Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
D.C.traction power supply system for subwayGB 10411-19891989-11-1
Rice bran for feedstuffsNY/T 122-19891989-9-1
Wheat bran for feedstuffsNY/T 119-19891989-9-1
White clover meal for feedstuffsNY/T 141-19891989-9-1
(GB 10373-1989) Rice bran(solvent) for feedstuffsNY/T 124-19891989-9-1
General Principles for Preparation of Instructions for Use of Industrial ProductsGB/T 9969-20082009-5-1
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment; Part7: Blank detail specification: Fixed polystyrene film dielectric metal foil d.c. capacitors-Assessment level EGB 10186-19881989-8-1
Temporary Technical Regulations for Engineering Design of Optical Fiber Digital Transmission System of Urban Local Telephone NetworkYDJ 13-19881989-5-1
Backhoe Loader-classificationGB/T 10169-19881989-7-1
Test method for side direction scattering coefficient of laser rodsGB 11297.2-19891990-1-1
Rice bran(expeller) for feedstuffsNY/T 123-19891989-9-1
wheat for feedstuffsNY/T 117-19891989-9-1
Test method for continuous lasing threshold, slope efficiency and output power of Nd: YAG laser rodsGB 11297.5-19891990-1-1
The terms of coking productsGB 9977-19881990-1-1
Technical Specification for Apis Cerana Feeding in Flexible BoxNY/T 80-19881989-5-1
Test method for pyroelectric coefficient of pyroelectric materialsGB 11297.8-19891990-1-1
Cassava(dry flakes) for feedstuffsNY/T 120-19891989-9-1
Barley(Hordeum vulgare L.) for feedstuffsNY/T 118-19891989-9-1
Sweet potato(dry flakes) for feedstuffsNY/T 121-19891989-9-1
Paddy for feedstuffsNY/T 116-19891989-9-1
Satndard method for showing and measuring dislocation etch pits in Indium Antimonide single crystalGB 11297.6-19891990-1-1
Cathode carbonatesGB 10306-19881989-10-1
Testing method for television picture monitors used for broadcastingGY/T 85-19881989-1-1
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment; Part13: Sectional specification: Fixed polypropylene film dielectric metal foil d.c. capacitorsGB 10188-19881989-8-1
designation for laser crystal rodsGB 11295-19891990-1-1
Pressing sheet metal design and construction procedureYBJ 216-19881989-1-1
Architectural Design Code for General HospitalJGJ 49-19881989-4-1
Horsebean leafmeal for feedstuffsNY/T 143-19891989-9-1
Test method for extinction ratio of LN, kDP and kDP electrooptic crystalGB 11297.12-19891990-1-1
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment; Part7: Sectional specification: Fixed polystyrene film dielectric metal foil d.c. capacitorsGB 10185-19881989-8-1
Cassava leafmeal for feedstuffsNY/T 139-19891989-9-1
Guide rule of test for mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced plastics at elevated and reduced temperaturesGB/T 9979-19881989-8-1
terms and definitions of solid-state laser materialGB 11293-19891990-1-1
Phosphor G11 for double-decker screen indicator tubesGB 10315-19881989-10-1
Fire-resistance tests--Elements of building constructionGB/T 9978-19881989-8-1
Peas for feedstuffsNY/T 136-19891989-9-1
Synthetic fibre netting -- Test method for knot stabilitySC/T 5019-19881989-7-1
Specifications for the design of steel structuresGBJ 17-19881989-7-1
Soybean meal(expeller) for feedstuffsNY/T 130-19891989-9-1
Test method for the permeability of carbon materialsGB/T 9973-19881990-1-1
Rice bran(solvent) for feedstuffsNY/T 124-1989 (GB 10373-1989) 饲料用米糠粕1989-9-1
Specifications for design of timber structuresGBJ 5-19881989-7-1
Horsebean for feedstuffsNY/T 138-19891989-9-1
Peanut meal(solvent) for feedstuffsNY/T 133-19891989-9-1
Hygienic standard for rural housingGB 9981-19881989-8-1
Designations for infrared detecting materialsGB 11296-19891990-1-1
Backhoe Loader -TerminologyGB/T 10168-19881989-7-1
Test method for dielectric tangent of loss angle of pyroelectric materialGB 11297.9-19891990-1-1
Sunflower meal(solvent) for feedstuffsNY/T 127-19891989-9-1
Test method for resistivity and Hall coefficient in InSb single crystalsGB 11297.7-19891990-1-1
Sunflower meal(s olvent)fo rf eedstuffsGB 10376-19891989-9-1
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment; Part13: Blank detail specification: Fixed polypropylene film dielectric metal foil d.c. capacitors-Assessment level EGB 10189-19881989-8-1
Backhoe loader--SpecificationGB/T 10170-19881988-10-1
Test method for Curie temperature of pyroelectric materialsGB 11297.10-19891990-1-1
Cottonseed meal(expller) for feedstuffsNY/T 129-19891989-9-1
Frozen silver fishSC/T 3109-19881989-7-1
Rapeseed meal(expeller) for feedstuffsNY/T 125-19891989-9-1
Peanut meal(expeller) for feedstuffsNY/T 132-19891989-9-1
Black soybean for feedstuffsNY/T 134-19891989-9-1
Sunflower meal(expeller) for feedstuffsNY/T 128-19891989-9-1
The effect of the flotation technology assessment method for coal preparation plantMT 180-19881989-7-1
Sweet potato leafmeal for feedstuffsNY/T 142-19891989-9-1
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment; Part16: Sectional specification: Fixed metallized polypro-pylene film dielectric d.c. capacitorsGB 10190-19881989-8-1
Kaoliang(sorghum) for feedstuffsNY/T 115-19891989-9-1
Sunflower meal(e xpeller)forf eedstuffsGB 10377-19891989-9-1
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