Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Service
Title Standard No. Implemented On
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Wire Harness for Electrical Equipment HBM 66.12-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Plate WheelHBM 66.16-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Rear View Mirror HBM 66.11-19881988-12-1
Test methods for the properties of piezoelectric ceramics; Quasi-static test for piezoelectric strain constant d33GB 11309-19891990-1-1
Technical Specification for Main Reducing Gear and Differential Gear of Minitruck HBM 66.14-19881998-12-1
Mini-car - Technical Specification for Camshaft of Gasoline EngineHBM 65.21-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Steering Link Assembly HBM 66.8-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Drive Axle Assembly HBM 66.24-19881988-12-1
Operation code for storing the frozen fishSC/T 3006-19881989-4-1
Mini-car - Valve of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.17-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Gas Ring of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.16-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Gasoline Engine Starter HBM 65.15-19881988-12-1
Microvan - Gas-Assisted Support of Back Door HBM 75.6-19881988-12-1
Quality inspection and assessment of electric equipment installationGBJ 303-19881989-9-1
Mini-car - Synchronous Belt of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.13-19881988-12-1
Microvan - Technical Specification for the Installation of Rear Door Lock and Back Door Lock HBM 75.2-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Fuel Filter of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.26-19881988-12-1
Bright steelGB/T 3207-19881990-1-1
Mini-car - Technical Specification for Cylinder Gasket of Gasoline EngineHBM 65.10-19881988-12-1
General specification for indicator light in shipsGB 11155-19891990-4-1
Method for determination of the moisture content of photographic film and film baseHG/T 3558-19881989-5-1
Quality inspection and assessment of building constructionGBJ 301-19881989-9-1
Mini-car - Lube Spin-On Filter of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.27-19881988-12-1
Microvan - Technical Requirements for Door Movement HBM 75.3-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Technical Specification for Aluminium Piston of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.8-19881988-12-1
Unified standards for quality inspection and assessment of architectural installation workGBJ 300-19881989-9-1
Determination of erucic acid in the oil of rapeseed - Gas chromatographic methodNY/T 91-19881989-7-1
Mini-car - Oil Pump of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.29-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Crankshaft of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.18-19881988-12-1
Quality inspection and assessment of lift installationGBJ 310-19881989-9-1
Mini-car - Carburetor of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.9-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Water Pump of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.30-19881988-12-1
Operation code for the quick freezing the aquatic productsSC/T 3005-19881989-4-1
Quality inspetion and assessment of heating sanitary and gas workGBJ 302-19881989-9-1
Test methods for the properties of piezoelectric ceramics test for poissonGB 11311-19891990-1-1
Mini-car - Technical Specification for Main Bearing Shell and Connecting Rod Bearing Shell of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.12-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Thermostat of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.28-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Main Reducing Gear and DifferentialHBM 65.14-19881988-12-1
Rolling bearing accessories--Tapered adapter sleeves--Basic dimensionsGB 9160.2-19881988-11-1
Microvan - Technical Requirements for Assembling and Adjustment HBM 75.5-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Oil Ring of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.23-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Sealed Beam HeadlampHBM 66.10-19881988-12-1
The convention moisture regains of textilesGB 9994-19881989-7-1
General Technical Specifications for Marine Radio Communication Equipment Accessories CB* 805-19881989-5-1
Mini-truck - Transmission HBM 66.26-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Wiper MotorHBM 66.17-19881988-12-1
Methods for Compiling Model of Deck Mechanical ProductsCBT 3341-19881989-5-1
Mini-truck - Bench Test Method for Drive Shaft AssemblyHBM 66.22-19881988-12-1
Operation code for the arranging of the fishSC/T 3004-19881989-4-1
Mini-car - Air Cleaner of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.24-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Steering Gear Assembly HBM 66.25-19881988-12-1
Man-made fibres-Determination of breaking strength and elongation of individual fibresGB/T 9997-19881989-7-1
Microvan - Technical Requirements for Trim and Accessories HBM 75.4-19881988-12-1
Cold Pressing Electric Wire and Cable Joint CB* 394-19881989-5-1
Operation code for loading and unloading the catchSC/T 3003-19881989-4-1
Mini-car - Cylinder Body of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.22-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Bench Test Method for Drive Axle AssemblyHBM 66.21-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Cylinder Head of Gasoline EngineHBM 65.11-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Air Cleaner Cartridge of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.25-19881988-12-1
Operation code for preserving the catch on the boat by using iceSC/T 3002-19881989-4-1
Mini-truck - Technical Requirements for Transmission Assembling HBM 66.20-19881988-12-1
Mechanical Sealing on Variable Pressure of Marine Pump Shaft CB* 3346-19881989-5-1
Mini-car - Technical Specification for Valve Rocker of Gasoline EngineHBM 65.20-19881988-12-1
Quality inspection and assessment of ventilation and air-conditioning installationGBJ 304-19881989-9-1
Mini-truck - Tandem Double-cavity Brake Master Cylinder HBM 66.18-19881988-12-1
Microvan - Technical Requirements for Vehicle Body Assembling and Adjustment HBM 75.1-19881988-12-1
Machining Gear Making Workpiece Quota Time StandardHB 4987-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Mcpherson Suspension Sliding Column HBM 66.19-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Drive Axle Housing HBM 66.5-19881988-12-1
Graphic photosetting filmHG/T 3560-19881989-5-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Half Shaft HBM 66.6-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Drive Shaft Assembly HBM 66.23-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Technical Specification for Voltage Regulator of Transistor of AC Generator HBM 66.13-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Bench Test Method for Mechanical Type Transmission HBM 65.7-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - Multi-Functional Combination SwitchHBM 66.9-19881988-12-1
Mini-truck - AC Generator HBM 66.15-19881988-12-1
Mini-car - Valve Spring of Gasoline Engine HBM 65.19-19881988-12-1
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