Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Acoustic, optical alarm signals and identifying indications in shipsGB 9193-19881989-5-1
Conical round-(ball-) nose hardmetal burrsGB/T 9214-19881989-1-1
Standard of Parameters for Steam Turbine, Boiler and Turbine Generator in Thermal Power Plant SD 264-19881987-11-24
Technical Conditions for ZL 115 A Cast Aluminium Alloy for Shell SB 211 CB 1195-19881989-10-1
Safety requirements for radio transmitting equipmentGB 9159-19881988-1-1
Inverted cone hardmetal burrsGB/T 9216-19881989-1-1
Regulations for Shallow Ground Disposal of Solid Low-and Intermediate-level Radioactive WastesGB 9132-19881988-9-1
Methods of evaluating the performance of flowmeters for incompressidle fluidsGB/T 9248-19881989-1-1
Surface active agents; Technical ethoxylated fatty amines; Methods of analysisGB 9290-19881989-1-1
919 Aluminum Alloy Die Forging for SB211 Shell CB 1192-19881989-5-1
Plastic insulated control cables-Polyvinyl chloride insulated and sheathed control cablesGB 9330.2-19881989-1-1
Shipboard control cables--GeneralGB 9332.1-19881989-1-1
Shipboard radio-frequency cables--GeneralGB 9334.1-19881989-1-1
Plastics-Determination of hardness by the ball indentation methodGB/T 9342-19881989-2-1
Extruded Tube with 911 Aluminum Alloy Thick Wall for Shell SB 211 CB 1191-19881989-10-1
Oil-filled paper-insulated cables and accessories for alternating voltages up to and inclnding 330KV-Pressure tanksGB 9326.5-19881989-9-1
60°and 90°cone hardmetal burrsGB/T 9213-19881989-1-1
The technical rules about gaseous radioactive waste processing system for light water reactor plantsGB 9136-19881988-9-1
Rotary shaft lip seals-Design criteria for standard applications-Part 2:Metal cased rotary shaft lip sealsGB 9877.2-19881989-5-1
Dead centre-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 9204.2-19881989-1-1
Rotary shaft lip seals-Design criteria for standard applications-Part 3:Assembled rotary shaft lip sealsGB 9877.3-19881989-5-1
Balance quality of rigid rotors-Determination of permissible residual unbalanceGB/T 9239-19881989-1-1
Conical pointed-nose hardmetal burrsGB/T 9215-19881989-1-1
Four-column hydraulic presses-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 9166-19881989-1-1
Verification Regulation of Measuring MicroscopeJJG 571-19881989-4-1
Oil-filled paper-insulated cables and accessories for alternating voltages up to and including 330KV GeneralGB 9326.1-19881989-1-1
General specification for magnetic particle clutchGB/T 9149-19881989-2-1
Technical Requirements for Carpentry Repair CB/Z 243-19881989-5-1
Classification of mulberry silkworm coconns(dried cocoons)GB 9176-19881989-7-1
Flame hardmetal burrsGB/T 9212-19881989-1-1
Oil-filled paper-insnlated cables and accessories for alternating voltages up to and inclnding 330KV Oil-filled Paper-insulated cabesGB 9326.2-19881989-1-1
Marine Whip Antenna CB 1175-19881989-5-1
Oval hardmetal burrsGB/T 9209-19881989-1-1
Material of rubber seals used for gas supply pipes and fittingsHG/T 3092-1988/19971989-5-1
Diesel engine-Exhaust smoke measurement method at steady stateGB/T 9486-19881989-1-1
Types organization method for electric toolsGB/T 9088-19881989-1-1
Plastic insulated control cables-GeneralGB 9330.1-19881989-1-1
MYN Type High-energy Zinc Oxide Varistor CB 1187-19881989-5-1
Spherical hardmetal burrsGB/T 9208-19881989-1-1
Plastics-Determination of ash-General methodsGB/T 9345-19881989-2-1
Spline hobbing machines--Testing of the accuracyGB/T 9167-19881989-1-1
Hydraulic excavators--Testing method of structure strengthGB/T 9141-19881988-10-1
Quartz Ceramic Roll for Glass Horizontal Tempering Roller FurnaceJC/T 687-19981998-10-1
Cylindrical hardmetal burrsGB/T 9206-19881989-1-1
Code for Design of Theatre BuildingsJGJ 57-19881988-12-1
Internal combustion engines-Valve springs-SpecificationGB/T 2785-19881989-1-1
Surface active agents; Method of testing of the restraining effect of leveling agents for disperse dyes on dyeing polyester textiles under high temperature conditionsGB 9291-19881989-1-1
General technical specification of vacuum packaging machine and vacuum-gas flushing packaging machineGB/T 9177-19881989-1-1
General specification for transport packages of general cargoGB 9174-19881989-1-1
Oil-filled paper-insulated cables and accessories for alternating voltages up to and including 330KV sealingendsGB 9326.3-19881989-1-1
Rubber seals material for petroleum product supply pipes and fittingsHG/T 3093-1988(1997)1989-5-1
Preservatively-treated SleeperGB/T 9221-19881989-1-1
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