Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test Method for Metal Low-cycle Thermal FatigueHB 5217-19821983-5-1
Manual for Selection of Micromotors QJ/G 13-19821983-3-1
The Izod Impact Test on MetalsHB 5209-19821983-5-1
Sampling paint productsGB 3186-19821983-5-1
The methods of the measurement of the black-and-white television picture tubesGB/T 3212-19821983-9-1
Micro-coulomb method for determining the total sulfur content of benzene-type productsGB/T 3208-19821983-7-1
Technical requirements of lepidolite concentrateYS/T 236-19941993-6-1
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products--Test T: solderingGB/T 2423.28-19821983-6-1
Test Method for Metal Periodic Endurance at Elevated TemperatureHB 5207-19821983-5-1
Method for determining the amount of distillation residual of benzene;Type productsGB 3209-19821983-7-1
Test Method for Metal Elastic Modulus at Elevated TemperatureHB 5212-19821983-5-1
Specification for medium manganese wear-resistant spheroidal iron castingsGB/T 3180-19821983-7-1
Ultrasonic inspection instructions for stainless steel and high tesile structural steel barsHB/Z 35-19821983-5-1
Method for Tensile Testing of Metallic Tubes at Elevated TemperatureHB 5211-19821983-5-1
Carbon constructional quality steel wiresGB/T 3206-19821983-7-1
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products--Test U: robustness of terminations and integral mounting devicesGB/T 2423.29-1982
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