Type GZC7-1A and GZS7-1ASJ 1899-19811982-7-1
Ceramic sockets compatible with 5-pin base,Type GZC5-1SJ 1898-19811982-7-1
Symbols for types of construction and mounting arrangements of rotating electrical machineryGB/T 997-19811982-8-1
The method of tempered glass impact test(227g steel ball test)GB/T 2843-19811982-7-1
General specification for sockets for electronic tubes and valves and crystal unitsSJ 1893-19811982-7-1
General specification for machining operation of special equipment for electronic industrySJ.Z 1941-19811981-12-24
Verification Regulation of Coaxial Thin Film Thermoelectric {ower HeadJJG 282-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Chronometer with Pointer IndicationJJG 106-19811983-1-1
Verification Regulation of Coaxial Thin Film ThermoelectricJJG 281-19811982-11-1
Test method for lightweight aggregatesGB/T 2842-19811982-7-1
Verification Regulation of HE Microvoltmeter Type WFG-1BJJG 279-19811982-12-1
Liquid Electric Switch for Dipolar GlassHB 5658-19811982-9-1
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